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-Sorceress Transformation (Dragon's Crown)-

Petra was a young woman from a town west of the Old Capital in the land of Ludvik.  It was a dangerous stretch of world, filled with dragons and foul beasts of every kind, as well as sinister consorts who only sought to pillage and control those around them.  One such group of bandits had set their sights on Petra’s town with plans to seize it as their own.  Many died in the attack, family and friends, Petra only escaping due to the courage of others in the town.  

She intended to avenge them so she struck out towards a specific location near the city of Canaan with an idea in mind.

Petra was somewhat small and lithe, a pretty average looking woman.  She wore a black, with thin white lined patterns, corset-esque attire with matching detached sleeves.  The corset had an orange sash wrapped around it at the waist as well as some cloth material that pulled over and up to the top of her breasts revealing only the top of her cleavage.  Both the corset and sleeves were topped with decorative white frills.  She also had a purple form fitting closed dress around her legs that ran all the way down to her feet where she wore small boots that started under the ankles and curved upwards a small bit at the end of the toes. Petra had brown hair and eyes and a worn look to her face.  It was the face of a hard worker toiling away late nights with little sleep.  She worked hard for her town and it pained her to see it come to this state.  She knew exactly how to bring revenge upon those responsible.

Petra recalled a story she had heard from a witch named Morgan whom ran a magic shop in Canaan. She made mention of a solitary stone structure in a graveyard not too far from Petra’s own town.  Petra didn’t explore much beyond the comforts of her home outside of when she traveled to major towns and trading posts, so she was always intrigued by stories of places she’d never been.  Morgan said that in this structure incased under a stone slab was a personal item of a long dead witch and a powerful one at that.  The item was said to contain the entire dead witch’s magic, still alive within the item waiting for anyone foolish enough to claim it for their own means.  Morgan stated that this was always thought to be just a rumor by most; however she insisted it to be real and was well known by folks who practiced in magic in this region. They all simply found it too risky a power to claim, unsure of what the price may be in obtaining such power. Petra didn’t care about any of that though, she knew what she had to do…claim that magic for herself and bring hell to the filth that attacked her town.

Petra traveled cumbersomely for half a day across sprawling lush green hills.  The lands between her home and Canaan were truly a sight to behold; however Petra had little desire to gaze upon the beautiful knolls.  Her eyes remained focused and glaring forward, awaiting the sight of the graveyard she was looking for.

Then she saw it, a tall pointed stone structure off in the distance atop a hill with a few small stone lumps lining the ground around it that Petra determined to be gravestones.

As she approached closer to the landmark her suspicions were confirmed.  It was indeed a graveyard and a rather large one at that, dotting several hills near the stone shrine.  She wondered who exactly was buried here in this land so out of place from any major town. There were so many graves that it felt almost like a dumping ground to her.  

Petra quickly shook free the unnecessary thoughts and turned towards the shrine stumbling for a moment over a very large thick branch on the ground.  She payed little notice and continued on.  

The structure was around 20 feet tall and made from a green slightly mossy colored rock with a small opening in the middle the height of a common door, each side of the curving arch opening propped by large rectangular blocks.  A large stone slab made the roof of the shrine and was topped with 4 cylinder shaped pieces of rock laid one on top of the other, the ones on top each smaller than those they were stacked upon.  The odd colors of the stones gave a feint green glow to the structure.  Petra could see a small altar inside the construct and she immediately head for it.

Once inside the shrine and in front of the altar Petra’s eyes went wide with vehemence as she gazed upon what she sought.  It was a witch’s cap hovering thumbs height above the top of the altar.  

“This is it; this has to be the possession Morgan mentioned.  Do I put it on? Petra pondered aloud.  Her eyes scanned the stone table to see if any clues or tricks presented themselves before trying to make a grab at the hat which was flickering with a green silhouette.

That’s when Petra noticed a carving on the upper right side of the altar that read-

To those who seek my power, the coven thanks you for its continued lineage.

