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-D.Va Transformation (Overwatch)-

“Prepared and vigilant, MEKA is on the frontlines staving off the Omnic threat!  Be the shield for the people, a beacon of hope for your country.  Join the elite - join MEKA!”

The booming automated message echoed through the large halls of the Busan train station in South Korea. Hana Song, 19, was exiting the station after an uncomfortable commute.  

She let out an annoyed huff. “What a rough trip.  So cramped in those train cars.”  Veering her head up towards one of the loud speakers relaying the military’s recruitment ad, she gave it a glare.  “Not that you make it any better!  As if that’s really going to convince people to join, sounds like grade A propaganda.” She scoffed before looking down at her invitation letter to the MEKA-sponsored Armor Core Championships.

“Heh, they’d be better off recruiting a player from one of their mecha pilot video game tournaments. I mean it’s essentially the same hardware.  It’s like I’m receiving free military training, haha…”  Hana smiled before it turned into a frown.  “Still, things must be really getting rough if they’re allowing anyone to join.”

She didn’t wish to keep dwelling on it though and headed off towards her hotel to prepare for the mecha tournament she had gained entry to as one of the finalists.  It was a long held dream of hers to reach this point and she wasn’t going to let anything ruin the moment for her, not even some stupid omnic conflict against her people.  

Besides, she thought, I’m sure the tides will turn soon enough considering those new mechs they just revealed last month.

MEKA was formed many years ago as a military hardware company to develop technology capable of fighting off the Omnic threat.  The omnics were humanoid robots that at some point in the past became self-aware. Many went rogue and rebelled against their creators, spurring a conflict between humans and robots that had been ongoing almost as long as Hana had been alive.

The mechanized mobile suits built by MEKA where some of the primary tools for fighting off the Omnics that threatened Korea and several other major countries around the world. The popularity of these mechs reached an insane peak which in turn caused huge fandoms to grow around them.  Video games eventually turned to highly accurate Virtual Reality simulation games where players could act the pilot of one of MEKA’s mobile units.

It was those sorts of games that Hana grew up on and with competitive gaming being a widely popular sport in South Korea it soon became her dream to reach the highest ranks of competition.  Armor Core Mech Fight, as the game was called, was the premiere sport right now in the country and was directly sponsored by MEKA themselves.  They even provided the VR mech arcade units for competitions to make the experience simulate the real thing as closely as possible.

Hana had achieved her dream, she had reached the top.  After a night celebrating at the hotel she wasted no time sprinting out the door and hopping a ride to the gaming venue where the championships were to be held. She had no idea the name of the place, but just had the address.

Once she arrived her excitement quickly turned to confusion as she noticed the venue to be an odd brown office building in the shape of a pillar.  It was a place you’d figure used to host board meetings not huge international gaming events.

Hana was understandably confused as she entered the main lobby and thought, what is this place?  I was expecting a sports arena like all the other venues.  This is just…depressing.  

Figuring this couldn’t be right she approached the front desk and asked, “Hi I’m Hana Song, this wouldn’t happen to be the venue for the Armored Core Championships would it?”  Her nerves were a bit shaky, but if it turned out she was wrong then it would be super embarrassing with the way she was dressed.

Hana was wearing a latex outfit made for all the competitors in the tournament.  They were full body suits that were exact replicas to the ones worn by the real pilots of the mechs.  They were skin tight and for Hana that meant her chubby figure was fully on display.  It was stylish, blue across the torso and arms with a pink border, thin striped designs running down the blue patches and white gloves and leggings with her gaming sponsors advertised on them.  A cute white bunny icon within a pink circle rested as a logo right above the chest. It fit the form of her body perfectly, her…portly body.  Hana’s face burned as the receptionist stared at her and appeared to give her a good look up and down.  No doubt her wardrobe was to blame.

Hana always knew she should be taking her health more seriously.  Being so focused on her gaming meant she neglected it.  While not quite obese, she was definitely overweight, though she was still told her chubby face was cute and that her long brown hair with blunt bangs suited her.  It was usually her personality though that won others over — energetic and snarky. Hana streamed most of her gaming to the internet and she was a huge hit and one of the few who could say it actually wasn’t her looks in the webcam that had won her followers.

“Ah, you must be the new recruit, right?” the receptionist at the front desk asked.  

After she confirmed the woman’s suspicions, Hana was shocked to learn she was in the right place and was led upstairs a few floors by elevator and into a large spacious industrial room that looked almost like a hangar.  There lined up were several actual MEKA mobile suit combat units!

The person escorting her said she’d find what she came for among the assembled mechs and bade her farewell, leaving her alone in the room.  Hana, confused, heard the door lock behind her but didn’t think too much of it and walked toward the mechs, squealing in a total fangasm.  She’d never been up close to the real things before. They definitely were spot on with the VR units she played in since they were modeled after the real ones, yet she could tell the small differences apart.  Not to mention it wasn’t just the cockpit available to her anymore, but the whole mech!

