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    Henry was lost.  He had assumed it was because of his new appearance and "powers" that made his memory bad.  He was only 11 months old, after all.  He sat down in the forest of the place he could not identify.  He had remembered last week when he was kidnapped and accidentally became what he is now.  Despite him being more powerful than all the beings in the area, he was still scared.  

    The next morning, Henry had gotten up and searched for food.  He took some blue flaskberries from the oddly-shaped flask trees.  He remembered how Ducky would somehow use a rock and sticks to start a fire to cook food, so he attempted to do what he remembered from it.  He put a pile of sticks in a hole.  Next, he put a rock above the sticks.  He chopped the berries with his antlers, and tossed them onto the rock.  He had no knowledge of how to start the fire, but literally 947 milliseconds later he felt something warm within him.  It felt like it was running up his body to his head  Suddenly, a large ball of flame burst out of his mouth and into the sticks.  After 2 minutes, he grabbed the rock with fried flaskberries on top.  They tasted alright, but nothing special.  

    After he was finished "consuming" his meal, he spotted a purple light from a cave nearby.  His stupidity lead him into the cave.  Nothing happened for the first little while, but as soon as he got to the source of the light, he saw it was a hole covered in purple fire and magma-like substances.  It felt like something evil was happening.  He walked toward the hole, but instead he fell into the deep, purple abyss beneath it.

    He woke up 2 hours later.  It appeared he was in some sort of underground broken civilization, as many broken bridges were surrounding a deep body of water.  It was very foggy, but Henry saw yet another purple glow in the distance.  He was drawn to it, like a moth is to a light.  Just then, when he thought he would find what had been causing the light was another hole, instead was a large, dark purple dragon-like beast with eyes shimmering in anger.  It opened its mouth, and it looked as if tons of energy had formed into a ball, and he blew it right at the end of the bridge where Henry was standing in fear.  "Fuhuhuhu...  I am Knifejaw, most powerful of ostragons!  It seems your weak vessel does not stand a single chance against me!  Fear me, jackolope child, as this may be your final minutes!"

    Before Henry could finish crapping himself in fear, Knifejaw blasted another purple fireball.  It was just about to hit him, when- oh wait, right.  He DID get hit.  Henry was laying on the ground, dead.  His skeleton was already covered in purple magma and his remaining skin was being melted into nothing.  But wait, a powerful pink spark caused the effects to reverse.  He was living once more!  The pink spark continued to empower him.  He blasted a class 1 meme beam and completely 947 degree no-scoped Knifejaw's creepy ass.  Knifejaw flew through the cave, and yelled, "Fuhuhu, that was merely to test your ability, dumb one!  I'll face you once more eventually!"  The hole in the roof allowed Henry to escape, and so he did.  Knifejaw was struggling to fly back across the solar system to his home planet to have an ozan reset his strength levels.  Yeah, they do some weird shit on that planet.
Not usually what I post, but I felt like it so read it if you are in any way interested.
Mario Series
-Waluigi (assist QwQ)
Cappy (confirmed)
-Captain Toad
-King Boo
-Chief Chilly
DK Series
-Funky Kong
-K. Rool (confirmed)
-Lanky Kong
Zelda Series
-Toon Zelda
Metroid Series
-Ridley (confirmed)
Earth Bound/Mother
Splatoon Series
-Inkling (confirmed)
-DJ Octavio
-Squid Sisters (Different skins would be either Callie+Marie or pearl+Marina) [assist]
-Spring Man
Star Fox Series
-Crystal (assist)
-Andross (assist)
Pokemon Series
Kirby Series
-Waddle Dee
-Whispy Woods
-Chef Kawasaki (assist)
Animal Crossing Series
-Tom Nook
Smash Series
-Playable Master Hand/Crazy Hand
Other Nintendo
-Labo Man
Non-Nintendo Games
-Banjo and Kazooie 
-Crash Bandicoot
-Shovel Knight (assist)
-Bomber Man (assist)
-Pea Shooter (If a PvZ port is on the Switch ever)
-Shrek (because the internet)
-Henry the Mouse (because quack mofo)
    After returning to Yogurt Fort, Yogurt-Man had an unusual feeling.  Nothing seemed wrong, so he just tried to ignore that feeling of emptiness.  FS-6 was having similar problems.  It was like a depression, however it never really effected their emotions, they were just... confused.  Nobody ever sent a call about an emergency.  It was the happiest time of everyone's lives, except the two that live on Yogurt Island.  Life seemed imperfect.  Yogurt-Man knew everyday that nobody needed him to do something like kill an entire squirm invasion or anything like that.  He was no longer important.  That is, until one dark day.  The horrible things that happened on that day.  It was more evil then anything that had ever happened on Memerth.  Yogurt-Man turned FS-6 on (no, not like that you dirty fricker).  They went to where all of their vehicles are hidden underground.  It was nothing.  "WTF?"  Yogurt-Man said in great confusion.  "Our helicopters, our boats, they all... disappeared."  

