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Slog - Stupidity In Blue
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Published: September 15, 2004
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No, there's nothing more to this - I've just been playing with the idea of panel art as a pin-up. Still, if I was doing the comics, they'd look like this. They'd also come out really slow. This thing took me several days ( granted, I was distracted for a few. ) I can't colour nearly as fast as I'd like. :p

I don't know who the two Seekers are. Stupidity apparently went to Earth at some point and got herself an F-15-mode ( I think of her as 'she' because in the initial sketch, the face struck me as feminine. ) The greenish guy is greenish because I wanted a colour that would fade into the background and show up Slog well.

Anyway, this was drawn in five parts - the four figures on the floor, each seperate tranistional Slog, and the Seeker in the inset panel. So those were pencilled, inked, scanned, and coloured seperately. Then I arranged them all on the final page. Then I added the inset panel border, background, and lettering. Then I 'Shopped the transitional Slogs and added the flying energon. Then came the background. Then I put in the energon on the floor. Then I added the phase-out effect ( silly, but canon. ) Finally I put in the word bubbles. Oy.
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Ouch... Poor Seeker; if not for his/her rather rude attitude towards the lil' artist.
Also, liked the glowing effect of the spilled energon :)
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This one picture by Wayward inspired three stories (as of now) by me.
Stupidity in Blue, Redux,
Art Appreciation 101,
and The Only Good Robot is a Dead Robot.

The Seeker getting gutted is Duskwing, and his/her/its hapless companion is Windtalon.
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Very interesting
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so awesome once again :aww: :#1:
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shadowcat9279|Hobbyist General Artist
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SigmaCore|Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa. I had completely forgotten about Slog's artistic penchant. And that's a lot of work for one single panel. Very excellent work, mind you, but man you must have wanted not to draw for a couple days. (I know I would have had I done this kinda thing. ^^;)
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I like the design of the nameless green Seeker in the background. What's he turn into? Without the shoulder air intakes and the curving canopy, it's not an F-15--are we looking at a pyramid jet here?

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Yeah, he's my usual design for the pyramid guys. I need to work on it, though.
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Interesting. The arcs around his head and shoulders are vaguely reminiscent of Powerglide, but that may be just because I've just seen another episode with that obnoxious plane.

*eagerly awaits further depictions of pyramid-jets*
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TFDarkscream|Hobbyist General Artist
*Covers her mouth as she chuckles with delight*

Shows ya right to never mess with a Pretender. Mainly one who enjoys making you into art.
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lonemaximal| Digital Artist
I still think Slog is cute. :aww:
Awesome comic job, real smooth colours.
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Dude WHOA.

Well, I'd say it was worth the effort, indeed. This is probably one of the prettiest Seekerdeaths I've ever seen.

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General reply: Slog is a Pretender. The red blobby thing is his Pretender Shell, which he can phase into and out of ( instead of opening it with hinges like most Pretenders. ) The story here is just that Stupidity sassed him, so he's making an example ( and a sculpture ;) ) out of her.

Basically, I wanted a scene that showed Slog's Shell, critter-mode ( it's the first transitional, ) robot-mode, and him carving someone into artwork.
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that 0wnz in so many ways :D

great character poses and the phase out effects looks quite convincing. I really like the colours you used. Good emotional impact/shock effect, too. And it's Slog! <333
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SkinsT|Hobbyist General Artist
Thats keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewl!! :D Although I dont get it .... ><

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Wow! That one sounds like it was a pain to do, but the final result is great! I don't think I'd even *want* to attempt alla that, though... you're a better man than I am, Wayward ;)

Random Seeker destruction! Gotta love it!

Actually, the greenish one in the background's color scheme kind of reminds me of a lot of those nameless Seekers in More Than Meets The Eye... quite a few of them were teal or some such.
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Fadura-lotti|Student General Artist
... So is that poor seeker guy gunna die?
How did slog go from organic to completly machine....?
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asunnyspirit|Professional Digital Artist
Wow that looks real nice (i luff transformers)
Great cololring, i like the glowy eyes
sadly i dont fully get your story, but hey
The art is really great =)
Make more!
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