Hana smiled with glee as she giddily felt up the large animal shaped legs of the mech.  They looked curved like the legs of a rabbit or stag.  That’s when she saw it — her mech.

Before leaving for the tournament a few weeks ago the championship committee asked for each contestant to design their own unit.  Hana’s was pink with a rounded cockpit design with two fins situated on the top and on the sides.  On each side of the mech and on the back end was large jet boosters used for short term flight. The legs of the mech were similar to the others but the arms were something special of Hana’s own choice. Each arm sported a short-range rotating cannon.

She stood in awe as she slid her hands across the sleek surface of her mobile suit with a loving touch as if she had just won a new expensive car.  She laughed, “Oh wow! Everything is just how I imagined! The spring loaded leg suspensions, the twin cannons, everything! Oh so cool!”

MEKA had gotten everything down to the last detail.  Even the name D.Va, Hana’s online streaming handle, was written just above the green cockpit window.

The cockpit hatch at the back opening at her approach, Hana jumped in and powered up the mech, grabbing hold of the two joystick throttles that were used to control the unit and were situated just outside the cockpit window which covered most of the front of the mech.  With her weight resting on her stomach and her legs folding up behind her the hatch closed and the mech came to life at her touch.  The legs lifted the suit up from its kneeling position on the ground and the twin cannon arms stabilized into a combat position.  

She settled herself on the cushioned body seat as the windows closed around her and the inside of the cockpit lit up.  She was surrounded by all sorts of blinking panels and weird metallic gauges, switches and even some odd tubing and steel cylinders with green glowing streaks along their surface.  A headset with white covers and a pink antennae slipped down onto her head and a voice soon crackled into her ears.

“Welcome, Hana Song,” a smooth voice whispered in her ears.  “This is your combat-ready MEKA Mobile Suit.  Please await further instructions as we adjust your specifications to meet the regulation military standards.  We expect great things from you.”  It sounded like an automated voice-over.

Hana, while puzzled, smirked.  “Blah, blah. A real mech, haha! So, what? We’re gaming in these things or something? Epic!”

A small HUD blinked up in front of her face and the image of man at a desk dressed in military attire met her gaze.  The man sat straight in his seat with hands clasped and greeted her with a commanding and passionate tone, “Hana Song!”

“Yup that’s me.” She replied.

With a firm nod the man spoke, “I am the incumbent General of Operations for MEKA.  I have been charged with overseeing our current influx of applicants.  You are among the elite pilots we have tested with our Armor Core VR systems.  You’ve shown exceptional piloting skills and unparalleled decision making on the fly, always keeping a collected mind during extreme moments of stress.  Your combat readings are, ahem…off the charts.”

Well, at least he has a sense of humor, Hana thought.  The man went on to explain she had been selected along with the other finalists of the tournament to join the military as ace pilots.  They needed young talent with quick reflexes and the know-how to pilot such complicated mechs.

His face sobered.  “The decision is yours and I hope you realize how serious a choice this is.  You’ll be fighting for your country; no the entire world against the Omnic threat. You may lose your chance at a normal life but it’ll be for a noble cause and we’ll do what we can within our power to make it worth it, should you choose to sign up.  We know you can do it.”

“Well duh, I know I can!” Hana replied cockily.  “But do I really…have the ideal fortitude for a military agent? I mean…why pick me, I’m nothing but a no life gamer through and through.  Heh, jeez.  Look at me selling myself short.  Surely someone more physically fit would be of more use to do this?”

“Ms. Song that mech is equipped with everything you need to…um…make you combat ready.  I think you’ll find a physically adept candidate is surplus to requirements.”

“Is that so?”  Hana pondered as she eyed the beautiful visuals of her cockpit, all the neon looking fantastic.  “Okay I’ll do it. On one condition!  You let me stream my combat missions to my followers online.”

The man, while initially smiling at her response, quickly frowned upon hearing her request that followed. “Stream? This isn’t a game Ms. Song.”

“Nah you’re right, you only deceived a bunch of gamers into joining the military under the guise of a game. Nice work.  I’m sure the media would get a kick out of this. LOL!”  The man scowled, wishing to say something more before Hana cut in, “Nope you aint getting me unless you meet those demands. And man what a loss I would be, haha.”

The man suddenly smiled which caught Hana off guard.  “Very well, Ms. Song,” he said in an oddly polite tone.  “It’s a deal.  Being the show off you are I’m sure you’d love an audience for what’s to come.  We’ll stream your enlistment live to your loving fans.”

“What’s to come?” Hana responded confused.  “What are you getting a-AHH!”  Before she could finish she felt straps wrap around her arms and legs holding her tight in place.

