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sighs abound
To touch is to love, to love is to live
Is this, perchance, where my dilemma lies?
If one cannot touch, one cannot love
And if one cannot love, one cannot truly live
That emptiness that ravages my soul
The bleakness that rends all my happiness
The overbearing sense of lack and loss
Is it this flaw of mine that is to blame?
It's not as though I'm neglected
For I'm surrounded by affection day in and day out
And yet, despite this sea of platonic and familial love
I freeze up, flinch, at the slightest touch
Could it be that this single problem is the cause
Of so many others that afflict my life
Maybe it is...
Maybe it isn't...
Maybe nobody gives a damn...
:iconwavesofchaos:WavesofChaos 1 39
The Oracle
I walk along the edge of the road in silence
None walks alongside me, for I am alone
No family, no friends, no loved ones
To share my lonely path or heavy burden
Oh, how I love the open road
The wind making my hair billow behind me
The sun warming my face with its gentle light
The coolness of the rain after a long drought
And the stout earth standing firm beneath my feet
Here, none shall hate or fear me
Because of that which I can see
Death, destruction, turmoil
All these things I have seen in my dreams
Some call me a prophet
Others call me a monster
I've been told all oracles experience such
But is that supposed to make the trials easier?
Time and time again, my trust has been broken
By one who would use my "gift" for themselves
My mother killed herself
And my father threw me out soon after
Neither could bear to live with one such as me
And so do I march ever forward
For I have nowhere to go back to
My dreams show me people, places, events
I know my destiny awaits somewhere
Fate le
:iconwavesofchaos:WavesofChaos 3 15
Of Ice and Fire
Snow crunches underfoot as I weave through the alleyways. Snow is falling lightly from above-it's winter, and the holiday season if I remember correctly. People will be out and about this day, despite the weather, so I will have to be even more cautious than normal not to be seen.
My quarry has passed through here, not more than an hour ago. The scent of burning stone still lingers on the air. To my nose, it is completely separate from the stench of cigarettes and the small fires the homeless have lit using paper waste for the purpose of keeping warm. None of the shady-looking thugs I pass can tell the difference, but they have mere mortal senses. I have more than that.
I exit through an alley onto the street. Before me looms, of all buildings, a church. Sick irony, my target taking shelter in a structure meant to embody holiness. I am always edgy in crowds of people, but I must find the fiend, so I continue forth through the doors of the religious sanctuary.
A gathering has apparently
:iconwavesofchaos:WavesofChaos 3 39
I am silence.
I am invisibility.
I am precision.
I am gracefulness.
Quiet is the forest in the morning, the sun still concealed beyond the ever-distant horizon. The morning mists blanket the land, and the monotonous veil makes the green of the trees and shrubs more vivid than any other time of the day. Dew covers the grass, the bushes, the vines, and the trees, and the individual droplets twinkle ever so slightly in the half-light before the dawn.
A twig snaps.
A doe. She walks with the grace of an animal that knows these forest paths by heart. The fog does not bother her-what her eyes cannot see, her ears will hear, or her nose will smell. Caution guides her step, for many are those in the woods that would prey upon her, and it is not just herself she must watch out for this day. Her fawn trots behind her in playful innocence and the endless bliss of youth. How is he to know, just days into life, that the great gray wolf and the might brown bear and the eternally wrathful wolverine al
:iconwavesofchaos:WavesofChaos 3 15
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is blaspheming your childhood
United States
Current Residence: illinois
Favourite genre of music: rock/alternative, but i'll listen to most genres :3
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Favourite cartoon character: why do i need just one?
Personal Quote: "just do what you can, when you can, how you can."
Hello all,

