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Good Luck Iceland! ~Download in description~

By Waveripple
FINISHED! FINIIIIIIIIIIISHED!!! :D This took a month to do, but it's done! =D
Ok, Summary: Today is the day! The Day Iceland finally asks Liechtenstein out on a date! If his family and friends and Switzerland don't get in the way first.

Just an FYI, this game is short. My beta tester finished it in under and hour (all 6 endings....)

Download here~… (Hopefully this works, if you're having problems, tell me, this is my first time loading something to media fire.)
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Whoa!!! I love this game~~~
And the game over... I. got. shot. = =

Just curious, what kind of program you use to make this game?
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It's ok, My friends kill him...alot. They got a sadist joy out of it....~.~" 
And thankies! :hug:

And the engire is call "renpy" it pretty simple (not that I've anything to compare it too)

Here's the site, if you want to look more in to it. :)
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Yes! Thank you for the link ^^
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No problem~ :3 If you make something amazing, let me know!  ;3
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Of course~ But I'm kind of busy right now with another project so maybe it will take time for me to download and use that program.
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Ha-ha! I understand! XD 
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Well, this seems fun
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I hoped it mores than seems. :)
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I like how many endings there are and each of them is different! However, you should work harder on dialogues and drawings (background ones are nice, even cute, but characters have too long necks imo).
Was it your first self-made game?
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T'was. :) May I ask how I can improve my dialog? Input is helpful~
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alright than, I'll try it~
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I hope you like (liked?) it! =D
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yes :squee:
poor Iceland :XD:
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Did you get a bad ending the first time? ;3
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