Petra scoffed at the writing and said, “Thanks huh?  I’ll be putting your power to a better use than you ever did you corrupt witch.” Petra had come too far to back down now, she was consumed by revenge and this would provide the strength she needed to exact it.

Petra grabbed the witch hat quickly from its hovering position with clutched breath, unsure of what might happen.  A few moments passed and nothing.  She stared with favor towards the cap, her eyes admiring every detail of it.  It was a very large black witch hat, its rim reaching out almost a foot from its center.  The pointed top slouched downwards a bit and had tightly wrapped purple laces crookedly traveling up the top of the hat.

“It is striking.” Petra gushed internally.  “Do…do I put it on, how do I?”  Going with her initial thoughts, Petra lifted the hat above her and lowered it snuggly onto her head.  It was just a bit wider than her head so the hat fell a bit over her eyes where she couldn’t see.  

“Darn it! It’s too big.” Petra said frustrated over the fact and that nothing was happening and she had no direction.  “Dammit! This is nothing but a joke!  I bet that dead witch is laughing it up from the grave over how gullible I am.”

Suddenly Petra felt a voice seemingly carrying through the wind speak out, “Such an audacious girl.”

“What the, who’s there!?” Petra asked aloud unsure if she truly heard someone or not.  “Must have been the wind.”

Petra started to seep towards a sadden state, feeling as though she’d never be able to avenge her fallen home.  Tears trickled down her face as she mumbled, “I feel so stupid, so useless.”

Petra began to lift up on the witch cap when she noticed that it felt tighter than before.  In fact she couldn’t lift it from her head. She tugged harder and harder, but to no avail.  She quickly began to panic, her sight completely cut off.  She finally managed to lift it a tad above her eyes when she yelled out, “Get off me, you detestable-“

Suddenly the hat slid down once more and locked itself against Petra’s grip.  A surprised yelp escaped Petra’s mouth as she could feel the hat move on its own and continue to do so after covering her eyes.  It felt alive, the material of the hat shifting about above her hair and upper face.  It was moving!

“Wha-whats going on?! Get off! Ugh! Ghhh!!”  Petra panicked tugging at the rim of the hat so furiously that it realistically should have ripped, yet it remained glued to her head.

Petra’s eyes could only see the dark inside of the hat until what looked like a small prick of light off in the distance appeared.  It was stranger considering her eyes were open and she was staring into a dark abyss, but the light was very definite within her view.  It crept closer and closer, growing in size as it did.

“Hyuuh? What is that!?” Petra called out in fright.  A warm heat slowly began to rise in her body and grow more intense as the light began filling up her vision.  It was a brilliant greenish white tint with glistening yellow orbs fragmented around its brilliance.

It had the appearance of pure magical energy; something Petra had seen cast by magic users in the past. Was this the witch’s magic pummeling towards her she thought?  Quickly the light blinded her and the brimming energy penetrated her skull through her eyes.  Her vision was consumed by the light (no pupils could be seen through the whitening of Petra’s wide gaze).

“Auhh, hyaaah!! Hoooaaaoh!” Petra cried out as the overwhelming magical energy surged through her body.

There was no pain yet she was frightened.  It was simply, very overpowering, like an astral form trying to seize her body. Petra stumbled about and eventually knocked into a gravestone nearby.  She leaned her bottom against it as she continued to work at removing the cap from her head.

Unbeknownst to her the sky was darkening above and multiple disturbances in the ground circled around her. Movement from below the lush grass was forcing small mounds to rise form the ground.  Something below was pushing its way free.  

First to be revealed was a skeletal hand digging its way out from the dirt, penetrating the ground towards the surface right below Petra.  Several other hands followed and as more of the skeletal paws rose from the wet earth arms soon followed.  Bone-limbs covered in grime forced their way from the gland and began reaching up towards Petra.  In fact the entire graveyard was racked with the sight of the rising dead.

