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Speeding Train
She sat perfectly still while staring bitterly into the unending melancholy. The only hints of movement were the undulating waves of snow on the neighbouring track and the changing signs at platforms: Swinderby, Newark, Lowdham. Her expression was vacant while her mind raced. What was the meaning behind her mother's strange behaviour? How long would it be before relief turned to loneliness? Would it really be as quick and painless as she expected to be hit by a speeding train?
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I don't want to waste time;
I swear I'm not wasting mine.
As the leaves fall I shed
This hell, this shell, until the frame is
Beautiful and free.
Birds should not be caged;
My soul will fly, fly goodbye.
I don't want to waste time;
I swear I'm not wasting mine.
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Snowy Scene by wawy2006 Snowy Scene :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 1 0
The second of purity begins.
Worlds echoing through fragile bones
And heartache. Like a cloudless sky
In the midst of Winter,
Inconsistent hopes fly awry.
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Paris, Anyone? by wawy2006 Paris, Anyone? :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 0 Fantasy Castle by wawy2006 Fantasy Castle :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 0 Are You Having A Good Time? by wawy2006 Are You Having A Good Time? :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 2 Showgirl by wawy2006 Showgirl :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 1 0 Retro Vintage by wawy2006 Retro Vintage :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 0
Lies and Memories
Secrets hidden by harmful lies,
Feelings contained of all kinds,
Living in shadows, trembling,
Regretfully remembering.
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Dreaded Song
Thoughts won't pass,
Of times long gone,
The cruel day sings,
That dreaded song.
Sleepless nights,
Or haunted dreams,
Now I wonder,
What it all means.
I guess only,
Time can show,
What we all need,
Failing to know.
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Lord Of The Flies Essay
What do you think Golding suggests about different types of leaders in ‘Lord of the Flies’?
At the beginning of ‘Lord of the Flies’ Golding implies that the island isn’t as much of a utopia as the boys believe. He does this by including the area where the plane landed and referring to it as ‘the long scar’ and by also describing a beautiful tropical bird as having a ‘witch-like cry’. These indications of the island as a dystopia further develop until it is difficult to find any evidence that the island was ever pleasant. The types of leadership among the group of boys also cultivates in this way. In the first chapters, there is an election to choose the leader which shows an initial interest in democracy. However, as the novel progresses, a dictatorship – in the form of Jack – destroys this democracy, creating a microcosm on the island of Hitler in World War II.
In the opening chapters of the novel, Ralph is shown as the clear lead
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Viewed Through Distortion by wawy2006 Viewed Through Distortion :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 0 Cushioned Life by wawy2006 Cushioned Life :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 0 0
Go Fall To Pieces
I read some more Sylvia Plath the other day,
I read her poetry with you in the back of my mind,
With the pain I caused you just to seek revenge,
I can't help the way I felt,
Or the things I thought,
And now you go and you lower yourself,
You threaten my secret,
You threaten my homelife,
You threaten the world as I know it,
All because I wasn't decent enough to keep my mouth shut,
You never kept your mouth shut,
You never held back what you thought of me,
"It's just hormones" you told me once,
You put me down so much that day,
You put me down so that you could claim all the sympathy,
So that they would think I never felt bad,
So that they would think I lied about it all,
So that they would think I was simply overly dramatic,
Overly dramatic,
Now that's what I could say about you,
That's what I could say when you preach to me,
When you preach and put me down as you do,
So put me down all you want,
Lower yourself to the ground for all I care,
Try to push me,
I'll rise,
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Paramore Fan by wawy2006 Paramore Fan :iconwawy2006:wawy2006 1 0

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United Kingdom
Name: Sarah
Studying: Psychology (PhD)
Mind: All over the place...

Current Residence: England, UK
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Acoustic, a lot of Singer/Songwriters
Favourite style of art: Sketches
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch <3
Personal Quote: The trick is to keep breathing (Garbage)
Welcome to my profile
Please take a look around, leave comments and fave as much work as you like ;)
deleted all my past journals because I'm sick of the past and would rather live for now and tomorrow.
therefore, this will be my 1st and last ever journal entry :)

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