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-Soraka Transformation (League of Legends)-

“I’m sorry Sara; we have to let you go.  Budget cuts demand this of us and you are unfortunately one of those we have to part with.  I’m sorry.” The administrator explained. “You’ve done fantastic work here with us and I’m sure it won’t take you long to find another establishment. If you need a reference I can give you my contact information.  Good luck.”

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing and somberly exited the office and eventually the hospital she was just fired from.  Her head slanted down as she walked to her car, Sara pondered over how she would recover from this setback.  Since she was young all Sara ever wanted to do was help people and after finally landing a high level and rewarding nursing position at one of the best hospitals in the state it was over in an instant.

Sara was a bright altruistic young woman dedicated towards helping others, she always had been.  She was a short, very thin and small-chested girl in her early twenties.  She had long dark hair that fell down to her lower back as well as almond colored eyes below oval shaped prescription glasses she wore.  She typically wore tight fitting buttoned t-shirts and jeans and black small heeled clogs on her feet.

For the next few weeks she desperately tried to find a job at another hospital, but she was always told she hadn’t enough cumulative experience.  She was let go rather quickly after landing her job at the hospital so she may as well have not earned her stay at all.  It was dawning on her that she might have to take on a more mundane line of work in the meantime.  Devastated she continued mourning over the possibility of never landing a nursing job again.  

“It isn’t fair! All I want is to help people, to make a difference in people’s lives.  It’s what gives me meaning…and without it I…”  Sara said nearly brought to tears.  

She decided to walk around the park near her house and clear her head on this calming summer night where the stars were shining brilliant in the sky.  Sara’s eyes were naturally drawn to the stars, their vibrancy comforting to her.  She thought of how the stars were always there to guide people during hardships, how people always looked to them for joy and wished upon them.  They certainly affected many lives over the centuries on this planet.  They certainly did more good then she had ever done Sara thought.

Sara paused and stared fondly at the stars for a minute or so deep in thought.  She wondered if her dream could come true if she wished upon the stars. It was silly and she knew it, but such a comforting possibility is what she needed right now.  That’s when a shooting star fired across the night sky. Sara’s heart skipped a beat as she knew this was her chance.  

Sara fixed her sight on the trailing star and softly said, “I wish to heal all those whose lives are at risk. I want to help as many as possible, to give my life towards helping others.  Please help me reach this dream of mine.”

A small tear ran down from Sara’s face as she finished her wish.  A smile then crossed her face; she felt more at ease letting that all out. Now feeling more determined than ever she was ready to head back home when suddenly warmth started to build inside her chest near her heart.  She brought a hand to her chest and felt the warmth breaching her body and heating her hand. Some minor discomfort was welling within Sara.

“Uhn, this heat.  I should get home and lie down.  All this stress must be getting to me.” Sara surmised.

As she began to walk the heat spread out from her heart to other parts of her body, focusing heavily on certain areas such as her lower limbs.  This caused Sara to stumble a bit; heavy breathes releasing from her mouth. A spike of pain shot up Sara’s legs causing a jolted motion in her posture.  Sara’s glasses fell from her face due to her movement.

“Hyagh! Aggh!” Sara let out, taken off guard by the sudden sequence of pain racking her legs.  “Ghhh Owww it hurts! What’s happening?”

Sara’s legs began to rumble at their core, her leg bones rattling with intensity.  She managed to hold her stance as her legs began to shake like a newborn deer.  The warmth now filling her legs increased in intensity and a large pop let loose causing Sara to lose her balance and fall to the ground.  Her heel bones had suddenly jotted outward greatly causing her feet to lengthen beyond the hold of her shoes.  Her clogs strained and eventually tore apart as she fell to the ground.  

“GYaaahhh ohh god!” Sara yelled in pain unaware of just what had happened to her feet.  