    They both decided they would have to go to Memland by themselves, which was a difficult task.  The oceans on that dreadful day were being swarmed by tordarks, making it nearly impossible to go anywhere.  They could be seen swimming and eating fish no matter where you go.  Yogurt-Man put on his cape.  He grabbed FS-6, who was immobilized from shock, and they flew over the sea of death separating them from Memland.  They spent five hours dodging waves and tordarks jumping from the water.  

    Finally, after many hours, they arrived at the edge of Memland, and they saw what everyone was terrified about.  It was a massive ship sent from Ozana, the planet home to those who invaded 21 years ago.  Yogurt-Man thought he recognized that ship, but he couldn't quite remember since he was an infant on that other horrible day.  The ship was bombing the houses, they dissolved into dark purple ashes.  Sadly, FS-6 saw some people getting dissolved too.  Yogurt-man didn't want anymore people to die.  He flew up to the ship and looked in the oddly shaped window.  in the black and purple control room, he saw an ozan he remembered.  The one that killed his parents.  He pulled out his Thunder Spoon, andstruck the window.  It didn't shatter, it just faded away.  How strange.  The ozan had a grey helmet on, and tried to use it to block himself.  "YOU EVIL BASTARD!  I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!"

    He struck the ozan, and instead of it hitting his helmet like that evil ozan had planned, he was hit in the left eye.  He let out the worst ear-bleeding screech ever, and seconds later, ozan guards shot at Yogurt-Man.  He was blown out of the ship, and he couldn't move.

    "GROY OBTEC CONFEY REQUA!  (WE GOT WHAT WE NEED!)"  shouted the leader of the ozans who was still bleeding black blood out of his left eye.  The ship flew away.  Memland was destroyed, and it was all because he was too late.
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    "Wake up you bolt-headed dolt!!"

    "...  ..."

    FS-6 would not wake up.  He was supposed to go to an engineer to get his rotating blades repaired.  But after drinccing too much robot-friendly grape juice, I guess it made him tired.  But maybe it was more than just grape juice...  Anyway,  Yogurt-Man took FS-6 to the YIAC (Yogurt Island Aircraft Chamber) and he got in his helicopter.  And that helicopter isn't just a crappy-looking one you see everyday.  It has a fricking hot tub AND a Windows XP computer Dank Edition with wifi.  I doubt there's ANYONE out there that DOESN'T want one of these.  FS-6 finally woke up.  He fell on the floor yelling,  "DUBBA DUBBA LUB WUB!  I'M AVACADO FRICK!".

    FS-6 definitely downloads way too many memes.  Well, at this point in time they arrived at the Choclan Hospital.  When they slid down the ladder and went inside, the security guard asked them some important questions.

    "Name of patient?"




    "Hooman, keno, meme, ogre, sticci, bubban, PBN, PGS, or technology?"


   "You may enter."  It took forever to answer all the questions.  While making their way to the technology room, they saw some new creatures in development.  FS-6 saw one that looked familiar... in a bad way.  "Hey, can someone tell me what that one is?"  FS-6 asked the scientist.

    "That would be CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0." they replied.

    FS-6 was triggered.  He activated his wheels since his rotating blades were still rekt.  He dived through the glass, and started to drill into the CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0 with FSS-42.  CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0 wouldn't allow itself to be destroyed.  It yelled and ran through the hole in the glass FS-6 made.

