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Kiss in Eyrie

when Petyr made the snow castle for Alayne.<A Storm of Swords>
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I love all your work so much.
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Hahaha just thought dafuq why is Petyr kissing Lyanna. Then realising I forgot about Sansa dyeing her hair XD
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I only can say..... I'm in love with this drawing!Nosebleed PervyMik 
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ew. I seriously gagged with this happened in the show, and I was expecting it and everything. I really don't understand the ship it seems too pedo (Not to say thats new to Song of Ice and Fire) I mean I love Sandor and Sansa, but seriously Petyr creeps me out and in no way has good plans for Sansa. I thought Petyr was written for people to hate him and be creeped out by his intentions with Sansa not for making them their OTP. Not trying to attack you or your pairing but what do you see with him?      
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I kinda liked that scene :) it gives depth to Petyr's character. No character in ASOIAF is written to be purely likable or purely evil (well except maybe Joffrey ...), that's what makes it a great fantasy series
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Alayne Stone with the proper darker hair, great work!! Please do more song of ice and fire fan arts
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Hah! I saw the title and thought "Somebody's read the books!" XD
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same here same here :D
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My favourite scene *__________* You are the best! Amazing draw-style!
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The best fanart of this scene ever. :heart: Please, do more! I love your ASOIAF art.
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Perfect! That's my favourite scene in all Martin's books.
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awesome job, but this ship always makes me throw up a little in my mouth
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I love their ship! This is amazing :love:
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Amazing illustration, when I read the book I was wondering how this scene would be visually, and you did it brilhantly! (Forgive my poor english...)
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Damn, now I want to ship this. Amazing drawing :love:
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Come on! This couple is very fascinating :D
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True! I really liked this scene and all of these moments between the two, but I just started seriously shipping them :meow:
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Come to the dark side) We have much joy for our souls! As for me, my heart is beating hard as hell when I see them together =З
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Littlefinger is one creepy man...
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I think this is one of his charms XD
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