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[ROTG]Father and daughter(novel VER.)

Poor Pitch ;_;
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Beautiful work, great style and nicely done! Looks awesome!
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Is the title of the novel the same as the title in the movie? If not, can you tell what it is?
Stannis and Shireen :D 
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Wow. This is simply beautiful. Your style really fits this piece. Just looking at this gallery breathes with the very essence of your imagination. You're a magnificent artist. Keep up the great work. =D
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the fourth book was really heartbreaking for both father and daughter
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i heard that pitch's daughter is courage. and he is fear. is that true?
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truly beautiful! i love your style and how easily you can see the family resemblance!
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I feel bad for Pitch. I onder how he lost his own daughter. So sad it makes me nt to cry.
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i think Pitch's daughter (or maybe an imitation of her) should've been included in the movie to add even more to his character >< i love the sketchy feel to this it kind of makes it feel like a wistful memory
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if he's the personification of fear, then she must be the personification of courage!!
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No words can describe how sad this is.
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This is lovely! Your drawing style is just so unique. :)
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Damn I've really got to read the novel...
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Ahhhhh you just pushed me near tearing up! Goddammit why does it have to be Pitch WHY CAN'T IT BE SOMEONE ELSE WHO GUARDS THE NIGHTMARES!
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Omg, it's so beautiful, I am just in awe <3
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I so wish to read the books to know about his daughter and see him with a familyyy
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Agh, that poor mournful face of his...
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