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Wayward Girls: Prologue:: Lulu -part 2

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 so I know you guys are still interested :P

The Wayward Girls

  • Original webcomic by waywardgal
  • Genre: drama, psychological, comedy, romance, tragedy, realistic fiction, suspense 
    • The story, The Wayward Girls, will follow the lives of five women. However, the mini series Prologue will introduce those characters before they enter the Wayward house. This is one of their stories.

Feeling betrayed is one of the worst feelings one can experience. 

After an accident leaves Lulu unable to continue as a member of her collegiate track team, she feels lost and out of place. She used to find solace with her three roommates, but it seems they don't feel the same way about her.


MORE ABOUT THE WAYWARDGIRLS  concepts.designs.backgrounds

NEXT----> not available yet. *support me on  Patreon  for early access when it is updated* 

So the next will be Waffles! It will be updated next month. I know this because it's already finished! I just want to update the drawings a bit and get a start on Antionette's Prologue so you guys can start getting monthly updates. 

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I've been updating pretty regularly. If you want Wayward Girl stuff, check it out!

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Kurisiti's avatar
I absolutely loved reading this (even though my heart is breaking for poor Lulu)! I really enjoyed all the different shots shown in this part; all the dark colors of the scenes really helps the audience to build up this idea that Lulu feels like the world she exists is secluded from everyone else. I thought it was clever to show the water bubbles instead of just lines for the rain because it helps the audience connect to the feeling that Lulu is drowning on dry land. I also adored all the details you managed to squeeze into this-you always amaze me with your attention to detail and sense of lighting! Can't wait for the next chapter!  X3
StetsonNewsie's avatar
My heart is breaking for Lulu, oh my goodness.
princessyairi's avatar
Kinda my life right now... Hope lulu kicks life's butt and proving them all wrong 
Hestia-Edwards's avatar
Nice work! The first page didn't have much variation in facial expression, but you fixed it in this one. :)
waywardgal's avatar
ah! thanks for noticing my improvements!
XxXHellkatXxX's avatar
I really want to see more...I can see myself in her...
Catstudio7's avatar
The poor girl.... ;v;
Sebistara's avatar
I could say that I can relate to that, but nah, I didn't even had a family that counted on me since I was the "special" child.
JGiraffeDesign's avatar
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because life is sadddd :(
scullysayer's avatar
Wow, this is really good so far. Great style of animation and you have a really engaging story here. I really feel like I relate to this one personally. Can't wait to read more from you.
waywardgal's avatar
I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) and I will updating next month :D
JoyceW-Art's avatar
Oh man, not even being able to tell the parents because of disappointment, I know that feel...
I really love the style of this! Glad you're continuing it!
waywardgal's avatar
right? it's the worst! thank you!
Shiroichi-chan's avatar
Wow the art and story in this is realy amazing. Love how you put the emotions just right on the point with the drawing!
waywardgal's avatar
thank you so much!
Shiroichi-chan's avatar
ShaozChampion's avatar
wow o.o powerful...
waywardgal's avatar
renacer87's avatar
Interesting and creative :)
waywardgal's avatar
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elydoric's avatar
this is beautiful !! ;'0
waywardgal's avatar
thank you so much!
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