As Hana struggled and cursed the man out he gave no response and simply leaned back in his seat, seeming like he was getting ready for a show.

A few hatches opened above her revealing small syringes and the sleek cylinders positioned behind her rumbled and crept forward at a snail’s pace.  What the fuck is this? she thought in terror.  This has to be a joke. Are those needle?  W-whats going on!?

With a look of fear Hana turned back to the man on the monitor and screamed, “You can’t do this! Please, let me go!”

The man chuckled and replied, “Oh, but we can, Ms. Song.  It was all in the contract that you so carelessly signed off before the tournament without even reading.”  The general shook his head disappointed.  “No surprise a talker like you wouldn’t read the fine print, but all we needed was the okay to move forward and you’ve so graciously accepted our offer.  It hurts me that such a disrespectful, but we are in dire need of your skills.”  He smiled.  “Don’t worry though; we’ll make sure your conditioned properly for the war ahead.  I mean, we have personalized your mech down to every last request you filled out on the form, even the more…”  He shook his head in disbelief.  “…amusing ones.”

A look of horrified realization crossed Hana’s face as she looked behind her at the slowly approaching coils and then back at the man, her eyes trembling in fear.

“You really are a prankster and a prude, you know that?” The man scoffed, “And good news is that you did request the specifications needed to stream to your fans.  How about we turn on the cameras right now?  I’m sure your fans are dying to see the valiant choice you’ve made to join the fight, plus-”

No! No, no please!”  Hana howled.  She frantically looked behind her again.  “They can’t see this, I’ll be a laughing stock! I’m sorry for saying all that, let me out!”

The general looked genuinely concerned for a moment…but only a moment. “I’m sorry, Ms. Song, but it’s what you signed up for.  Unlike you, we take this conflict seriously and are willing to do anything to make sure all our soldiers receive what is necessary in order to perform at peak condition.”

“P-peak condition, what the fuck!? This is insane, how is this supposed to, oh-ha!”  Hana cried out right before she felt the needles stab her across the back of her body and arms.

As she yelled out in shock she saw a flashing light on the HUD in front of her display the word “LIVE”. They were sending a feed straight to her streaming channel.  She refused to believe this was real, this wasn’t real!

Suddenly an odd sensation overtook her.  Her body began to twitch as Hana felt the syringes extracting something from inside her. Wha…what is… am I a lab experiment!? she frantically wondered.  It feels like I’m being sucked dry!

“Please, stop this…” she moaned, tears welling in her eyes.

The general quickly assured her that she’d be singing to a different tune shortly.  Hana couldn’t even begin to comprehend what was truly in store for her yet she was fully aware of the request she had made creeping up behind her.  It was something she couldn’t have her fans see; it would ruin her.

She began to notice that the numbers at the bottom of her HUD tracking the people watching the stream were steadily increasing.  Seizing her opportunity, she called out, “Help! Somebody get help! I’m at the military base in Bus-mmph!”

Before she could finish, a smooth rounded object jammed itself into her mouth, cruelly cutting off her only means of escape.  Hana felt immediately ashamed, not just for her situation but because of her stupid demands she had made in jest that asked for a mech that could give her special attention.  It seemed playful but the explicit drawings she had made on the form clearly were not and it appeared the military went the extra mile for her.  

She was now being pistoned in the mouth by a phallic like object from her mech.  At the same time the needles in her body continued to suck, a thick, lumpy substance being pushed up the tubes.  Hana felt sick and…lighter?

She felt her body...deflating.  Large amounts of fat were being drained from her body, slimming out her bulky figure. Her breasts began to lose mass, their large plump form withering away towards a less gratuitous size.  

Now realizing what was happening, Hana didn’t know what to think.  She was still scared of her situation and what her fans might think…but she started to feel quite invigorated.  It was as if all the toxins in her body were being drained and her true self was being restored.  Her sickness quickly turned towards a befuddling euphoria as she felt the phallic tube in her mouth fire out a swill of warm aphrodisiac.  In surprise, she couldn’t help but swallow.

The concoction worked fast, heating up her body and making her feel highly sensitive to everything going on.  Hana began to blush, but felt very uncomfortable about it.  Sure, the fantasy elements to her mech had been made true and the twisted side of herself far in the back of her mind found solace in that fact, but still, this was wrong!

Eyes half opened as she continued to take the beating in her mouth she saw the continuously climbing numbers on her HUD, the smiling general, and the glowing words “LIVE”; all of it dancing around her blurred vision as she tried to keep focus.  Her mind was going numb.  I can’t let them see me like this! I can’t, I can’t take anymore! Oh no the others! She internally struggled as she remembered that her other requests had yet to meet their destination.  Hana let out muffled screams as she felt the tips of the mechanical appendages meet her, her bodysuit dissolving an opening in both spots for entry.  There would be no hiding it and she knew it, her butt sticking just enough upward that the camera in front of her would be able to see.

