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Unkindness: Chapter Nine :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 5 10
Unkindness: Chapter Eight
Annie did not struggle as she was thrown into the cell, as the door was removed to make room, and the slow process of her immurement was carried out. When it was done and she was left alone in the pitch black, the sounds of the workers muffled and faded away, Annie slipped free from the ropes that bound her with ease. She remained sitting on the floor for a time before pushing herself up to move towards the bricks that sealed her in, and gently touched them.
Annie couldn’t even cry. It felt like there was nothing left in her but a hollowness she had never felt before, even years ago when she had been so ready to die. Whether she lived or died now didn’t matter. Annie had betrayed Elias, and as a result he had abandoned her. She didn’t blame him, Annie had known what she was doing. This was really preferable to having to see Elias and Elle married, seeing them every day together. Annie couldn’t have bared to see Elle forced into something she herself couldn
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 5
Unkindness: Chapter Seven
Elias stood outside the door for a long time, listening to the women mutter, before he turned and let them be. He was filled with an array of emotions he wasn’t used to, and didn’t particularly like. Suddenly everything seemed so much clearer, and yet it was more confusing than ever. Was the Mystery of Annie really so easily solved by some feminine emotion he thought she had been immune to? It didn’t seem right.
But it did explain a lot. It explained her devotion to her work, to him, and why the rest of the manor considered her to be so stoic and frigid. Though it still didn’t make sense. Elias wasn’t a fool. He knew what manner of man he was, and how little there was about him that was redeemable. It would be easy to dismiss the declarations of love he’d overheard if he could write them off as girlish fantasies about his character. That was impossible, though. Annie knew too much of his true nature, and participated in and even enjoyed many of his m
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 6
Unkindness: Chapter Six
The night Elias went to retrieve Elle was an unpleasant one for Annie. She wasn’t exactly sure, but she thought she felt guilty, like whatever was happening to Elle was her fault. That was new. Annie wasn’t used to feeling bad about anything she did.
Finally Annie managed to get to sleep after taking twice her usual dose from her sleeping draft. This proved to be an ultimately useless move as at the crack of dawn Elias threw the door open to her room, something he had never done before, and barged in.
“Anastasia! Get up quickly, I have fantastic news!”
Still in the grips of her sleeping potion, Annie grumbled into her pillow, only half aware Elias was even there.
“Anastasia, get up! I’m getting married.”
“WHAT?!” Annie jerked up so suddenly she fell off the bed after tangling her legs in her sheets. She looked up at Elias, mouth gaping and eyes wide.
Elias looked down at Annie, an amused look on his face. “I thought that would
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 4 3
Mature content
Unkindness: Chapter Five :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 1
Unkindness: Chapter Four
As the years passed Annie cemented her place in Elias’s circle of his most useful servants. Besides being the most dedicated of them, she was counted with Duncan as one who traveled with him at all times when they moved from place to place. Usually a small contingent of people of varying uses were left at each manor, on each ship, and hidden in each den of iniquity disguised as a mid price hat shop. Annie had proven herself too many times as both a robber and a spy to be left behind, so she traveled with her lord.
Annie found a life of travel agreed with her, and she especially enjoyed the time spent on the sea, which seemed to please Elias. Annie never felt so alive as when she was hanging precariously off the rigging, the salty ocean wind whipping through her hair and swaying with the movements of the ship. Annie marveled at the difference in life when you were a predator and not prey. The dock towns that would have terrified her before as a place you only went to if you had a
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 1
Mature content
Unkindness: Chapter Three :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 3 0
Unkindness: Chapter Two
Slowly, very slowly, Annie cracked her eyes open.
Upon arriving at the manor that was one of the many places Elias called home, Annie had been unceremoniously dumped in one of the rooms in the servants quarters. Even in the beginning Annie had instantly loved it. Yes, the room was about the size of a large closet, the walls and floors were cold, bare stone, and the only window in the room was small, high up, and bared, but it was HERS. The small bed was the softest thing she had slept in for years. The soft light from the window was so much less harsh than the glaring light of dawn waking her from the street. The grey stone of the room was clean and cool to the touch, and the room was just small enough that she could see everything in it wherever she was, and had no reason to be frightened of anything that might be hiding.
Annie spent three months in that room as she recovered from the illnesses that plagued her. The healer had informed both her and the increasingly annoyed Elias that
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 0
Unkindness: Chapter One
“You can’t open it?”
Elias was glaring darkly at the locksmith he reluctantly came to when his way barred by some damnable object or door that DARED to deny him entry. As much as Elias hated to admit defeat, not that he was, the locksmith had never before failed to prove a useful tool. Now, however, the plump old man was trembling under Elias’s murderous eyes and grinding teeth. A box with no apparent openings or fastenings sat on the counter between them. Elias had been trying to open it for a month since he ‘liberated’ it from a competitor, and no amount of magic or manipulation of it would open the damnable thing.
“I-I’m sorry, my lord!” The locksmith pleaded. “I am no longer in possession of my best tool. If you had been here yesterday-”
“I don’t want excuses, I want this box open!” Elias snapped, reaching across to grab the man by the collar and yank him forward. “Now you WILL provide the ser
:iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 6 6
Cameo by WayfareAngel Cameo :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 0 Total Bad Ass by WayfareAngel Total Bad Ass :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 0 Ely by WayfareAngel Ely :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 0 Sleepy Time Lilith by WayfareAngel Sleepy Time Lilith :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 2 2 Muradith by WayfareAngel Muradith :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 0 Bunny, bunny, bunny by WayfareAngel
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Bunny, bunny, bunny :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 1
Desktop for March 17th by WayfareAngel Desktop for March 17th :iconwayfareangel:WayfareAngel 0 0

