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-Female Age Progression Transformation-


April studied her succulent new body as she pondered the idea of all the men, or women–it didn’t matter to her, in her area indulging in the view of her shapely and perfect self. Arrogantly, she thought of herself as above any normal woman, and why wouldn’t she? She was now sporting one of the hottest bodies she’d ever laid eyes on; surely not many other women could compare.

“Oh yeah…I can get whatever I want with this body.”

Suddenly a knock on the front door snapped April back to reality. “Oh, shit! I’m supposed to watch my niece for the weekend. No, no, no!”

She scrambled to find some clothes that would more properly fit her, but her new body was simply too grand to be contained by her old, cheap attire. The size of her assets wasn’t helping much either. Eventually she managed to squeeze herself into her pajamas; they had been fairly baggy on her old body, but now they were a rather snug fit.

As she began to head towards the door she caught herself in the mirror and once again was enamored by her own appearance. Shit, she thought, I am too good looking, heh hahaha! Her body’s splendor was barely contained by even her ugly pajamas. For sure she needed to go clothes shopping, these unworthy garments just wouldn’t do.

Straightening her hair a bit, she turned back towards the door and finally cracked it open. It was her sister Joyce with her ten-year-old niece Hannah peeking out from behind her. Hannah was always a nervous girl, but always adored April. No surprise that she was a little nervous, probably not recognizing April as she looked now. April was nothing but a stranger to her at first glance.

“Oh, uh… is April here? Are you a friend?” Joyce asked as she tried peering in through the cracked-open door in the hopes of spotting April.

April thought up a quick cover story on the spot. “Friend…? Oh yes, right! Yeah, I’m a friend of Aprils’. She mentioned you’d be bringing over little… Hannah, was it? Heh, but yeah. She is out running an errand, not sure when she’ll be back, but I can certainly keep an eye on Hannah for a bit.”

After a little chatting and convincing, Joyce left Hannah to the new and improved April, unaware of her sister’s transformation. April slouched against the door and sighed in relief. Jeez, that was a close one. It was going to be rough trying to figure out how to explain her new appearance to everyone, but now wasn’t the time.

Hannah stood timidly in front of April, staring up with concern at her. “W-where’s April?” Her voice cracked; the poor shy thing.

April leaned down and smiled widely at the child and reassured her, “Don’t worry Hannah, it’ll be fine.” She gestured for her niece to come closer and she bashfully obliged. “You want to know a secret? I’m April, and through magic I turned into this pretty lady.”

Maybe it was the fact that April’s voice still sounded the same and her niece caught on to it, but Hannah’s face lit up as she realized it was April standing before her.

“April!” Hannah screamed in excitement as she hugged the buxom waist of her aunt.

A few reassuring chuckles later April said, “Now listen Hannah. For now you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT tell anyone that I look like this, okay? Your aunt needs to figure something’s out first, understand?” Her nieces face went childishly serious and nodded, much like any child determined to please their favorite relative.

“Good girl. Now I gotta’ clean up a bit. Why don’t you watch some TV?”

As April vanished to her room to change into something more comfortable little Hannah walked over to the couch and kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her pants. Her usual ritual while watching TV was that she liked sitting in the middle of the couch and wrapping a warm blanket around herself, nice and cozy. Tonight was no different.

Except she was missing her juice. “April! I want juice! I’m thirsty! April?”

Hannah was already so cozy in her spot that she didn’t really want to leave and grab a glass herself. She pouted for a few moments until she noticed a drink sitting next to her on a stand. It was in a perspiring can and it still felt cold to the touch. The top of the can had already been cracked open, and the fumes of it wafted out and teased Hannah’s senses.

I wonder what this stuff is?

It was an interesting smell, and out of curiosity, she took a sip, and then instantly reeled a little bit. That was strong stuff.

After waiting for the taste to wash out of her mouth with some saliva, her thirstiness made her take another sip. It wasn’t that bad on second try, she thought. She drank some again, an odd light-headed feeling going through her. It seemed to get easier to swallow the more she drunk.

Once she was about halfway through the can, a sudden wave of heat rushed through her body and she keeled forward in surprise and pain. “Ahn, uhmmmmm, hyah!” she cried as her body burned up and her mind went wild from the strange euphoric sensations pummeling her body.

Hearing the sudden scream of her niece, April rushed to the living room in a panic. When she saw the beer can on the floor and her niece writhing in a manner similar to how she had earlier, she knew she’d screwed up. “Oh no, no, no, Hannah! You drank it?! Oh shit…”

While she could only stand there in shock and shame at her mistake, there was admittedly a twinge of fascination rooting itself in her mind as well. Fascination over what her niece might become.

“Aghn, A-April! Hyah!” Hannah cried out in a strained voice. April knew the glorious feelings of this change all too well. She could only imagine how conflicting it must have felt for a child.

As April looked on in awe, she saw her niece’s body shooting up in size. Hannah tossed and turned against the seat of the couch as the bones of her body popped and lengthened. Her limbs snapped and extended out longer and longer, her torso lengthening and arching the more it grew.