She tried propping herself with her elbows as the changes to her legs continued.  The heel bones that had just fired out started to rise upwards, forcing her legs longer (or at least appearing so).  The heels grew very prominent against the skin and as they repositioned themselves Sara’s feet cracked near the toes as they struck in an upward turned positon on the ground, her lower legs bent like the legs of an animal.

“Hyoooh noo!! WHa-wha! Help! MEEE!!”  Sara cried out in confusion.  “My legs, agh! My legs!!”

Next Sara’s toes curled up and the bones felt as if they were receding towards the mass of other bones making up the core of her feet.  The bones began meshing into a singular hardened structure, new cartilage forming and pushing upwards from the points on her feet that were changing.  

“Augh it hurts. Somebody! What is going on!?” Sara continued to cry out.

A prickling sensation began to hit Sara in the lower legs just below her knees as some of her hair in the area began growing long and thick.  As the hairs grew out they took on a steel white color.  They continued to grow until they appeared as a long horse like mane on her legs.

Sara’s elongated feet tremored once more and forcefully compacted themselves, her skin hugging tight to the bones below.  Boney legs that resembled a hooved animal now adorned Sara’s lower body.  She was too gripped in the pain to notice, eyes pointed forward from her place on the ground.  Her mutated feet then began to take proper shape.  The singular mass of bone broke through its skin prison and expanded greatly in size.  

“Hyagh AUUGGGHH!!!” Sara screamed, nearly passing out from the pain.  

The heel bones that had traveled upwards snapped again as they pushed backwards even more bestowing a bent look to her legs below the knees.  The massive bones now sticking out where each foot used to reside on Sara’s body rounded in shape until they resembled animal hooves.  A large split opened up down the middle of each which shot further signals of pain into Sara’s mind.  She could feel the sensations gripping her new appendages as if they were her normal legs.  

The heat slowly died in Sara’s legs but slight warmth remained.  She spun over on her back in a panicked state to see what had happened and was shocked to see a pair of animalistic hooved legs where her feet should be.  

“Hah, what! What! This can’t be!! Uh-hu-huh no way!”  Sara stated in confusion.  “My legs! What happened to my legs!?”

The warmth in her body began to take her again causing her to launch flat onto her back and writhe in the sensation.  Her limbs squirmed about erratically as heat fired about her body.  Her skin was coated in sweat and was leaking a purple tinted liquid. As the beads of sweat fell from her body they left a streak of their color behind.  Slowly but surely Sara’s whole body was turning a deep royal purple.  Her lips turned purple as well and plumped greatly giving a more luscious look to her face.  Her skin looked like that of an unknown race.  Some tattoos began to appear on her skin as well, drawing themselves across her body in a tantalizing manner, with strokes like that of a proficient artist.  They had swirling and hooked curves and were mostly fixated on her arms and thighs.  

Out of breath Sara lightly muttered, “Hah, ooohhh.  My body…its so warm.  Voices? Who’s there?  Who are you…uhhhh.”  Soft voices began packing into Sara’s mind, assuring her it would be okay, telling her that this was their gift to her.

Suddenly Sara’s face was awash in a strange sensation.  Small pulsations in her facial muscles caused odd groans to release from her mouth. She felt so strange, like her face was being pulled about by the skin.  Her cheek bones popped and lifted holding the skin firm along with them which brought more pointedness to her chin.  The bridge of her nose between her eyes cracked inward a tad giving a thin upper form to it.  Her lips puckered some more; they now looked full and plush.  

Sara closed her eyes as she felt her slits growing in size and said, “Uhnnn mmmmmm ohhh haahhh, wha, how? This feeling! Hyah!  My body…”

Sara’s eyes opened wide and they finished taking shape similar to those of a horse (but not exactly the same).  Her pupils grew huge and sparkling, their color changing towards a bright gold-yellow tint.  Bursting heat focused itself at a center point on her forehead.  She felt a small lump forming in her head, the bones beneath quaking while the growth formed from them.  A sharp point suddenly breached the skin and slowly crawled inch by inch out of Sara’s forehead.  A small bit of blood trailed from the penetrating point.  Sara was completely numb to the pain at this point and instead felt more and more at ease as the changes occurred, the warmth within her body comforting her as well as the voices in her mind growing heavier.