Petra felt her body burning up without reprieve.  She wasn’t expecting this, expecting this power to be so…rattling.  It shook her to the core in a very unpleasant manner.  It felt as if a sickness had overcome her.  

As she desperately tried to regain her composure a hard grip to her left ankle brought about a yelp.  A boney hand had just grabbed hold of her, and then she quickly felt another; this time on her right ankle.  She couldn’t see what it was but she was certain they were hands as she could feel the grooves of each finger across their grasp of her ankles.  She could also feel that they were wet and slick with some sort of cold muddy substance, though it didn’t seem to slick their grip upon her legs.

“Hyuh? Who’s there?!” Petra said with a cracking voice as she was held firm in her position.  The sounds of shifting dirt and heavy winds crammed her ears.

Petra tried to break free but the vice like hold of her attackers were too strong and she remained rooted to the ground.  The uncomfortable flow of magic through her body continued and as her desperation grew she tried reaching one of her hands down in attempts to free herself only to have it grabbed by another boney hand.  It tugged down on her arm hard bringing her low to one side; this causing her other arm to come within reach for yet another skeleton to snatch.   Petra’s body was at the mercy of the undead. She cried in fear unsure of what this magic burning inside her was doing to her or what these strangers holding her body wanted.

Petra felt as if she could hear voices all around her.  

The skeletons pulled down on her arms, using the limbs as a prop to lift themselves higher out of the ground.  The upper torsos of several undead were now spewing forth from the earth and reaching higher up Petra’s body.  Some of them were tugging at her closed dress.

“N-No! Agh! Eaagh! Leave me alone! Huh, uhnn stop! Let go!”  Petra wailed.

Petra felt hands crawling all around her body, caressing her belly, traveling up her back and wrapping around her hips.  They were feeling every inch of her as she continued to sob, feeling violated. Voices began calling out to her, mumbled words crying out to her.

“The coveeeen” They moaned. “Joooin ussss…let ussss in…”  Pained and wanting voices filled the air around Petra as she thrashed her body, taking little head to what the voices were saying.

“Augh! Guh, hyaahh! P-Please!! Nooo!”  Petra bawled as a few boney hands grabbed hold of her hair and yanked down at it, forcing her to arch backwards awkwardly.

In her mind Petra was weeping, “My god! They’re taking me to hell, that’s it!  They’re taking me to hell with them!”  

However, the witch’s magic had something far more deviously rewarding in store for Petra.

Petra felt her body growing lighter as the tonnage she had earned through years of toiling in her hometown began to fade and she gained a slimmer, lanky physique.  A few of the gaunt decrepit hands were rubbing up and down her arms and legs helping mold the unnecessary muscle away.  She felt hands clasping into her own playing with her fingers. Her thick worker’s hands were gradually returning to a state of smooth femininity.

The presence of rotting skeletons surrounded her as she felt ribs and numerous rough appendages rubbing up against her body.  The risen were hounding her, the voices growing stronger and the odd changes to her body quickening.  Petra felt fear consuming her thoughts, her eyes spinning about in pure blackness of sight. She finally broke down; tears streaming down her cheeks from below the suffocating witch’s hat.

Her cries quickly turned to uneasy moans and pleas to stop once she felt the hands focusing greatly on her tender areas.  Jagged palms clasped her ass cheeks and began to massage and travel across their surface. Suddenly the meat in her ass shook and as tremors began to travel through her butt she felt her cheeks bloating in size.  Extra fat and muscle was straining against the skin and stretching her backside wide. Petra’s mouth flew open in a silent gasp as she felt her cheeks growing within the prying hands.  They were seemingly shaping her.

The cupping of one of her breasts sent a surge of fiendish energy coursing through her.  It was if the deviant acts of these skeletons were egging on the evil magic bewitching her body.  She was going wet and felt awful about it.  How could she let this get to her she thought and she yelled out and cursed the gods and her attackers.  Evil had once again taken hold of her life and she felt defeated.  

