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Rose are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And Fella loves you!

Coming soon...
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This is a great design for a stained leaded-glass window! Gorgeous design! I couldn't do as well!
I must "Fave" this! My hat's off to ya...
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nice and love the contest idea
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Welcome my gallery to watch the other Fella's Valentine Coloring series. (Rotate the canvas 0° & 90° & 180° & 270° ) :w00t:
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is it Kingdom hearts or Am I just a videogame dweeb?
Waveswinger's avatar
if Kingdom hears is a video game reference, no :)

I'm totally video-game illiterate..hehe..
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Haha, I was thinking the same thing. It looks like heartless at the bottem. x]x] I don't think its supposed to be though..
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It looks really cool when it's smaller with better quality. When you enlarge it, it gets all ugly. The design is cool though. It almost looks 3D with the differing shades of color.
Juicy-Pancake's avatar
awww fishiieesss :trout:

i love this ;D
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this is amazing ^^
i like the way the color 4 the water is ^^
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I'M ON A BOAT! It's a big blue watery road.

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what did you use to create this?
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a template and the Photoshop paint bucket tool... yeeeah.
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i love the touch of yellow!
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