“This thing is brimming with energy.  I feel it hyuh!  This power I feel.  It’s so strange; so wonderful, auh!”  Sara said her voice sounding more indulged in the transformation.  

The voices in her head spoke to her, “This is our gift.  Accept our power.  You can be our child of light, our child of the stars!”

Sara with realization on her face suddenly said with mounting pleasure, “Ahhnn AAAH!! The stars…the staaars!!”  

The sharp point on Sara’s head now clearly visible as a horn finished its journey, thick and long at around a foot and a half.  It had a pink melded glow to it.  An intense energy was channeling through Sara’s new horn as if it were acting like a conductor for it.  

Her ears began to crack as they started growing in length.  They grew pointed and stretched themselves long outward from Sara’s head. They turned at an upwards slant and opened wider and grew pinkish on the inside.  Soon they resembled very thin tall deer ears (elfish like perhaps).

“Hyah, oohh god.. It’s too much! I can’t, I can’t contain this. What is this!?”  Sara brought her hands to her face in reaction to the bodily fits she was experiencing, a foreign power swelling within her.  She couldn’t fully comprehend it yet, but she now figured it was her wish on the stars that had granted her this.

Sara’s nails grew pointed, long and somewhat curved, as well as purple like the rest of her body.  She threw her hands back down to her sides as she moaned intensely. Her hair grew even longer, crawling down her backside all the way to around her knees.  The hair took on a steel white coat, the same as the thick hair on her legs.  

“Mmmmm faaah, leave me alo-oh please…gah I can’t. It feels so, so good. Oh god!”  Sara said as the power filling her was stimulating her body and mind. She began to feel wet between her lower lips as she felt the warmth given by the stars further penetrate her mind.

The voices in her head said, “You know what this power is for.  It’s for your dream, remember? You wish to help others; we do as well.  We have always sought to help! Now we have a means through you our child.”

Sara’s mind became warped and grew more accepting of these thoughts as her kind nature naturally meshed with the ideals being pounded into her.  

“Yes, help. I want to help. I can do this. I want to heahhhh hyuaaahh!!” Sara said before letting out an erotic yell as the energy inside her intensified.  

“Hyuh, ahh what are, what are you doing to me!? Please I have the power.  I can do this. I can’t take anymore!”  Sara protested, not sure if she could handle even more of the stars power.  The horn on her head was sensitive and glowing.

The voice of the stars replied, “But we are not yet done our child. You must commit to us body and soul if you wish to help those in need.”

“Gyah, I don’t..huh..I don’t understand. It’s enough. This is more than enoughaahh ohhh!!” Sara moaned out as strike after strike of magic flowed through her body.

She had turned onto her frontside as she writhed about.  The intense heat from earlier returned and focused itself around Sara’s body once more.  She felt her chest filling with warm liquid, milk spewing into them in excess.

“Hyah, hoh my breasts! Augh, whats happening?” Sara said in shock.

Her breasts began to swell in size due to the growing liquids inside them.  Her nipples fired out hard against the rough ground causing a rush of stimulation to fire through Sara’s chest.  

“Ohh, haah! Oh my!” she let out.  She felt her nipples dragging across the ground as she squirmed about.

Her once flat chest began to inflate, fat packing on fat as they grew in mass.  Muscles were twitching all around her chest as the steady growth of her breasts continued.  They shook randomly, each time bringing a slight expanse that lifted Sara a bit higher off the ground by her chest.  Sara rested her face on its side, drool starting to fall from her mouth as the pleasing sensations of her expanding rack filled her with confusing delight.

“Uhn its so good.  Ohh they feel so wonderful, growing…they keep growing, hyah!”  Sara delivered with confliction.