“Auhn, nooo…somebody help me!! Hyan, ohh!”  Petra called out as she felt her ass kick as it pushed outward in size yet again.

Her body was reacting with urges that Petra tried her hardest to fight off.  She didn’t want this, she felt violated.  Yet the strange magical energy that had been filling her up with dread was subtly tugging away at the back of her mind, easing her slowly but surely into the depraved rapture of her ordeal.

A potent spark of dark energy pulsated throughout her body in a quick instance unleashing a loud yelp from Petra’s trembling lips.  Intense warmth was penetrating the inside of her breasts as she could feel a fluid building inside, manifesting from nowhere.  It was milk building within her tits and bringing with it some extra heft to her chest.  The undead started groping her mounds and encouraging the changes.  Petra could feel the growing quantity of warm milk bubbling about inside her jugs.  It was unnatural and sensational at the same time for her; the pleasure undeniable.

As Petra began to moan out in confusion she felt her hair tugged back by her skeletal sculptors. Her hair shot out in length flowing downward within the clutch of dragging hands.  As they traveled down the expanse of her hair it seemed to take on a brighter glaze, her strands beginning to shine like a well-groomed coat. After a few more strokes her brown locks gained a slightly orange tint and its length cascaded down to around the tip of her spine where it rested beautifully on her back before starting to bounce with the motions of her thrashing figure.

The magic was growing stronger and the heat in her chest greater.  Her breasts were expanding outward under the violating hands until they became too large to palm.  Her halos popped in size and bulged into small hills on her tits.  

The mounds were proving too big for Petra’s outfit to contain as it began to strain and crease as it desperately tried to hold in her inflating bosom.  Her black corset began tightening on her back and upper sides of her chest and the decorative white material above was pulling down with the rest of the corset, pushed by her now slightly cleavage.  Her tits were now so massive that the top of the corset began to sag greatly under their weight and what part of the outfit used to rest right below her shoulders was now barely clinging to her lower chest.  Her large nipples where peeking a bit behind the white lace border, her breasts looking ready to spill out.  The outfit being pushed down left several sag lines below her massive tits.

“Ahn, oh my, oh my god! My chest! My body! Stop, please, oh my-ahn!”  Petra cried out trying her best to fight of the corrupting pleasure coursing through her that only amplified the evil magic and voices piercing her soul.

Compelling lies from the voices whispered in her ear, “Don’t you feel it? It’s the power you desire…the body you deserve.”

The ethereal voices tapped into Petra’s memories and used her own history against her.  “You’ve toiled so hard for so long, for your village.  This is our blessing to you.” The voices sounded more calming, “You sought us out and we will gladly help you carry out your revenge.”

Petra’s mind fought back, “I-I can’t.  Its evil, you’re monsters! I’m not like you!”

The voices responded, “There is darkness inside all of us Petra, even you.  Remember your revenge, how you felt imagining the slaughter of those heathens by your own hands! They deserve your vengeance and with our power it will come to pass!  It’s so freeing Petra, to live without restraints, the ability to bend those to your will!

Petra couldn’t deny that it felt good to think of acting her own justice upon the scum that destroyed her life.  She pictured herself smiling over their corpses and watching a few hobbled remnants begging in fear.  

But that wasn’t really her, was it?  That wasn’t who she really was at heart.

“I know you can feel it growing, that lust, that liberation,” the voices tone turning more uplifting, “Join us Petra, join our Coven!”  The voices plead as a pair of arms hugged her stomach in a friendly embrace that briefly calmed Petra.

That’s when she felt it again, the shock and horror of what she saw happen to her village; the violence against her friends and family.  The uncontrollable anger she initially felt as she watched her village burn from afar returned to her and she gritted her teeth.  She felt the dark power within her bubbling in response to her hatred.  She also remembered the joyful expressions on the faces of the attackers as they pillaged her town.  