The blanket wrapped around Hannah fell to the ground revealing the sight of what appeared now to be a girl in her late teens, dressed in clothing far too small for her, clinging to a sensual, shapely body. Hannah’s breasts shook and inflated, jiggling like jello beneath her top as they grew. They pulled at her shirt as they grew, higher and higher up on her body, exposing her flexing stomach. It looked ready to tear at any moment.

Hannah’s thoughts were beginning to change as well. Not only was her body aging, but her mind as well; her feelings matured and warped into those of someone twice her age and she became privy to what was happening to her, what she saw as a gift being bestowed on her body. Soon her voice deepened and sped through puberty.

“Ohn, oh yes. Oh… I’m, growing up… hyah! Beautiful. Like mom, like April. Oh!”

April shut her ears and tried to block out the sounds of her changing niece. What have I done? She wanted to ignore it all; the pathetic thoughts swirling inside her that this was turning her on, that seeing her niece change like this was erotic. I’m sick. Somebody, anybody, help…

Then it happened, the sound of tearing clothes filled the air as Hannah’s breasts burst through their cloth prison and sagged down in glorious splendor.

Her skin was shining brilliantly in the light of the room, her complexion reaching perfection as her face chiseled and reformed into a more picturesque form. Yet her cuteness seemed to stick around, her eyes big and wide, and her mouth still small, just with plumper lips. Her blonde hair grew long and elegant, becoming the warmest shade of yellow April had ever seen.

Hannah’s face contorted in total bliss as she screamed out for more and thrashed about on the couch. Her thighs bloated outward with her hips, her ass shaking and packing on extra meat. Legs bouncing wildly through the changes she leaned back, moaning in delight. As she shot up a few more inches in height her voice once again deepened, finally reaching womanhood with a long sultry, gasping, “YES!”

April’s hands had fallen from her ears by this point. She was hypnotized by the blossoming beauty in front of her. She couldn’t look away. My god… she’s so gorgeous, so full. Her ass… is it bigger than mine?

“Oh April!” Hannah screamed out, hoping that she’d become as beautiful as her favorite aunt. “Oh April, ahn yes! This body. Oh god, it’s so good!”

Her panties were now stretched to their limit, unable to hold onto this bombshell of a woman any longer. They snapped just as the final changes took hold. Her ass shook, cheeks slamming together tight as her hips cracked and widened enormously. Her ass ballooned outward just as fast, pushing Hannah’s posture forward a bit. She wrapped her arms around her trim waist and moaned in agonized pleasure. As her bones, tendons and muscles reknitted themselves to finish her transformation off, Hannah felt a wave rush through her entire body. Piercing energy prickled every inch of her skin.

Yes! This is it! Hannah realized with her new mature mind. This is the release I’ve been waiting for, yes, yes!

Everything was so clear to her now. She had become a beyond gorgeous adult woman with a body that could get her anywhere, get her anything she desired. Her arrogance swelled just as April’s had, and her libido had cranked to 11.

She cried out in victory as she gritted her teeth and her knees quaked. Yes… I am complete.

Blushing in the corner was April. She couldn’t believe what her niece had become, but she couldn’t deny it either... she was damn hot.

Why was she thinking such things!? She’s my niece! S-something is wrong with that beer, uhn… no, no, I… I want to feel her body, that round perfect ass…

As April struggled with her inhibitions, Hannah quickly warmed up to hers, totally fine with her raging libido. She turned towards April and smiled, her big blue eyes trying their best to win April’s heart in an instant. She could tell her aunt was struggling with her feelings.

Hannah stood up and strutted over to her, her massive hips waving side to side almost in slow motion, her ass giving a small hop with every step. “You now, Aunt April, I’ve always adored you. And loved you of course, but now… all I can think of is you!”

“N-no…” April muttered in protest. The sight of this goddess strolling towards her was too much.

Hannah touched her hand to her aunt’s cheek and bent down, making no mystery of the sheer size of her bountiful tits. They had to be hanging at least two feet down from her body!

“You really did make the right choice in beer. Hee hee.” Hannah’s mouth crept closer to her trembling aunts’. “We shouldn’t fight these feelings. Not when it feels this good.”

The moment Hannah’s lips met April’s, it was over. The two women made out passionately, feeling every inch of the others’ flawless bodies. They both melted away in the moment and didn’t even notice how they ended up in the bedroom. So began a night of ardent love-making.

They had changed for the better. Their bodies, their passion, their moment in the bedroom, all were proof of it.

“What do we do now Aunt April?” Hannah asked while spooning with her after a wild night.

“What do you mean?” April replied, genuinely confused. “We set out with our new lives. The world is our oyster, and with these bodies we can indulge in any luxury we wish.”

Both girls laughed in delight. These two confident enchantresses were about to take the world by storm.

And they did, their spell was so captivating. They played their cards right and eventually became rich beyond their wildest dreams, pampered by their new wealthy husbands whom they both eventually divorced. After inheriting their fortunes they moved in together. Two modern-day queens living in luxury most could only dream of.