Her long purple nails dug into the dirt of the ground as she started to thrust a bit with her chest, turned on by the transformation taking place.  Her tight fitting shirt began to strain against her growing mounds, creases forming along the sides of her shirt as the breasts pulled the shirt forward. Sara rolled onto her backside again as the breasts were getting large and uncomfortable pressed against the ground. A rumbling fit let loose in her chest, her breasts jiggling wildly, as they suddenly blew up a few sizes all at once.

“hyagghh aaughhh!!! Hyooohhh…mmmm…”  Sara let out as she sent both hands towards her breasts and clasped hard over the nipples. She wanted to feel their growing mass. “H-how is this? Wuah, this can’t be?

The breasts felt like soft pillows beneath her grasp as Sara felt the upper two buttons of her shirt pop as the fleshy mounds sought release.  Her areolas grew wide and plump as Sara groped her breasts with gentle large motions.  They vibrated again forcing a trembling lipped Sara to gaze down at them in anticipation.  They burst forth in 3 instances as they gained size once more.  Her once flat chest had now erupted towards large e-cups. Heavy creases ran across the peaks of her breasts along the shirt.  The soft growing tits desperately wished to break free against the now skin clinging outfit.  There was so much lift from the breasts, Sara’s shirt actually hugged higher up on her body, her midriff being exposed.  

The stars voice returned to Sara and said, “Do you like them our child.  You will become a woman of the stars, a woman that all will adore and worship, and look to for guidance and healing.”

Sara confused but reassured said, “My body…of the stars? Huh, is this really happening? Hyah, ohhh. This power is incredible; this body. I-I can’t control it!”

The voices of the stars replied, “Don’t worry child, once you are released from your mortal coil, it will all become clear.”

Sara responded, “I’m, I’m not sure if I want this? I don’t know anymore, I-“

The stars voices responded, “Child listen! Become our vessel! Help us spread our healing light throughout the world…it’s your destiny.”

Sara felt another rush of energy overcome her and gently moaned, “Hyah again? Huyuh its coming…ohhh…mmmm.” She was beginning to reach a more calmed demeanor as her body grew more used to the energy.

That didn’t last long though as Sara’s breasts came to life once again and this time her ass did as well. She felt them both flexing with energy as the muscle and fat within them firmed and bloated.  

“Ugnhh nooo! Oh god, it’s so much, so much!!Haah!”  Sara cried out in growing pleasure as her form was molded once again by the will of the stars.  “Aaaugh hah!”

Sara’s breasts had grown so massive they finally broke free from her shirt, all the buttons popping off leaving her swelling breasts open to the night air.  Her bra was still barely holding tight to the mounds, though it had slid slightly below the nipples (it too was near its breaking point). Sara’s breasts looked far to large for her small tender frame and they were sagging a bit to the sides, the weight was definitely getting to her as she desperately tried to keep them lifted while instinctively groping them.  

Sara’s ass clenched tight as she felt a quick packing of fat and muscle hit her, tugging and pulling sensations racking her cheeks.  They bloated in quick successions larger and larger until giant firm peaks raised her posture off the ground.  She felt like she had pillows for an ass.  A large snap then hit Sara as her hips shot wider in an attempt to accommodate her growing ass.  Larger space grew between her legs and her ass bloated once again, reaching unorthodox size for her figure just like her breasts. Her tight pants were straining hard against her hips now, the button on the front popping open from the pressure. Her once average hips had grown to child-bearing proportions as the seams of the pants along the sides of her legs began to tear, her thighs packing a little extra meat on them.  

“Mmhmm…ooohhh…Hahhh…” Sara moaned, completely enthralled in the momentary feelings.  

She suddenly felt every muscle in her body tense up.  She then felt an intense pulling sensation to every muscle as they all went wild with activity; stretching in areas while expanding in others.  Arousing pulsations racked her entire being.

