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Pencils and Photoshop, mostly.

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G'day, Wayward. It makes my spirit soar to see your artwork evolve into its' own unique, wondrous style over the last decade.

While rereading “But Fear Itself”, I realized you never focused on Icepick (or, for that matter, Birdbrain) in your work. Just struck me as odd, since he struck me as probably finding Slog on the...bothersome side of things. (Besides the whole risk-of-invoking-Monstructor situation.)

”Don’t you realize that every bot you memorialize is that fewer materials to repurpose towards Progress? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

It's been years so I don't remember why I made which choices, but my guess was I was pulling character from Rhythms of Darkness more than the toy bios. And probably only focusing on a few characters for story clarity - getting into Slog's art and what the others think of it would have been a distraction from the plot.

Ha, I didn’t mean “But Fear Itself” alone, especially after noticing that Scowl wasn’t focused on there, while he did receive some focus in “Pieces within the Whole”. It was just what seemed to me like a simultaneously obvious and interesting plotbunny for exploring Slog’s artistic conceits further in an additional story.

Do you remember that artist who, 10-15 years ago, did a bunch of Transformers with clear armour like Mac cases?

That sounds kinda familiar but I have no idea who did it.

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased and read "A Quiet Afternoon," and really enjoyed it. Well done on your contribution to it! Are you planning on doing more with Galatea outside of "Hollow" and "Vault of the Chimera?"