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Death of a World

I have two planets in my world that can sustain life, one is my world, TirNaobe, and the other is the "Void" world, Thera.

Thera is where all the lost ideas go, all forgotten travelers who never made their way home... compared to Thera, TirNaobe is a dreamworld.

This is currently where my Psychoraptor Lockhead resides, my Yez, Zyn, and my three Pendeogans Gale, Keith, and Rust.
This is also the land Sarrik Tal resides in.
Things that can not truly inhabit my world (other people's creatures, weres, and so on) find themselves here, lost on Thera. This is also where my creatures begin so to say. If I have a design I like, it starts here on Thera, and developes itself. If I like it, i restart it on TirNaobe and weave it into my world...
Other creatures that exist on Thera include the Human, the Voxine, the Trakina, the Amii, the Kumorji, and something I will never release on TirNaobe because this beast was actually designed for Thera- the Voide Archaian.

There are some creatures that exist on both Thera and TirNaobe though, such as the Voxine, the Alga, the Vurvur (and by default the Aver), the Mortair, the bankle, and most of the Luun/ven/orla family.

Thera was not built to make sense, it's weather patturns have no true patturn to them, some areas it rains uncontrolably, and then, you step out of that territory, and suddenly you're not standing in a rain forest, but a desert. There are three sections on Thera- Hard, pure, city, half wild, "tribalized" areas, and pure, untouched, dark wilderness.

My Yez and my Psyrap will remain here until I either start rollplaying Lockhead, or until someone adopts my Yez.
my Pendeogans will be forever stuck there thanks to my loss of interest in their race. Seriously folks, it was cute and fun before, but now I can't hardly stand them.

Unfortunately for the Yez, since she is the newest member, if she doesn't either find a purpose quickly, or get adopted I will probably Erase her from Thera. (Since things on Thera are not technically considered alive, it doesn't make sense for me to say I'm going to get her killed. Poor girl. I'm always so mean to the new kid.)

Thera is mine, as well as most of the creatures listed here.
Creatures listed that AREN'T mine.

Pendeogans belong to :iconjubilations:

The Yez and the Psychoraptors belong to :iconfreakzter:
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Given that you have 2 habitable planets in your star system, does it resemble the Kepler-62 system in any way? If not, are the 2 planets sharing the same orbit, one 60 degrees ahead of the other? Are they a binary system (like Pluto/Charon), orbiting a common barycenter? You should show more info on your star system, and possibly a rough drawing of their orbits. Also, you never said how old your Sun is, or if it's the same age as ours.
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You have mentioned the "Void" world before, so I was certainly happy to see a deviation made to explain it better. :nod:
I find this to be a fascinating way to handle your forgotten/uninteresting ideas and creations; it's a unique set up and perspective on the matter. It's almost like producing creativity out of uncreativity.

Personally, if I create something that I never use, it just doesn't exist. To put it in an analogy, my mind is like a womb: the creations that are made into OCs and components of a story become "born," hence they get to "live," while creations that are just designed for fun or that I lose interest in suffer a "miscarriage," hence they were never "born," though they "lived" for a short time.

.....On a side note, I'm actually glad that you dislike the pendeo thing now. xD;;; I always felt that the race was incredibly cliched. I mean, I can see how it can be great for some people, but... they don't really work for serious characters. As far as I can tell, they're just humanised furries (human with the tail and ears of an animal) with one oddball trait slapped onto them as an "addiction" of theirs, only further making them unrealistic and "cartoony" (if not annoying).
Of course, I don't want you to take this the wrong way: the characters you made weren't bad (though, frankly, I don't find them too interesting), it's the species/race that I don't like.
I think if you ever decided to pick up those characters again, they'd be much more likeable if you changed their race into something of your own, whether it's a new one or you meshed them into something you all ready have (i.e., they could be a trio of Archaians who can turn into humans and do undercover work or what have you). I'm not recommending/suggesting that you bring them back, I'm just making a point about the race.
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I HAVE? Heh, I don't really remeber. XD I'm hoping to do some more descriptive stuff.
It helps me keep track of characters and creatures I don't use, incase later I look back at the design and think I may be able to do something with it. ^.^
If I create a design that I really don't like it doesn't even go into Nonexistance in Thera, I just pretend I never created it, but any extra ideas will spend their time here...

I was a pendeo fan before it became an enormous overwhelming... gah. Have you noticed I don't list them on my clubs anymore? It was just way to much to deal with, I've moved on to more original things. I don't even want to turn them into Archaians really, I have pleanty of Archaian characters... come to think of it, I really ought to introduce them to you. :3
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Yeah, it's really a great idea. <:] I can always expect creativity from you, Wayra, which is part of the reason why I'm always excited whenever I see a deviation of yours in my devwatch. ;]

I can imagine it got to be too much of a hassle, and yes, I noticed that before, but I forgot about it. xD

Oh! Oh! Oh! Please do! D:> I think the only Archaian characters that I know of are Laeosso, Diana, and Archy.
I'd really like to see a little sketch dump of some of your main Archaian characters, if not a little coloured picture of each. ^^;
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Dyaw! *blushes* That means a lot to me Crow. :3

It just became really annoying after a while... *sigh*

My goodness! XD That's not very many. ^^; I have a ton of Archaian characters I need to mention! I've made pleanty of characters, I guess I never really introduced them.
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Well, I certainly look forwards to being introduced to more of your Archaian characters, because I know almost none of them, really. I'm sure your watchers would enjoy the information, too.
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