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soft geometry by photoport
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soft geometry :iconphotoport:photoport 2,039 157
.: K e e p e r s  :. by Charlie-Bowater .: K e e p e r s :. :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 2,366 147 Drow males are people too, LOL by RollerBoyjeremy Drow males are people too, LOL :iconrollerboyjeremy:RollerBoyjeremy 928 291 KOTOR: Bindo's ID by Bug-Off KOTOR: Bindo's ID :iconbug-off:Bug-Off 194 116 Anomen romance by UnseelieSluagh Anomen romance :iconunseeliesluagh:UnseelieSluagh 22 49 Neverwinter Nights 2 - sp00fs by DelaFearna Neverwinter Nights 2 - sp00fs :icondelafearna:DelaFearna 27 35 Section 8 by Nyila Section 8 :iconnyila:Nyila 3 10
Scrap Bishop mod BG2 - 1 -
This is a dialogue that triggers automatically inside the Copper Coronet (in the Slums of Athkatla) when you approach Korgan. It will introduce both Bishop and Korgan. After this scene, if you talk to Korgan, he will be recruitable, as usual. Bishop, however, will not join until the slavers’ headquarters have been destroyed. Once Hendak is in charge of the Copper Coronet, you will be able to recruit Bishop.
The dialogue assumes is female.

Korgan: “Ye challenge me to a drinking contest? A skinny human like ye?”
Bishop: “Yeah, now place your bets everyone!”
Korgan: “Ye know ye’re goin’ t’lose! No one beats a Dwarf in a drinking contest!”
Bishop: “You’re a Dwarf? Thought you were a Gnome. Even the size of your gut matches!”
Korgan: “Rrr! Those be fighting words! Ye’ll regret them after I’ve scalped ye, ranger!”
Bishop: “Oh yeah? And how d’you exp
:iconnyila:Nyila 2 20
Scrap Bishop mod BG2 - 2 -
This is a random banter between Anomen and Bishop.
The dialogue assumes is female.

As the party stops to rest for a while, Anomen starts cleaning his weapons.
Bishop: “Why do you even bother cleaning your weapons? They’ll be covered in blood soon enough.”
Anomen: “A knight always cleans his weapons after a battle. But that is not something I would expect one such as you to understand.”
Bishop: “If you’re a knight, shouldn’t you be on some noble quest somewhere, far away from this group?”
Anomen: “I am on a noble quest. What is more noble than serving Helm wherever I go?”
Bishop: Bishop rolls his eyes.
Anomen: “Wherever evil stands, I will crush it in the name of the Vigilant One.”
Bishop: Bishop’s expression suddenly turns to anger, and you catch him setting his hand on the hilt of his dagger.
Anomen: “I’d start with
:iconnyila:Nyila 5 57
katharma2 - Hinter tausend... by neovermin katharma2 - Hinter tausend... :iconneovermin:neovermin 234 122


So, while I figure out how to handle the Honeymoon Period, I am writing a small smut piece with Elias and Annie. To tired everyone over and to make sure you all get some of the smut I promised you ^_^ So I'm working on that, and it should be out over the next few days. Hope you guys enjoy it! It's fun to write, so far.


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