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New soundchip alien: the Sidonians
So, yesterday, I came up with an idea for a new soundchip alien. They would be called The Sidonians, named after the SID chip, found in the Commodore 64 computer. Their planet is called "Planet 64C," named after a later model of the Commodore 64. As there are two versions of the SID chip out there, I came up with this: female Sidonians are classified as 'Sidonian Type 8580" while the male Sidonians are classified as "Sidonian Type 6581." In this picture, a boy and girl blush as they stand in front of each other.

To learn about the Commodore 64 and it's well-known soundchip, check out the following links:

Commodore 64:…

MOS Technology SID:…
Lester the Hudsonite
I actually drew this character as a practice for drawing a character from the front while they look to the side.

About this character:
This is Lester. He is a Hudsonite from Planet HuC6280. He's one of the rare Hudsonites who's incredibly smart for his age, having graduated college at 15 and is the youngest member of the Hudsonite Police Force.
BonkMobile TurboSkeeter
This is a fictional vehicle I created for a song I made. The flagship vehicle of BonkMobile, a fictional automotive company from the fictional Planet HuC6280 (home planet of the my Hudsonite aliens), as it had been produced for a very long time. The TurboSkeeter is also the popular vehicle choice of mailing and distribution companies. If you wonder who Bonk is, he's a video game character from the late 80s/early-to-mid 90s, also known as Genjin in Japan.
The Galadonia
This is a fictional spacecraft I drew to go along with this song I made:
Well, I submitted 5 pictures to my DeviantArt
So, I joined this site. It's quite interesting as there's so much art here! Anyhow, as you may have read in my bio, I'm primarily a chiptune musician (you head to my YouTube channel here:…), but I also draw on and off. I've only been drawing since November 2015, so I'm not as skilled as many other artists. It's also the reason you'll never find fan art in my deviations. But I like drawing just for fun! I primarily use Autodesk Sketchbook on my phone. Anyhow, yeah, that's all I'll say for now...

By the way, check out my sister's deviations. She's far more skilled than I am as she's been drawing since elementary school. She goes by Mushi102:


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United States
Hello, I'm Wavetable Guy. I'm primarily a chiptune musician, but I'm also an on-and-off drawer. I may not be an expert, but I like drawing just for fun!


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Your drawings honestly aren't that bad, they're pretty good!

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