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Wayward Girls: Prologue:: Lulu -part 1

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Wayward Girls

  • Original webcomic by waywardgal
  • Genre: drama, psychological, comedy, romance, tragedy, realistic fiction, suspense 
    • The story, Wayward Girl, will follow the lives of five women. However, the mini seriesPrologue will introduce those characters before they enter the Wayward house. This is one of their stories.

Feeling betrayed is one of the worst feelings one can experience. 

After an accident leaves Lulu unable to continue as a member of her collegiate track team, she feels lost and out of place. She used to find solace with her three roommates, but it seems they don't feel the same way about her.

To be continued in Lulu: part 2

MORE ABOUT THE WAYWARDGIRLS  concepts.designs.backgrounds

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Anna-Cakes's avatar
That was intense.
waywardgal's avatar
Ziixx's avatar
WHAT?! I did not see that coming!!
Loveinglifechic's avatar
bluetsumetoboekiba's avatar
im rendered speechless. wow. amazing and so sad.  
sirifintland's avatar
Omg, amazing work.. very sad tho... did she commit suicide? 
waywardgal's avatar
thank you :) 
you'll have to wait till the next part
sirifintland's avatar
XD oooh, I will. Great work so far (again ;) )!
gogojouce's avatar
oh, dem feels ;_;

Amazing artwork though! :)
Catstudio7's avatar
That was deep. But the comic looks amazing, great work! :D
Ermin96's avatar
haven't read yet but wow those art and coloring skills :heart:
Gaerwing's avatar
This work is so amazing and inspiring :)
I'm in love with your details in every frame, I think you have a wonderful color style!
leebee1105's avatar
What a good read!
AmazingSamantha's avatar
that was really good ^-^
Sebistara's avatar
its kinda creepy how they smile at her.
Aislein's avatar
asassdfdtufucghfil THE FEELS :stare:
SkyiProductions's avatar
Oh man, great job! I actually want to see if she really jumped!
Sharkbrush's avatar
The feels the feels Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
Gyaahhh... she didn't actually do what that looked like, I hope...?
shaynah1's avatar
Omgggg nooooo!! I didn't even notice she jumped until I looked closely! Pleasee be aliiiveee! Arghhh! New chapter where are you!!??
waywardgal's avatar
:) it will be here sometime this month, i promise :hug:
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