“Ohh hah, what!? What is this!? Hyah gyah my body! My body is..hah…growing!”  Sara said as she slowly got into a kneeling position trying to force herself up off the ground.

Large amounts of muscle rumbled to the surface in her legs bestowing animal like power to her hooved lower limbs.  Her legs took a majestic womanly form with power hidden just beneath the surface. This new found strength allowed her to regain her footing and she launched to a standing position, albeit quivering.  

Her hips danced about, her body shuffling left and right as muscular twitches and snapping bones racked her body.  Her whole form was growing in size.  The weight of her breasts felt heavy on her body in her standing position until a minor snap in her posture, as well as some swelling of muscle in her upper back, gave her to strength to carry the sizable mountains of soft flesh that grew once again.  With one final push Sara’s breast broke free from her bra (it snapping and falling to the ground) and finished their lengthy journey towards a large h-cup.    

“Oh, hyah! It’s growing more intense! Ahhn aaahhh! The stars! I feel their power ugh! AAh, no more, ahn aah!” Sara cried out as the overwhelming power of the stars coursed through her.

Sara’s pants were tearing as her rippling frame grew larger and larger.  Folds radiated from the crotch area of her pants as they hugged tight against her vagina and growing hips and thighs before they tore open, bringing agitated moans forth from Sara lips.  Sara clawed and ripped the tattered clothes from her body as she changed. Her open shirt was stretching at the sleeves as her arms bloated in size.  They too eventually tore causing her shirt to fall to the ground.  Her growing size helped make her large ass and tits look more natural as compliments to her body.  She was now a growing nude goddess of the stars, given a great power that she for the moment couldn’t handle.

“I can’t control myself, huh my mind.  It’s overwhelming me! Ahh!” Sara let out.

The stars responded, “You must let go of your old self child, let the magic settle within you. Throw away all your reservations and accept who you truly wish to be.  Only then can you reach clarity and enlightenment.”

“Hyuggh my old self, but…I don’t need this! I don’t need this to help people…” Sara responded as her form bloated in size once again, her body flexing over and over during the process.  

The stars replied, “You can’t think of your own self over others our child.  You must live completely for others.  If you open your heart to this ideal you’ll be able to heal the world and all those in it.  That is the possibility we have given you.  Now please accept our gift!”

Sara still conflicted said, “I, I…the whole world…my dream uhnn….this…power.  I can’t…”

The stars responded, “You can! And you will!!”

A sudden rush of clarity hit Sara’s mind as the entire wisdom of the stars and all the suffering they had witnessed over the centuries on earth flooded Sara’s mind.  Tears fell from Sara’s eyes as she felt the intense emotional connection to these events.  

The stars called out to her again, “You can bring an end to this. And end to suffering with our healing power we’ve given you!  The power is yours…Soraka.  Soraka the star child!”

The name resonated within Sara’s mind as she felt overcome by the stars guidance, her reservations quickly fading as her mind slowly succumbed to her mission completely.  She said, “Yes, yes I can do it…uhnn I can end all of this. I will! This’s for the world…hyaahh! Its!

Her body suddenly surged in height as her expanse hit a rapid pace, her body firing on all cylinders to reach its final form as Soraka awakened within Sara.  Soraka’s body was racked with pleasure as the power settled within her, her vagina *CENSORED* to the ground as her body shivered in acceptance.  

“Uhnnn  hyaaahh yessss! ohhh yessss! Fyuuuhhhh my body is yours….uhnnn….” Soraka let out as *CENSORED* trickled down between her legs.  Sara was no more and had fully accepted her new role. Now stood Soraka in her place at a staggering new height and size (she was around 8 feet tall now) basking in the wake of an orgasmic transformation.

With a hand Soraka gently massaged her slit trying to finish off the remaining amounts of pleasure still escaping her.  She felt released and fulfilled.   She had a new purpose in life and with the wisdom of the stars guiding her she knew just what to do with her powers.  The knowledge was now all there in her mind.  