    "Now look what you did.  That thing is unleashing all hell in the building!!"  Yogurt-Man angrily replied.  One of the scientists told him it will DIE if it touches dairy products.  Without letting them finish the sentence, Yogurt-Man flew up through the Squirmy-shaped hole in the ceiling.  

    "OH, I should mention the CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0 can kill you in one bite." the scientists finally told him.

    "That would have been pretty damn helpful if you told me that before it bit me in the arm!!"  Yogurt-Man was going to fricking die.  But he forgot CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0 is killed by dairy, which is his bloodstream, so frick he's still alive.  The CYBER-SQUIRM 2.0 got absolutely destroyed except it's outer shell.  Eventually, it got repaired, but with more innocent behaviour.  FS-6 also got his rotating blades fixed, and he happily flew across the fricking entire Melon Ocean to go to his friend Lamaar's house to watch Shrek 5 and consume laundry detergent-shaped candy.  Also Henry is capable of not falling off benches.  

                                                        The Fricking End
    Our story starts when a mouse was born to a family in a hotel.  He had a brother named Ralph and-  whoops.  Forgot to introduce myself.  I'm Jibjib Jibble Jibbler I.  I'm a PBN.  Anyhoo, the mouse was born and he escaped at night.  He didn't forget to pack his peanut butter, luckily.  He adventured all the way to a farm called TWC Farm.  Population: 947.  Unfortunately, he was found by a turkey, thus ending his life.

    But that wasn't the end, you frickers.  The turkey started to lay eggs, and the mouse was so stupidly smart, he got in an egg and was reborn.  When he managed to get out of the egg, he found out he was no longer on TWC Farm.  He was scared and hopeless because he had lost all of his precious peanut butter.  He was bored, so he decides he would walk around to discover where he was.  Not paying attention to his surroundings, a squirm had knocked him off of a cliff, leading him to his end.  AGAIN.

    You guessed it.  He survived.  This time he landed on a duck.  The duck saw the helpless son of a frick and gave him a whole piece of bread.  The mouse's life-long dream had been finished.  The duck couldn't talk, so it got a piece of paper from a cheap dollar store notebook and wrote, "hEnRy".  The duck quacked with pride when the mouse, now named Henry, had said his own name.  Henry was curious about the sound the duck made, so he tried it himself.  "QUACK!".  This was when the duck named Ducky swam to Leaf Land to give Henry a part of it's shelter to live in.  Henry forgot about his own family, but that doesn't matter.

    After 5 months of Ducky taking care of Henry, a new character comes into the story.  A PBN named Marv.  He was like any PBN, but his fore head was triagonal, he had a scar on the side of his face, and he was overall a bad person.  At the perfect moment he swooped down and grabbed Henry while Ducky was asleep.  He took Henry to a dark place.  Nobody to this day knows where it is or why it exists, but Marv used it as a hideout to dodge the law.  He strapped Henry to a slate tile, and when Henry started to bawl because he thought he would die, Marv grabbed a needle.  He put some ???? ?????? ??????? ????? syrup into the container part.  He held it up and stabbed Henry's face with it.  He was once again going to DIE.  But surprise surprise, he lived.  He started to get bigger, and antlers sprouted from his head, he was becoming a rare species called frickface jackolope.  He  blew up the place and flew away.
    Bobby Dolt was sitting down at home with Tabel.  They were in a deep meaningful conversation, when Tabel saw what Bobby had bought at the store.  "Bobby, I can't fricking believe you..." she said.

    "What's wrong?"  he replied, confused.

    "You bought...  GUMMY LLAMAS!!"

    "yeah, we can share them and watch--"

    "I'M FRICKING LEAVING YOU!"  Tabel slammed the door and ran away flipping the bird.

    Now Bobby is single because Tabel doesn't like gummy llamas.  He is crushed.  He was going to explode.  Bobby was bored and decided to call the Idiot Brigade for a meeting.  Once they arrived, they told Bobby they had found a vault filled with gucci memes and stuff in the Dogeahara desert.  Apparently it is guarded by an ancient technical guardian that only gives the gucci memes to the ones who want it most.  Alvin and Harold forgot to tell Bobby how dangerous it was but everyone was already packing to go to Doge Land.

    They went to buy a boat to go across the ocean.  Enough filler let us skip to the juicy stuffs.