Been a while, huh? I realize that I owe all of my friends an enormous apology for suddenly dropping off the face of the Earth without warning a few months back. I'm alright, and no one's died or anything. Not literally, anyways. Symbollically... well, I'll get to that.
I... have no actually been gone from dA--I have a second account here. Assuming the fact that I HAVE been on this site but have simply been neglecting this account does earn me the eternal scorn of any of my friends reading this, I'll proceed with the explanation for me behavior or lack thereof.
As only one of my dA friends was informed of before my "disappearance", I have spent the last few years fighting through an identity crisis. I started a while ago, in 8th grade, but I didn't really notice it until I was in high school. It peaked during my sophomore and junior years of high school, and has now ended. But unfortunately, because of the outcome of this identity crisis, I'm now having to do some damage control, which is hopefully what this journal will accomplish for better or worse.
WavesofChaos is dead. He'd been dying from the inside out for years, but now he is no more. By time I snapped and shut myself out of this account, he'd become nothing more than a shell, a disguise for me to hide my true self behind. I am a different person now than I was when some of you first met me. It's not so much that I've changed as I've been forced to confront who and what I am, and I've had to reluctantly accept this. I have lied to some of you. Not by uttering untruths, but by clinging to that which was no longer true and allowing you to continue believing htat it still was.
My own inability to reconcile the person people knew me as with the person I had to accept that I was led to a lot of anxiety that I had to struggle with. I became depressed and my usual moderate self-loathing escalated into full of self-hatred. I despised this new me--the TRUE me--just as I was sure many of my friends and family would despise me. But I can no longer keep up the facade; I'm sick of lying. I can't do it anymore. I cannot bring myself to fully return to this account, because using this fake persona of mine makes me feel ill and suffocating. But I have friends here, friends that despite having never met face-to-face, I care about, and I couldn't go any longer leaving these friends hanging.
I... am not really comfortable proclaiming here what realization it was I made about myself. And I don't want to link to my new account either. Those of you who don't hate me by this point in my little rant and will actually respond to this, please Note me; I'll discuss no more in public than what will be contained in this journal. If you have no concerns with who I am, I would love to reconnect with you over my new account. If, though, you are disgusted with the new me for whatever personal reasons you may possess, I will understand, though I will be sorry. Any of you who chose not to maintain contact with me: I will miss you. I hope it doesn't come to that though, I really do...

     Au revoir for now, my little Chickadees :meow:


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jo-shadow Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Student Artist
Thanks for adding [link] to your collection =)
Meiyoukat Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, dear friend <3

just wanting to let you know i have missed you! Hope your doing well? That High School hasnt killed you yet? Lol, i know it drove me to no end whilst i lived in its evil, oppressive shadow V.v
WavesofChaos Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
hi Meiyou... i'm sorry i didn't reply to this for so long. i haven't really been using this account... i don't know if you saw my journal or not, but i've kinda gone through a bad period for a while now. it doesn't explain much, but i think my journal was a little clearer than i'm being now... i'm wiped from school today, so sorry i don't have the energy to explain further ^^;
Meiyoukat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry about it <3 i just barely came back to DA after ignoring it for a while... >.> so I have been away too. You don't have to worry about explaining anything to me either. Just let me know if and when you want to <3 just glad to talk to you again!
Sketchy-McFly Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
!!! I know why you wanted a purple shirt now!

I'm going to go buy one just for the occasion. :>
Sketchy-McFly Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
<3 come back online.
Fenikkitsune Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
BELOVED WATCHER NOTICE: This account has moved to ~Yohnnilee!

If you'd like to continue watching me please +deviantWATCH me there! Thanks!!! :blowkiss:
blackdragonfire63 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
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Fenikkitsune Featured By Owner May 28, 2010
:poke: PSSST... what are these :llama: for? Do you know??
WavesofChaos Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010
they were introduced on April Fool's, and i personally thought that they were a joke for the day :o but it seems they aren't. any time you give someone a Llama Badge, it gets added to their collection of Llama Badges, and eventually their Llama status gets upgraded to classes like Albino Llama, Super Llama, and Ninja Llama.
as for the point, i don't actually know XD
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