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Wayward Children is a Supernatural fan group where fans of the hit CW show can gather, post their fan art and fan fictions, and chat about their favorite characters and episodes! There's even a role-play section of the group where members can sign up to play the canon characters that aren't taken and even play characters of their own!
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125 Members
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Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester by Samy110
Jensen Ackles - Happy 38th Birthday! by LiFaAn
Dean Winchester [January 24,1979] - gif by LiFaAn
Dean Winchester by Samy110
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester by Samy110
Sam Winchester by EvelinaLindqvist
Sam by Samy110
Castiel - I'm an angel of the Lord by Sakiko-Seihikaru
Hit the Ground hard by das-Diddy
The Cage by das-Diddy
Weeping Angel Castiel by Hades-the-Mighty
Destiel Wedding by LamiaSage
destiel | supernatural by foxklt
friends who don't listen very well | supernatural by foxklt
Dean and Castiel cuddling by LamiaSage
Bobby Singer
SPN: Castiel by EvelinaLindqvist
SPN- Bobby Button by Shanachie-fey
Supernatural: Stamp1 by BelovedBastet
Supernatural: Stamp2 by BelovedBastet
Team Free Will
Supernatural Inspired Sunglasses by YamiKlaus
Supernatural Crowley Cosplay Hello Boys by YamiKlaus
Supernatural Crowley Cosplay Becoming King by YamiKlaus
Supernatural Crowley Cosplay by YamiKlaus
Multiple Characters
driver picks the music | collab by foxklt
Night moves by deanfenechanimations
Sam and Dean - Merry Christmas by LiFaAn
Supernatural - Happy Halloween 2015! by LiFaAn
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Welcome to our Supernatural Group, Wayward Children! Before you submit your artwork, here are some you rules, guidlines and other things that you need to know:

1. This IS a Slash-friendly group! So submit all you want (but nothing too graphic please. read the Mature Content section of DeviantArt Policies to see what is acceptable )

2. This group is also Role-Play friendly!

3. Please submit all art to the CORRECT FOLDER! If there is not a folder for the type of art you want to submit, please tell us! We'd be glad to create a new folder for you, as long as it is Supernatural-related.

4. Submissions to the Featured folder are not allowed. Artwork can only be submitted to that folder by us, the Founder and the Co-Founder.

5. HATE COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Constructive Criticisim is always allowed, but there is a fine line between that and hateful speech. Saying things like "your artwork sucks" "this is awful" "i hate this" or anything to that extent is not allowed. Any hate comments reguarding sexual prefrence or religion will also not be tolerated. For a first offense of this rule you will receive a friendly reminder of our guidlines. A second offense and you will recieve a warning. A third offense and you will be asked to leave our group. If you do not leave within one week you will be removed from our group. Bottom line: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

6. If you are a victim of hate speech within this group, PLEASE don't hesitate to let us (or the administrators of DeviantArt depending on how severe it is) know! We want everyone in this group to feel welcome, and we will do our best to fix the problems as they arise!

7. Be active in the group! Submit art, comment on other's work, whatever! :)

8. Have Fun!!
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