    They had found a huge piece of metal in the sand.  They thought they heard something rattling, but nothing there could be that deep in the ground.  Once they started digging, they discovered it was more than just a tiny safe.  It was bigger than 4 houses.  the giant safe rose from the ground.

    They climbed up to open it.  Barry fell off, because the door was opening itself.  The monster guarding the memes was a giant piggy bank.


        "I believe that is someone else, so don't say their name or we will get a copyright claim from Nintendo."  Bobby told him.  Out of nowhere, Tabel came out of the ground in a ship and started to hack the pig.  It flipped over 12 times and even went inside out.  "Guess you have changed your mind about gummy llamas, right Bobby?"

    "You fricking dolt I like them more than I ever liked you."  Bobby roasted Tabel.

    She started bawling and flew away.  The pig guardian squealed and started to hover.  The brigade got their weapons and started attacking.  Nothing happened.  Barry found a metal detector but Bobby took it so he could kill it because he is the main character and he thinks he is the best.  He threw it and the giant bitcoins inside the pig guardian spilled out as it exploded in the sky.  "VIRUS HAS BEEN REMOVED.  404 COMPUTER HAMSTERS FOUND.  RESTARTING piggybankguard.exe AS FILE pig.exe.  SAVE US FROM THAT PATHETIC SCRUB.  TAKE THE MEMES.  SAVE.  OUR.  WORLD."  The pig guardian disappeared into the air never to be seen again.
    After arriving at the Shibston hotel, FS-6 got curious and went outside.  He flew down the road faster than any car driving.  It was nearly midnight.  The hotel was out of sight and out of mind.  FS-6 discovered a very unusual mark on the road.  Upon further inspection, he searched his files for a matching picture.  "LOCATING RELATED FILES...  MATCH FOUND.  SQUIRMBANNER.JPEG."  The mark resembled the banner-like patch on a Squirmy.  He was about to scan it wit a laser, but that was when...

    A car was coming!  FS-6 'panicked' and tried to hurry.  The picture in the road blew open to reveal a door.  He quickly swung it open, as the car smashed into his back.  He fell into a deep, dark hole.

    He woke up later and turned on his lights.  It was a long, dark green corridor.  He flew as fast as he could into the darkness.  Eventually,  he crashed right into a door.  It somehow slowly opened itself.

It was a big, empty room.  He used a signal device to find a power source to activate the lights.  He detected 6 different signals.  He picked randomly.  He could feel the light switch!  He flipped it to see what else could be there.

    "ERROR.  ERROR."  FS-6 did not recognize those sounds.  he turned around to see 5 other robots all piled in a corner.  "HOLY FRICKIN FRICKS.  DEVICES NOT IDENTIFIED."

    One turned on.  It started to hover.  The back of it read,  "FS-5".  It turned and saw FS-6.  It chased him and then it broke down on the floor.  "WAIT, FS-5?  BUT, YOGURT-MAN ALWAYS SAID I WAS THE ONLY ONE..."


    "SO, I HAVE SIBLINGS?"  FS-6 asked.  They all responded with a YES.  FS-6 saw another door.  What would be in there?  So he went in, to discover a room filled with robot parts and blueprints of his prototypes.  The one with his blueprint said,  "Copyright Fabio Evans, inventor of these abominations."  FS-6 did not know who this Fabio was, but it seemed like someone similar to his master.  "SO,  WHY ARE YOU ALL STILL DOWN HERE?"  He asked.  

    "IN ONE OF THOSE DOORS, A TERRIBLE ROBOT IS GUARDING THE KEY TO THE EXIT."  FS-2 responded.  Without any further distractions, FS-6 burst through the door.  It was the only robot powered by viruses, CYBER-SQUIRM.  It charged with what seemed like a normal Squirmy spike, but it was a titanium drill.  He dodged it and activated his 2nd form, FSS-42.   He drilled through the body segments and smashed the hard drives, batteries, and servers.  It let out a mechanical screech with every blow.  When the last one was destroyed, CYBER-SQUIRM blew to bits and a green key fell to the floor.  Now FS-6 and his prototypes could leave the hole.  FS-3 saw Yogurt-Man fighting ??? ????? in the sky.  His ship crashed down, almost destroying all of the FS robots.  They escaped, and the robots were free to explore the world.
    The glidership was about to leave on the bright summer day on the floating beach island.  FS-6 complained the ride would be dangerous as technology and water do not mix.  "Come on, do we have to go to Doge Land?"  he moaned in his voice that sounds like a text-to-speech program.

