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Mosaic: Business Lunch

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Since the :icontransformers-mosaic: crew posted this, it means I finally can. Anyway, stuff that's innaccurate:

- Kickback is way too agile for 80's Marvel.
- Due to how things were printed, the art shouldn't be able to touch the edge of the page.
- They talk like they did in the cartoon.
- The lettering is digital, not hand-drawn.

In each case, I chose to use the innaccuracies because I liked the way they looked or sounded ( given the choice between a normal voice and a funny accent, I will always write the accent. ) And hand-lettering is a huge pain to do, thus font.

Basically, I've always wanted to see the Insecticons versus the Mecannibals. Winner take all, loser gets eaten. :D
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Whats wrog with talking with their cartoon mannerisms, mannerisms?
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Oh this is great!
I just recently acquired the older comics and read that saga where there deal-hardy robot munching mecannibals trade with the Autobots, so this is a real treat.
Big money on the Insecticons, Bombshell and co. are a scary bunch (plus cross-continuity love demands he return for All Hail Megatron)
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I still look at it and have to convince myself this is fanmade. Wonderful job!
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I just love the retro feel of this page! Don't mind me asking, but where ddi you get the page texture from? Did you use your own book for it? The insecticons are one of my favourites in Transformers. Very nice! :)
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I absolutely love the look of this. <3 <3 <3 Fantastic work!
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Fantastic stuff, feels like it's straight out of the good old Marvel days (although you do a much better job of staying on colour model than Nel Yomtov!).

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Wow! I just really have to tell you that I absolutely love your work! :3

This is so old-school that its awesome! And I haven't even read the old Marvel comics!
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This looks so awesome! It looks like you scanned it out of the old Marvel comics-- except yours is even better looking! Hopefully Mosiac will let you do some more little stories!
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Anytime Mel wants to let us shlums put the Mosaic name on her awesomeness, we'll let her ;)
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Good thing! She's awesome!
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Just saw it on Seibs. Awesome
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I still love that panel of Bombshell shaking his finger at Shrapnel. Though the fourth panel with Kickback jumping to the ground is pretty darn close to first.

Mm I should go find out about these Mecannibals.
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Made intirely of WIN.

HUGE thanks for this, Wayward!

You RAWK the SAWKS!!!
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Oh gawsh, me too! Insections vs. Mecannibals = fun! :XD:
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That's beautiful Wayward, and it honestly looks like you've just scanned a comic page. Amazing! +fav!

I'm amused by Kickback's grasshopper pose, it looks odd to see a TF sitting like that but Kickback makes it seem right. It would be an odd battle for sure, but one I'd want to see.
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This is certainly great with that "retro" look and everything. I don't know much of the comics Insecticons to pass judgment but I will stand for the TV versions, since they're the ones I am more familiar with. can you please point me to the cyber-portal these Mosaics are posted/available in? I am gaining interest in these works.
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I love the comic style, it looks so awesome :D
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Full of win, Wayward!

Left my original comment on the Mosaic page for this strip. ^^;
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Awesome.. I want more!
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im in LOVE with Kickback now XD it looks like this is right from a comic book....is it?
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