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Harbourmaster 043-036 by WaywardInsecticon Harbourmaster 043-036 by WaywardInsecticon
To the surprise of none of the family, the first thing Gilou and Tal do with a moment alone is go straight to Tal's room.

Start from the beginning of this arc.
Start from the beginning.
Patreon, because what else do you expect from a tourist town?
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Alorxico Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
I half expect Tal to show Gilou a collection or something.  "Want to see all the drawings my sister made for me growing up?  Or how about my fossil collection?  It's a digital picture archive; Dad had a habit of searching my room every fortnight and would threw anything 'weird' away."
deleter09 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018   Writer
I love the relationship these two have now over the years it took to reach this point.

I love this large and dynamic world!

I hope this keeps for a long, long time.
evilkillerpoptarts Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Their glaring match in the final panel kills me.
Much of their relationship can be expressed thus:

Tal: I must do the thing.
Gilou: Don't do the thing.
Tal: You do the exact same thing.  You're doing the thing right now.
Gilou: Because I want to do the thing.  You, however, would rather do literally anything else.


Gilou: I must do the thing.
Tal: Please reconsider doing the thing.
Gilou: The thing has merit.  I'll do the thing but I'll do it a better way.
Tal: We'll do the thing.
Sil-Pencil Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly, I didn't take you for a Varrick fan. Too many things. 
WaywardInsecticon Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
I do not know who/what a Varrick is.
evilkillerpoptarts Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
evilkillerpoptarts Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
In panels like this I strongly get the sense that Gilou has much more of a handle on Tal's emotions and Tal's thought processes than Tal does.  Someday he will hopefully see someone to deprogram some of that nonsense he's carrying around but for now Gilou fussing seems to be working. 
Fiarrella Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
this pretty much sums up my headcannon for them, or what I understand is cannon for them.  Essencially they agree to disagree and make do with what they have to get stuff (the thing) done and make sure what is important to them isnt hurt. They have different ideals and values and what not, but they are still people, they respect and trust each other because they both have so much in common that they care about, each other included. Still one of my fave comics.
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