This caused a sudden clash of morals within Petra.  How could monsters enacting such atrocities look so happy, happier then she herself had ever been.  Petra loved her town, no doubt, but she never felt truly fulfilled.  All those years of laboring just to get by and for what, to simply exist.  She was better than that, deserving of that sense of joy; certainly more than those criminals. She was deserving of…of this?

The power melding with her was growing more focused and she felt the true extent of its potency. Petra struggled as she hopelessly began to give in.

“This, this can’t be, gah! It feels good, ahhn!”  Petra moaned as she began to resist less against the hands covering her body and holding her rooted on the hill.  The spirits of the coven knew they had her now.

The embracing arms quickly wrapped around Petra’s mid-section squeezing her tight.  She let out a blissful groan as she felt her tummy and sides compressed and her muscles wriggle about into a more toned slim fit. After a large snap to her sides she bore a tantalizing hourglass figure.  In the same moments her breasts shook and enlarged greatly once more and her upper back broadened a bit.  It was as if all the excess mass from her stomach were pushed upwards on her body adding to her curvaceous figure. The overflow of fat was being forced into her shapely tits which were now dominating the front of her body. 

As she yelled out in ecstasy her breasts spilled out from their top and were now free to be handled bare by the undead hands; except they did no such thing and instead let go of her chest and her arms.  Still held firm by her legs and hips Petra flung her arms up toward her own breasts. Immense amounts of milk sloshed about inside them, every squeeze sending milk spurting out her engorged teats. She was overcome with a raw sense of admiration for her new assets.  She felt so alive; bestowed with unrivaled power and an unrivaled body.

She was still conflicted in her final moments of breakage though.  She knew she could no longer resist; her revenge and a long overdue reward within her grasp.  And yet she knew it was wrong, but oh did it ever feel right.

In her last moment of resistance Petra let out, “N-Noooooo!! Ahhnhnn fuuucck ohhhh….”

“Uhuhn, oh yes.  Give me it all! Give me all your power!” Petra called out to the now unheard voices (gone knowing that their work was done).  She had been accepted by her dead sister witches and she was ready to inherit the coven’s power.  

The Witches cap finally released its grip and shrunk down in size until fitting perfectly atop her head. It was now fit for its new owner.  Her face revealed; it seemed a bit more glamorous now, her skin smoother than ever and a more refined look to her eyes.  It was certainly more befitting for the beauty Petra had become.

She felt the skeletons slowly falling under her command and her new powers coming more under her command.

Her eyes now able to gaze upon her form she held up her nearly head sized draping tits and laughed wildly between fits of moans.  She felt them round out a bit more, enticed by her magical touch. They spilled further over her palms and were now of exaggerated proportions; something you’d see in the painting of a goddess instead of the possessions of an actual human woman.

Perhaps it was her sudden motherly bond with the undead around her that enticed Petra to amplify her maternal goods even more.  Yes, the skeletons of this plot of land were now children in her eyes.  She commanded them and held dominion over the realm of the dead.  

She was conjurer…a sorceress.

As she felt the fingers of her children continue she mewled in acceptance and wished to bare an even more motherly form.  Her magic quickly responded to her call.  Her undead children gripped at her thighs and legs.  

Petra’s mind was going wild and inside she was howling, “Oh yes my minions! Complete me! Ravish me!”

She felt her thighs ripple with extra fat and muscle as they gained a bit more weight.  Her hips snapped out wider as well and Petra swung her stance back and forth in response, enthralled by the changes.  Her dress was starting to hug to her widening legs. Petra bent forward and bounced up and down with her hips. Her stomach’s motions looked like the curves of a wave.  Her whole body was in a rhythmic thrust and her stance shot wide.  

While her legs were still slim they were undeniably larger than Petra’s previous form and her hips were considerably wider, now complimenting her wide ass.  Her lower figure was simply too much for her dress to contain and as she spread her legs in reaction to a rocking climax her dress tore on one side leaving a long slit from the bottom all the way up to the side of her hip.