As they both looked down from their villa, sipping from a glass of Castello di Ama, Hannah asked, “April honey? What do we do now? We’ve already reached such heights.” April always had the best plans.

Her aunt’s mouth curled delicately; and she replied, “Don’t worry Hannah dear. I always think of something.” She then turned her head to the ocean sprawling from their luxurious dwelling and raised her wine glass to the air.

“To a Better Us.”

In this Tasty sequel to "To A Better You", April's niece is dumped on her shortly after her transformation. Both of their lives are forever changes once little niece Hannah takes a drink from the beer that changed April only moments before.


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xmarilix Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017
I'm sure they had a great time together   n///n 
waverCD Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017
Oh, I'm sure they definitely did =P
AgeGrowthFictions Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
I just read your uncensored version.
As a big fan of female age progression from girl (before puberty) to woman, I really love your story.
The growth, the clothes ripping of hannah's body as she grows, ending completely bare is really cool! The climax of pleasure that she goes through at the end of her transformation in the uncensored version is just excellent!

The only thing strange is that hannah doesn’t seems to have any pants or anything as only her shirt and panties get destroyed by her growing body.

Nevertheless, one of the best (and hottest) age progression sequence I ever read. I hope to read more of those from you one day. ;)
waverCD Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2017
Thanks for the praise, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Yeah that story in particular, as well as the story that comes before it, seem to be some of my most popular. I really enjoyed writing Hannah's growth spurt and the mental shifts that came along with her "growing up" heh heh. I have another story with a rather intense ap in it of a rather young girl (not quite as young as Hannah). It's one of my older ones "role reversal" check it out if ya can :). It has some age regression as well.

and oh! Thanks for pointing that out about the pants, I'll have to take a look. Truthfully I must have missed it way back when first editing it and since I haven't gone back and read it in quite a while, hadn't noticed it. I can through in a quick line or two that can likely remedy that. :)

And hey if you are a fan of those types of aps, (really young into adults) I do have an eventual story of that coming in the future involving a young girl age progressing into an adult and eventually into a goddess, heh. So look forward to that :) hope you find stuff to enjoy in my other stories as well.

thanks again for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it so much.
AgeGrowthFictions Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Thanks to you ^^, I just read role reversal and the ap is great too!

I'll be waiting for your future AP story then ;). I wish you all the best for your future project :).
msflurker Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2016  Student General Artist
(Note: review based off uncensored version.)
I've been wondering when you would do an AP TF.
Not like it's a particularly bad problem.  Like most of your stories, this one has a really simplistic plot.  This one in particular has a few unanswered questions.  However, this just lets the reader be focused on the main portion of the story.
Where your writing really shines is the description of the moment.  Your use of language is spectacular, and makes the reader go along for the ride with Hannah.  The images formed are lucid using that.
waverCD Featured By Owner Edited Sep 15, 2016
Yeah this one has a lot of questions to go along with it for sure, but I planned on this just being a very quick simple story so just tried to make it work regardless, heh. What the beer "is" and how it works I didn't really deem important for what I was focusing on with this quickie. And for how the families reacted, did/or did not find out about the niece and aunt, and how the two jumpstarted their new lives I just left up to the reader's own imagination.

I have been getting a little bit more narrative focused with some of my recent stories, though it usually just depends on how adventurous I'm feeling with whatever I'm writing and whether or not my idea for a scenario spins some sort of engaging/flowing narrative to go along with the tf. Sometimes I just wanna whip out a tf story simply focused on the TF itself, like in this story's case. Other times I'll feel like telling a story with the tf, like in the case of Wolf Stench or my Dark Caress series. At the very least I hope I at least make the stories and characters breathe just enough that they are not total bores, regardless of how much complexity or not I put into the plot.

Also thanks for the review and compliments, I do appreciate. Glad you enjoy my use of language. :)
msflurker Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student General Artist
I wasn't being too critical on that.  I was saying it simply made the transformation portion all the more important to get right.

You're welcome.
waverCD Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016
Oh its cool, I know you weren't. I just sometimes like rattling off my thought process/reasoning when people bring up certain elements of my writing. :)

Oh and if you like AP I actually have done one before this story, though its one of my older stories (less finesse on the writing). The story is "Role Reversal". It has an AP and AR. I also have minor Ap paly out in my stories "Lunar Possession" and "A Wish for Wings".
Darkest-Fantasy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016
Not bad, not bad. Looks like the niece got the better body out of the beer. Wonder what the mom thinks about her daughter and sister hooking up :P
waverCD Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016
I suppose that's for the reader to decide. >_<

I mean its quite likely they simply ran off to new lives and no one knew what had happened to them. At least that's how I like to think it progressed. They do clearly look different than their old selves so no one would even suspect, heh heh.
Darkest-Fantasy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016
Heh, yeah, that's true. Hannah and her mom didn't even recognize April when she answered the door there. She probably thinks they got kidnapped or something.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
I wonder what next next Sequel story going to be? :)
Anthony22FP Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
A nice simple sequel. Turned out much better than what I imagine it would be. The inspiration must've really hit you when it came to this story.
waverCD Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Glad you liked it and yeah, everything just clicked while writing it.
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