    "Come on, it's fine," Yogurt-Man told him.  "I installed the waterproof chip, remember?"


    They boarded the glidership and found the ship's apartments.  A dogefish leaped majestically out of the water.  FS-6 was terrified of the water.  FS-6 is lonely, he has no friends.  But enough about him, he isn't the main element of the story.  The sticki with a snack cart came by.  "Would you like some yogurt or Puddin?"  she asked.

    Yogurt-Man was triggered.  "I'm Yogurt-Man, do you THINK I would Ever consume a Puddin?"  he angrily replied.

    The woman panicked and threw the Puddin overboard and gave him all the yogurt.  FS-6 was eating a bag of microchips, his favourite food. (YOU GET IT MICROCHIPS CHIPS ARE FOOD AHAHAHA)  They were about to approach the floating beach on Doge Land when the ship started to shake.  FS-6 went into fly mode.

    The ship was under attack by a giant tordark!  It leaped onto the top of the glidership and growled at the guests.  "Looks like we'll be having sushi for dinner!" Yogurt-Man nervously said.  The power of the pink beluga narwhals was with him, in the thunder spoon.  He cast a yogurt knife to slice the tordark in half.  It faded into a huge platter of sushi.  The purple magic flew up while the guests got onto Doge Land. It returned to Ozana, the home of Astinoporosis.

    "My apologies, master!" the purple magc whispered in guilt.  "Maybe a tordark isn't the best form to attack in."

    "Very well, my son.  You have attempted your only attempt." Austinoporosis sighed.  'TO THE PIT OF SHAME YOU GO!!"
    "FS-6!" yelled Yogurt-Man, wearing his vampire costume.  "Are you done yet?"

    "My god, Yogurt-Man!" he furiously replied.  "This is hard with just one arm!"  Finally he blew the door open.  "How do I look?" FS-6 said.  "It's fine, just hurry up you frickin' frick!"

    They were on their way to the haunted house.  Yogurt-Man could see a Squirmy skull perched on the hill.  The door swung open.  The two stupids went inside.  "Oh, help!" an old man voice echoed in the halls.  It was Jim the wizard hobo.  "Ah, more children to help me!" he told them.

    "I'm 20 you old frick."  Yogurt-man replied.  "Just get to the point already!"

    "Yes, me and Wil were fighting as usual and 2spook stole my magic.  I need 1000 pieces of candy to take it back!"

    "We won't do anything for you, but we WILL get the candy!"  FS-6 said back.  The savage flew away to the city with Yogurt-man.  They were going to get all the candy, except Puddin, Yogurt-Man HATES Puddin.  They went to one house, then two, then four, then eight, and so on.  They got tons of candy, and no Puddin!

    "Woohoo!  999 pieces of candy!" Yogurt-Man said aloud.  "What about you, FS-6?  FS-6?"  He was missing.  a dark cloud formed in front of him.  "He's being tortured!"  2spook said.  "I will use his parts to power my magic machine, and put an end to Frickmas once and for all!!!"  The cloud blew up and turned into a note.  It said, "GOOD LUCK, FABIO! -2spook.

    Yogurt-Man needed one last piece of candy.  He saw a house with lots of spoders on it.  He knocked on the door.  It was Spodermen!  "U mezd wit teh ron hows fagit!"  he said in his strange voice.  Yogurt-Man was about to beat the memes right out of him, but Spodermen had the last laugh.

    Henry the Mouse, the immortal Jackolope, saw the trouble and said, "Time to save the frickers!"  He fell from the sky.  "WEEEE!!!"

    Henry ate 2spook with his pink magic powers.  He was the real hero!  Yogurt-Man was triggered because he was supposed to save them.  Henry said one of his lines, "Remember, kids.  Remember to spank your parents when they don't give you candy!  and Happy Halloween you filthy sacks of memes!"
One normal day in the Jibble Universe, a small planet in the Blue Milk galaxy, once filled with life, was destroyed by a fourth dimensional time nuke.  All was left after was a cluster of dark, melting rocks.  years later, in the year 1674, new life forms sprouted on the old chunk of space junk.  This was known as the ???????. The planet became suddenly bigger, and the ??????? continued to create and civilize.

