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[GOT - S4]New costumes[petyr/sansa]

Happy Valentine's Day :D
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I love the way you make him, I much prefer it! Like a sly cat, his actor is good but your depiction is much closer to what I pictured in my mind. Great work! :)
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Excellent piece,
I sorta feel gulity for shipping these 2.
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This piece is so fantastic! Great work, thanks for sharing!
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ahcahsdawguv awesome! Love your style!
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 every time you draw these two I fall in love with them!  Happy Valentine's Day indeed! 
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I like the style :D
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That awkward moment when I enjoy art of a couple I don't ship at all. Feels very naughty.
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I totally don't mind Sansa and Petyr in the books but then I'm clearly the minority. Regardless, this is beautiful.
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Oh god these are gorgeous!
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Wonderful art! I almost feel like being Sansa xX
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Baelish and Sansa? She deserves such a foul man.
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OMG, you're so evil. Petyr/Sansa for Valentine's Day?

...I must confess I almost ship them in the books, but in the TV series, just noooooooooooo

Your art is absolutely lovely, always. :D
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awesome art!! it looks amazing
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Happy Valentine's day!
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Happy Valentine's Day!!! And lovely work! :)
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