As she continued basking a large nub formed above Soraka’s ass as her tailbone started to grow in length. A tail was slowly creeping forth from her backside with thick hair, like the ones that grew before on her body, gradually covered it.  Soraka blushed with closed eyes as she felt her new appendage grow longer and whip about by her command.  Eventually it finished its growth, leaving a long horse like tail protruding above Soraka’s butt.  She wagged it about in excitement with a warm look upon her face.

“Oh thank you.  Thank you my creators.  You’ve given me new life.”  Soraka said as a smile gleamed across her face; she was now happier than ever. “I will not disappoint you.  I will help this world with your healing touch.

Soraka glanced up at the stars as tiny glowing orbs of light started rising all around her body; tiny stars decorating her presence. The stars in the sky showed bright in her eyes as she whispered to herself, “The healing power of the stars...amazing.”

With her new powers to heal and newfound wisdom Soraka traveled the earth helping others in need and making a true difference wherever she went.  Societies all around the world were allured by her actions and appearance and humbled by her teachings.  She was worshiped as a goddess and yet she remained humble, never looking down on others.  Perhaps she could heal the world; only time would tell.

Another Tasty Tale of Transformation.  This time a struggling nurse wishes on the stars to reach out and help those in need.  The stars grant her wish and she becomes a vessel for their will.

Story requested by :icongahsu: who also wrote a fan sequel to this story called:  "THE CALLER OF THE SEAS"

Gahsu Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
A delightfully sexy prize to come back to right after getting out of a game as Raka herself. <3

Not gonna lie, I'd almost figured you'd put this on the back burner after all the Digimon stories started rolling out and you spoke of your enthusiasm about writing a bunch of transformations involving them (though I have read and enjoyed some of them all the same). I couldn't help but squee like a twelve-year-old girl when I saw Soraka's name in dA's inbox, and you even coincidentally picked my favourite piece of Soraka artwork ever to go with it! Needless to say I'm pretty pleased to be proven wrong.

Some run-on thoughts in lieu of a better analysis since it's past 3am in the UK right now: the more visceral parts of the transformation were handled in a quite realistic (IMO) way and that's the way I like the most, even if it is painful for recipient at first - I guessed you'd enjoy writing about her leg bones cracking and shifting around into a completely different unguligrade form. I feel the stars' role in her change of heart was slightly overdone, and would be better represented through gentle encouragement than seemingly making Sara out to be their Chosen One; nonetheless, I found her mental transformation believable enough that it didn't ruin my immersion, which is one of the most important conditions for a story. The growth was delicious - I especially liked the idea that her legs and thighs filled out with a lot of internal muscle to give her some mean horsepower under the bonnet (if you get what I mean) but I was totally happy with the attention given to her butt and breasts as well. An 8-foot Starchild is crazy huge and bigger than I thought she'd be, but I definitely liked it more than way. I'm not someone who's so often conservative about his size preferences, as you can tell.

So while there's a few kinks here and there that can be worked out I'm totally satisfied with this one, dude. Totally don't regret staying up hours after midnight to get this read and reviewed. Thanks for the work. :)

... oh, and who's this 'Gashu' fellow you mention at the end of your Tumblr post? Never heard of him, but he sounds like a cool guy! :3
waverCD Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2016
lol yea forgot to correct the typo I did on your name on the Tumblr post, fixed now.

Very glad you enjoyed it even if a few areas were not to your exact vision.  I feel is started off alright enough with the stars and such, but then I'm guessing my love for "imposing thy will" scenarios sprung up and took over, heh. I was ultimately satisfied with what I wrote though and am glad that you at least still enjoyed it thoroughly (which is what I always hope to do with these requests).  As for her height, the bigger the better in some cases. haha.

This was one of my favorite ones I've written so far and I owe it all to your detailed framework when inquiring about the request.  You're certainly someone I'd be ecstatic about writing for again if that time ever comes.  :)
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