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Turtle Power by jpzilla
Jem and the Holograms by Usagi-Tsukino-krv
David the gnome by DasGnomo
Royal Palace by FlyToFerio
Disney Afternoon
The great Gummiscope by SplatterPhoenix
June 26 - Gizmoduck by KileyBeecher
A Mallard Breakfast by SplatterPhoenix
He got hit in the head with two coconuts by FrothingLizard
Rocko and Spunky by ElectricDawgy
Really Really Big Man by Pervert-pop
happy SACK by edtropolis
Rocko's Modern Life by Themrock
Cartoon Network
Dee Dee by JagoDibuja
A Villainous Valentine by WeijiC
Monkey by fubango
Other Network Shows
(sexius skunkius) by edtropolis
Mightier than you by theCHAMBA
Little Bear: Going Fishing by LMColver
Zany To The Max by Sibsy
Retro 80's - Unisex
David the gnome by DasGnomo
Cleo by JagoDibuja
Barefoot in the Grass by acla13
Field Trip! [Magic School Bus] by ScrapCity
Retro 80's - Boys
Tmnt   Tortugas Ninja By Jag Comics by Kenkira
Cowabunga by Quirkilicious
Splinter by DaveRapoza
April O'Neil by DaveRapoza
Retro 80's - Girls
Rainbow Brite by darkodordevic
She-ra by nna
Jem and the Holograms by Usagi-Tsukino-krv
Rainbow Brite and Twink by jobiberry
Toon VS Toon by liu-psypher
Card Shark Bachelors by ElectricDawgy
Doodlepalooza by Loko-Motion
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Morealleylessoop



Group Info

There have been a lot of groups out there who set out to showcase the great cartoons of the 80's and 90's. Sadly, a lot of those groups seem to have gone completely inactive. It is our hope to gather high quality art work illustrating this wonderful shows of yesteryear.
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Sep 30, 2014


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228 Members
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Things to Know

What Is This Group?

Thoughout the 80's and 90's, we saw a lot of great television cartoons. We grew up learning life lessons, visiting far away places, laughing, crying and living in those stories. Now those children of yesterday are the artists of today with the power and ability to illustrate those far-gone characters and tomes. We gather the best of those creations here for some rose-tinted enjoyment.

Can I Be a Member?

You certainly can! You don't need to be the greatest artist or even a child of the 80's or 90's to join. Just click the "Join our Group" button at the top and you will be automatically signed up!

What Do You Accept?

We have quite the list of shows that we accept and we expect that list to grow over time. Generally, our gallery features shows that fit into the following rules:

* It must be a cartoon with a height of popularity in the 80's or 90's.
* Digital, traditional, sculptures and cosplay are all allowed.
* A working knowledge of anatomy even if stylized.
* Coloured/shaded or otherwise finished pieces.
* Crossovers will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

What Won't You Accept?

In keeping with the theme of the group and the objective to gather fine pieces, there is a judging process for each submission. Given the sheer amount of different shows we can permit, quality is going to be a key feature.

* Submissions must be of your own creation. No stealing or tracing.
* No pictures of merchandise or screenshots.
* No Original Characters or otherwise non-cannon creations.
* No anime. There are far better groups for those.
* No sexually explicit or ultra violent works. Keep it PG.
* No WIPs, sketches or unfinished/rough pieces.
* No poorly scanned or badly photographed submissions.

How Often Can I Submit Artwork?

Members will be limited to two submissions per week. This has proven useful in making sure artists are submitting their best works and also keeps inboxes from overflowing too quickly.

What Are the Rules of Quality?

To avoid spamming our box and the boxes of our members and watchers, a level of quality must be maintained.
* Submissions must be completed works of art.
* Anatomy must be relatively competent.
* Stylized is totally fine if done well.
* Characters must be recognizable.

What About ---- ?

If you think a show should be included in the gallery that is not currently listed, please send us a message to suggest it. For our full list of shows, please see Shows List. Please check the list before requesting a particular show as we may already be hosting it.

Why Was My Submission Declined?

If your piece does not make it in, it is likely because it does not follow one of the rules listed above. This is by no means meant to discourage you. We encourage you to keep improving and submitting your works.
As with many others, I'm afraid the permanent implementation of Eclipse has rendered this site unusable and unattractive to me. It is with a heavy heart that after 16 years on Deviantart, I find myself having to find greener pastures. The group will be closed to submissions, but I will leave it here so that the great art gathered here can still be enjoyed. Thank you to all who submitted and watched.
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Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Professional General Artist
By the way, I think it would be really cool if you ad Shadow Raiders to your list of cartoon shows here :D
ImmortalTanuki Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not familiar with Shadow Raiders, actually. But if it fits into the 80's - 90's cartoon window and we get some quality pieces, I'd love to add them!
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks! :D

Shadow raiders is also known as "War Planets" in some countries.  It was one show from the 90's, it was aired from 1998 to 1999. And it was cancelled because the toys line that the company that was supporting the show wasn't that popular. Which is a shame because it was one of the best sci-fi show of the 90's...and even on nowadays!
You can see some info here……
acla13 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much for the kind invitation. Is it possible putting my works straight in each suitable folder (eg… in Nicktoons), so that I won't need to do it in Featured instead? :)
ImmortalTanuki Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome and welcome to the group!

All our submissions that pass the voting stage are put into a "Submissions" folder. From there, the admins can organize them into their proper folders while making artwork still publicly available. It's the only folder we have open for submissions as it helps us maintain the best possible organization. The "Featured" folder as well as all other folders are closed from direct submissions.

I hope this answers your question. :)
acla13 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Yes, no doubt! Once more, thanks. :D 
systemcat Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
Again reading over the rules, there is no reasoning why you declined my work. Please explain.
ImmortalTanuki Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It shows promise, but it does not meet our quality standards. Thank you still for the submission and for the polite inquiry.
Wolfmage90 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What the hell guys, how come you keep declining everything I submit?!
ImmortalTanuki Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Firstly, there are more polite ways of asking. There is no reason to be aggressive. We are more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have if kept in a cordial manner.

Secondly, there is a quality standard for this group. Of your two submissions, I'm afraid neither were to par. You show promise and we encourage you to keep drawing and keep improving.
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