“Awuaahh ahhh yes!! Yes uhn, fuck! Oh fuck! Hah, ohhh….”  Petra cried out as she felt her power billow out from her body destroying the surrounding undead that had been pleasuring her, turning them to ash and sending a powerful gust of wind traveling across the plains.

Petra fell to her knees still gripping her fleshy globes.  Her lower body spasmed in the wake of her rebirth.

One of her hands grabbed hold of the protruding branch she had tripped over earlier.  Part of her magic seeped into the limb causing it to twist and grow out from the dirt.  It crawled up towards Petra’s swollen melons, journeying between their chasms.  

Petra was pleased by the slithering appendage passing through her breasts and she placed a hand above her cleavage awaiting the tip of the root to meet her hand.  The branch eventually detached itself from the ground and Petra grabbed hold of the lower end.  It stiffened into the shape of a large wooden rod.  The top of the rod broke through the embrace of Petra’s bosom stopping at her hand.  She felt the tip of the rod swell into a large snail shell head.  Petra tantalizingly massaged the tip before pulling slowly up on the rod, letting its texture tickle her between her tits.  

After she yanked the rod from the grip of her giant fleshy fruits another minor quake rocked her body. Her nipples were swollen with excitement; she wondered if her body would ever calm itself down.  

Petra kneeled their groaning and trying to compose her body and mind.  Once calmed down she took a few moments to gather her thoughts.  She had clearly changed in her mind, all doubts erased.  She was instilled with the knowledge and abilities of the many witches that preceded her and felt one with her ancestors of the dark arts.  

Her mind, while tainted by pure selfish desires now, was still Petra at heart; which meant she still had the same thoughts of revenge on her mind.  As she collected herself and barely managed to tuck her massive bosom into her outfit she set off toward her village once more, ready to incite vengeance. Only this Petra would enjoy it, she would relish it like a good lay.  It was going to make her heart sing to see these heathens slaughtered.

This was going to be fun.

She arrived as a hero. Some in the village recognized her and were in awe while others couldn’t be quite sure it was actually Petra. Regardless they were all overjoyed at the quick work she made of the bandits and liberating the town.

She summoned an army of skeleton warriors and undead wild beasts to make quick work of the scum.  She rained fire down upon their heads with a grin. Petra sat back and watched her masterpiece unfold, her heartbeat quickening at the chaotic site.  She was in control, she was all powerful, and for the first time in her life she felt truly alive.  

All the people of the village afterwards treated her like a champion and she adored it.  Petra felt free and above everyone else around her and with her new beauty it was understandable?

After a few weeks of staying in the village Petra quickly grew bored.  She also began to notice some of the scared and unsettling looks villagers were giving her.  They obviously had some qualms about her new demeanor, but what did they know, she thought. They couldn’t comprehend that the Petra they once knew was this haughty sorceress.  She probably stayed around longer than she would have due to the royal treatment she was getting from some folks in town and of course the consistent fucks she was given by several horny men.  

“These poor lustful mutts simply can’t resist my charms. Ha, how adorable.” Petra thought.  

She decided finally that enough was enough and to move on from her old life and this village.  She had so much potential that she was wasting on staying here.

As the promiscuous sorceress began to walk off into the horizon a lone man chased her down and called out for her.

Petra turned and saw it was one of her boy toys.  

With a sigh Petra asked, “Look dear I’m leaving, what you want?”

The man slightly hurt by her coldness replied, “Petra please! Don’t go! You’ve done so much for this town and I’m sure with your power we can help it prosper once more.”

Petra annoyed and with a pouty look on her face replied, “You see how some of them look upon me, I’m no longer wanted outside of men such as yourself.”  Petra stood with one hip pushed to the side and a hand placed upon it looking very unamused.  “And while I enjoy being pampered I simply seek more.  I’m going to travel this land and use my power for whatever I see fit.”

