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Wind Seekers
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Published: June 13, 2007
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As a Province, Manitoba has been blessed with a wealth of rivers and hydro electricity. Indeed there has been a significant cost to many northern indigenous communities in the loss of land through flooding and the loss of livelihood through the disruption of the fisheries. But because of this natural resource, electricity has been abundant and inexpensive. This natural resource has allowed the province to export much of its production nationally and internationally.

It appears though that other thoughts are now being considered. While the development of wind generation in the province has so far been minimal, in the area of ST Leon, the natural winds make this kind of energy production an attractive option. To date, about 60 of these wind generators have been installed. The resulting change to the landscape has brought visitors from far and wide and hopefully, it will not cause the same magnitude of negative change as hydro generation created for our northern peoples.

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I really hope that these generators work out and aren't part of some plan by some investors to game the system to fill their pockets and stick the public and the land owners with the bill.  

Also, one thing that we need to be aware of is that the blades of these things can get a build up of ice that can break off and get flung as potentially dangerous projectiles. 
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Michawolf13Hobbyist General Artist
Cool looking, nice shot
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cybelemoonHobbyist General Artist
It's a wonderful idea and to have the wind generated energy not take up fields and fields with wind turbines like these would be so much better.    Wonderful photo too!
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Things of beauty,  so long as you don't see them everyday ;)
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ov3Hobbyist Photographer
I like the composition. Beautiful picture :)
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supersnappz16Hobbyist Photographer
Great shot and composure. Some people complain about these turbines but I quite like them
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I rather like how they look myself.
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NoekkvadisHobbyist Digital Artist
A very nice picture and thank you for the story too!
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davincipoppalagHobbyist General Artist
Nice to see it again
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Mac-Wiz Photographer
Great Portrait.  One of you biggest fans, I suspect.:lmao:
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lol... I like the twist.  Yes indeed, that are a whole field of my "fans"  rofl
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seek-and-hideHobbyist General Artist
I like the surreal feel ... beautiful sky, somehow reminds me René Magritte. Great shot.
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Thanks Mayumi, what dod you think of the manipulation where the windmills were used?
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seek-and-hideHobbyist General Artist
I don't know much about a wind farm, here in Brazil we have few of them...I know there are many advantages. Perhaps the greatest of these is the green energy itself. But surely windmills bring a great visual impact on the landscape, we can see that in many images around the world. I just imagine the noise ... because I live in a tall building and in strong wind days their sounds bother us ...
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they do make some noise, but it is not audible unless you are very close or right under them.  In some places i think they would indeed mar the landscape, but that does not seem to be a problem here in Canada, partly I guess because there are so many open places. I am not sure that they are son green though.  The data on this is conflicting, I suppose time will tell.  This field and another in this area does not even produce power for Canada.  The machines I understand are owned by a UDS company and all the power goes to the US.  That is not a problem for us here in Manitoba though as water power is the main source or electricity.  There is only one gas fired generator in the province and it is back up only.
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seek-and-hideHobbyist General Artist
Indeed, most of the energy produced in Brazil is hydroelectric plants. And in this case their buildings interfered in landscape, including dispossessing indigenous peoples from their lands.

Energy sources such as wind or sun are still little explored here. But I think there is great potential that could be tapped. Especially because we are in the consumption limit ... one step closer to an energy crisis.
5 seconds hug 
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Strange! I live in Romania, so far from Manitoba, and there is a view not far from me that is similar to this. Wind turbines have this curious effect - so dominant and so similar.
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There are a number of windmill fields around where I live.  Thee ones are apparently smaller, but I cannot tell the difference is size to the other site.  I have never thought of them as dominant.  Perhaps I use this word differently.
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Occasionally I drive past the wind turbines (the local name); the road goes close to them. They look immense and I feel minute near to them. When they rotate, the speed of the blade tips can exceed 100 mph. That´s why I think of them as dominant. As a comparison, I think electricity pylons have less impact, being stationary and not usually so tall. Perhaps, in time, people will see them as having their own beauty - serving the community and protecting nature from harmful energy options.
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I have stood at the bottom.  The blades hum, it is quite a humbling experience.

When the tower were being put up, I knew the dimensions of the blade.  My son and I counted the time for a revolution and he worked out the speed... it was closer to 800 mph.  (Of course he did it in his head, and as a result, the calculations were rough.  Working with pie in your head is pretty tough.  I was amazed that he even attempted it.)
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