In the year 2377, everything changed.  A tribe of alien entities, who were grey and had no arms, legs, or bones, landed in the middle of the Devlian Ocean.  A family of humans (yes, humans came back too) who included Kevin and Deya Evans and their newborn infant Fabio, lived in a home in Frikzville.  The leader of the alien tribe called the ozans, Austinoporosis, detected high levels of calcium, their weakness, coming from that home.  Austinoporosis, with his large battleship weapons, vaporized the parents of Fabio, the soon-to-be next saviour of his planet.  After the ozans left, he was taken to some place where he could be safe.

Fabio lived his early life trapped in a small building, with nearly nothing to do.  After finding a box filled with broken machines, Fabio learned to invent robots.  He was even protecting the orphanage from small creatures like mushlets and squirms using these robots.  Fabio also had a friend, one who was a ?????.

His name was ??????, who pretended he had ????? abilities.  He was abducted by Austinoporosis at age 13, and was cursed and made into the villainous ???????.  Fabio was going through some serious problems in his young teenage life, until he invented his eternal companion, FS-6. As Fabio became an adult, his parent's fortune was passed down to him, and he bought a private island.  Now he would go on to live there, alone, until something would happen.
    Yogurt-Man was playing videogames in his fortress when he heard a loud beeping noise.  "Not now, FS-6, I'm playing my favourite game!" he said.  "Oh, what a good reason to let Memland perish because of an evil monster!" FS-6 replied.  "You might as well let it destroy your favourite resturaunt."

    "No, I'll save Frickin Nuggets from that frick!" and off he went.  He soared off his private island and went to Frikzville to kill the monster.  "Another Squirmy?  What made Spodermen make them so fast?" He thought.  The Squirmy hissed and lunged at Yogurt-Man.  He stabbed its body segments with his Thunder Spoon.  The Squirmy lost its 4 blocky segments, and it's head blew up.  "Yay!" a crowd cheered.  "Oh wow." another said.  Yogurt-Man left and went back to his fortress.

    FS-6 said, "Hey, does it smell like up-dog in here?"  "What's up-dog?" Yogurt-Man replied in confusion.  "Not much, You?"  FS-6 had flawlessly roasted Yogurt-Man, and tons of dank memes surrounded him.  Yogurt-Man went to sleep.  FS-6, however, snuck out and went to Frikzville.

    He saw his homies vandalizing the Fartford University.  There were lights and it was raining doge coins.  All of a sudden,  they turned off.  "Oh frick, looks like Puddin-Boi is back.  Frick off, will you?"  He yelled.  "Nope." said Puddin-Boi.  there was an awkward silence.  "Oh wow." FS-6 replied.

    Yogurt-Man woke up.  A pannicked doge said,  "S-spodermen!  Is r-robbing, F-frickin Nuggets!"  Yogurt-Man ammeidietly flew to Frikzville.  Spodermen said in his strange voice, "Yogritmen u fagit, u wil nevr cach mi!" Spodermen flew away in his jet.  But Yogurt-Man drowned him in yogurt, and he crashed.  His spoder-drone flew to Yogurt-Man with a nuke!  He defused the nuke with a yogurt-nado.  The nuke was headed for Spodermen.  "Wut teh f-" and he blew to his fortress.  Dolan duk gifted Yogurt-Man with infinite free chicken nuggets.  Just another day for Yogurt-Man and his enemies.
It all started in the year ???? when a child named Fabio Evans was born.  One day, his parents suddenly vanished.  As the stupid 1 year old he was, he leaped out of his crib, went to the fridge and found some yogurt.  This wasn't just ANY normal yogurt.  He proceeded to pour it all over his head, and it dripped into his ear, into his mind.  Fabio passed out.  He was in a heaven-like place, and a overlord granted him the power to use yogurt as a weapon against the evil fricks called the Ozans.  With his new powers, Yogurt-Man must protect the world from the invasion of osteoporosis.  This is no superhero story, this is a supper-hero story.