“Well then, well then take me with you!” The man said, bringing a curious look to Petra’s face. “I think you are amazing Petra, and I want to see what you can accomplish, I want to help you do great things!”

Petra giggled, “Great things, heh yes,” she quickly put on a wide smile, “But what exactly do you have to offer me, hm?”

The man panicked and quickly responded, “Anything! I-I’ll do anything! I’m a strong guy, I’m sure I can do some heavy lifting or help you with hunting or, egh-“

Petra went deep into thought before smiling slowly and started scanning the man’s body with her scheming gaze.

“You know dear, I could use a form of transportation and protection.”  Petra began running a finger across the man’s chest.  “Hmm, yes you should do, what with your rippling muscles and loyal heart.”  Petra said as she raised a finger pulsating with light at the tip.

The man simply sat their confused, what did she mean.  That’s when he saw her launch an illuminating beam of magic at him.  His body immediately lit up with fiery energy and every muscle in his body bulged with activity.

“Gah agghh! Naggh whats! What did you-gah!”  The man shrieked in pain as his eyes went wide and his pupils dilated.

Petra laughed and said, “Yes, haha, you’ll make a fine steed.”

Petra than sat back and watched her magic do its work.  The squirming man’s body quickly bugled beyond normal human proportions, chiseled peaks the size of his head forming all across his limbs and back, his chest bursting forth into thick plateaus.  His hands and feet grew in size and puffed into thick stubby padded limbs.  Claws soon burst from his hands and feet, long black pointed claws that would be useful for protecting Petra.  The man’s body contorted and snapped, his form reshaping into a powerful wild beast.  His neck bulged and his two top canines within his mouth sprouted out in length.  

As a dark fur coat began to take shape on her man Petra noticed him eyeing her.  The man pounced on top of Petra.

Petra was greatly amused and said, “Once a horny mutt, always a horny mutt.  Do what you must my dear.”

Petra kept her sight on her new beast and saw the final changes take hold.  The man’s face pushed out into a muzzle and his canines extended out greatly from his mouth as he roared, thickening into large hard tusks.  The final touches cemented on his now feline face he was complete.  A new sabretooth had been born and he belonged only to Petra.

She gently began to scratch behind the ears of her spent pet.  

“Such a good boy.  Yes you’ll do fine.”  Petra praised before mounting the sabretooth.

With her new steed in command she rode off across the plains away from her home.  Benevolent thoughts ran through her mind.  She could do whatever she wished.

She ended up living the next few years as a traveling sorceress for hire.  She didn’t come cheap and was often pampered beyond compare for a common adventurer.  Petra soon struck well with the nobles of the land and gained even more stature.  The world was her oyster and no one was going to stop this woman from having her fill.

One night Petra sat silent on the balcony of a nobleman’s quarters she had been sharing, staring at the witch’s hat that had changed her life.  She had been given such a gift.  Being the newest in a long line of powerful sorceresses she could visualize each of her ancestors within her mind, feeling connected to each of their respective knowledge.  She also had insight into each one of their deaths.  

All were killed by those greedy for the dark power or who wished revenge on acts committed by the coven. Petra wasn’t the only witch in the world; there were several other hats along with several other sorceresses.  This gave Petra an idea.

She wanted it all, every last drop of the covens power for herself.  All the other sorceresses were unworthy of their gifts, thinking small and committing petty feats and crimes.  Petra wanted to change the world with her powers.  That ideal had hardened inside her as she traveled the land as an adventurer these last few years and saw what the world was.  

So she hatched a plan to kill each of her sisters and siphon their powers for herself.  She would become all powerful in doing so; immortal even, she theorized.  Nothing like what happened to her home village would slip by unpunished in her world.  A better world awaited under her rule and as Petra contemplated such a future she raised her head to the night sky and smirked.

In a soft voice she spoke, “All of it will be mine.”

A Tasty Tale of Transformation where a young woman seeking vengeance learns that the great power she seeks comes with a price, or perhaps a reward...

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June 18, 2016
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