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Skywarp - death from above

That should be 'death from above!', but the title won't let me shout. :p

Sketch was orginally done for a client's fanchara, but they had a sudden inspiration and wanted a different layout. Fortunately, Seekers kitbash easy, and with a few cosmetic changes, I declared it Skywarp.

Pencilled, inked, scanned, coloured in Photoshop.
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Cool. I love this one!
skywarp294's avatar
XBlondeSpeedDeamonX's avatar
That smirk on his face means he is about to shove someone down the stairs.
spasmdragon's avatar
all hail sktwarp or heel steal your cookies X3 love the pic
crazyfangirl4eva's avatar
O_O That right there, is f@*king scary!!
*Leaves an 'awesome artwork' sign before running away to hide behind a wall*
Kazari's avatar
Oh wow!! I love it!!
IggySeymour's avatar
SpartanAmethyst's avatar
Oh Skywarp hi! Um.... I DIDN'T STEAL YOUR COOKIES I SWEAR! IT WAS THUNDERCRACKER!! :sprint: Oh by the way Riptide says "hi".

Love the art awesome job!
JoeMavro's avatar
Nice use of black & purple! :thumbsup:
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wow great job
it really looks like he is going to kill me
Chater's avatar
Great job!!!
Skywarp forever! xD
Tyrdyquinn212's avatar

xD Did you get the 'Death From Above!' idea from Dominic Deegan? xD
SwitchPoint's avatar
Doesn't matter. He still isn't the brightest tool in the shed. ;P
Zeiske's avatar
Erm... <_<' Gut gemacht!
Puffball's avatar
Great work on the purple lighting ^^
Storm-Blue's avatar
purple is my fav color now...:drool:
feuergestalt's avatar
Yum. Purple deliciousness!
Starath's avatar
I just love that angle!! :D
Scream01's avatar
Wow!! Sweet piece ^^
Raksha-the-Demon's avatar
THAT ROCKS!!! totally freaking awesome!
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