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[ASOIAF]seven deadly sins

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I think Tywin is pride, not Jaime. Jaime always came off as the least Lannister-like of the Lannisters. He obsesses about making the Lannister name seem good, feeds his ego constantly, and to top it all off he dies at the hands of the man who hurt his pride the most, in the most undignified position. Lysa likewise is killed by someone who's turn to evil was started by jealousy over the woman he was never able to have
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here watch this video on Tywin Lannister and judge for yourself.…
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How is Arya's anger at the people she wants to kill a sin? Those people on her list are rapists and child murderers.
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Yeah, she wants to kill everyone who's wronged her family brutally and take their faces as trophies, how is that related to... Oh wait...

Seriously though, vengeance is still an act of wrath, it just has a purpose.
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Isn't it a little unfair to put Sweet Robin as sloth. He is sick after all. hmm 
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I'd really like it if you did a companion piece for the Seven Noble Virtues: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Patience, Diligence, Kindness, and Humility.
Purely awesome!
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This is amazing, such a great concept! 
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amazing art!!!
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cercei is in the wrong category lol
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I would have put cersei in wrath and theon greyjoy for lust personally, but this is still pretty awesome
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This is awesome!!
Just one question. Why do you portray Cersei as Lust? She doesn't have sex with all those guys because she wants to...
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Her Lust for power!
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Why do you say that?  Jamie started off concentual, Robert started off concentual, Lancel couldn't have been anything but concentual.  Only one man had blackmailed her into sex as far as I know.
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Having concentual sex doesn't make you lustful. If it did, everyone would represent Lust. 
What I meant with my comment is, she isn't promiscuous because she loves sex, she uses it as a tool to obtain something else. The exception would be Jaime, they have sex because they love each other.
I think Tyrion would be a better representation of Lust. The guy spent most of his life trying to fill his emotional hole with whores and wine. But that's just my opinion.
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Good point.  Cersei didn't stay faithful to Jamie, but Tyrion is a much better example of Lust.
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Very lovely, I love the light pastel colors

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Love how you made them all look some what demonic. Really cool 
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This is fantastic work!, I can see Arya as Wrath, but to me Ramsay suits that role best. Pride could also be used to symbolize Theon or Daario Naharis.
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nah…ramsay is a psychopath but arya is the embodiment of true wrath…anger at the world and herself for not being able to save her family. the only way she can truly express herself is to kill. this is reflected in her dire wolf nymeria who is killing and feeding on everything in the riverlands.
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lol! it's true!! it's all true!! XD
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Obviously amazing and amazingly obvious at the same time! Very good and clever job.
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