Another load of warm liquid poured into her mouth as the general said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Song, now comes the fun part.  Those Nano machines you’ve been ingesting will do just the trick.  You’ll soon be in peak condition for piloting this mech both physically…and mentally.”  He glanced down at a monitor allowing him to see the climbing numbers on the stream.  “After all, a woman like you isn’t the type to say no to such a show and I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint your fans.”

Hana stared intently at the audience tracker; it was rising faster and faster!  She had already passed the highest stream numbers she had ever reached before.  How can they be enjoying this!? This is…this is…

She never finished that thought as the two objects behind her finally met their destinations.

Everything was becoming a blur to her, her vision going crazy as her mind raced.  Her eyes fixated on the audience numbers blowing up.

All these fans! All these new fans, they love this!? This can’t be, she thought.  They’re seeing this sick twisted side of me and…and they love it!?  Though she tried to fight off such an idea of her stooping to such lows in front of her audience, her growing pleasure was undeniable and practically written across her face.

Hana’s body had trimmed down considerably from her old, cubby self.  She still had some unevenness and excess weight in places, but the changes were far from over yet.

“Seems we’re having fun, aren’t we Ms. Song?  The general said, noticing the look of bliss struggling to show on her face.  “And all these people watching!  They must really be enjoying you become the new you.”

The new me…? She thought.  An electricity began to ignite inside of her.

Then the nanomachines kicked in.

Hana felt her body tremble with excitement as the molecular bots within her began to reshape her body to a more suitable form for piloting.  She felt her ass shift as the flesh contracted and tightened in on itself, her cheeks firming up.  The large thwacks to her butt cheeks slowly changed to more of a sloshing. Her ass had become fit and pert, her suit reshaping itself to whatever new form her body was taking.

She felt her butt cheeks finish thickening into small hills before the muscles kicked at the backside of her legs.  Hana moaned, muffled by the instrument forcing itself in and out of her throat. Her legs spasmed wildly as their plump curves seemed to be drained away.  Her muscles were given life again, free from the layers of fat suffocating them. Her calves pulled up and rested more comfortably as did the muscles in her thighs.  Her legs definitely looked more athletic now though sensual in nature too. Still more and more excess withered away.  Hips jettisoning from side to side, Hana could feel her body screaming out in thanks.

The space between her legs grew wider and wider as more and more fat was trimmed from her upper legs.  Hana’s body looked disproportionate now, her legs and ass healthy and trim clinging to her skin tight body suit, her upper body still stout.

Hana was losing her mind, now relishing in the changes along with her body.  She began to intentionally suck at the mechanical gadget pounding her mouth and buck her hips to match the powerful thrusts behind her.   A new me, yes! I’m becoming the new me, she cheered in her mind.  The fans, to see me in such a way! They love it! They love me!

Hana’s eyes were fixated on the climbing numbers of her stream tracker as she internally plead for more, for her body to reach its proper splendor.  Yes! Climb higher, higher, she demanded.  More, change me more! I’ll become a goddess to them, the object of all their desires; everyone will love me! Oh yes, fuck me! Harder! Her depraved inner self had burst onto the scene for all her fans and newcomers alike to witness and she was letting loose now, fear no longer claimed her mind.

D.Va had arrived, and boy was she loving it.

“I never would’ve taken you for such an exhibitionist,” the general murmured.  “Glad to know you are enjoying your tune up.  I’m sure your fans will appreciate the new look to go with your spunky personality.  Not to mention you’re doing this all for your country.  You have so much to be proud of.”

D.Va paid him no attention.

Her upper body began to jerk about as the changes turned there.  Her gut trembled and gurgled, the surface bouncing in and out.  It slowly began to suck itself inward, her fat gut and sides fading away.  

Muffled within her suckling mouth D. va let out, “Agh, so good, so good! I’m almost there, I-I’m gona!”

Her mid-section snapped forward as her form tightened and firmed to its’ new contours.  Her gut completely sucked in, flexed, and then relaxed leaving a thin beautiful belly where once there was nothing but a portly mass. Her sides were now visibly curved in, her feminine looks no longer hidden behind walls of fat.  

Her arms and shoulders quickly thinned out as well.  Her fingers pranced excitedly as she felt her arms delicate nature breaking free from the heavy layers trickling away.  One by one, her fingers twitched in reaction to the fat smothering them being siphoned away. Hana’s new smooth alluring fingers were gripping the throttles of the cockpit with loving purpose.

Then came the chubby cheeks of Hana’s face.  They too soon faded from existence leaving a new doting bombshell in its place that wore the expression of utter ecstasy as she bore the mech’s gift between her plumpening lips.

Hana’s breasts swirled about as they lost a bit more mass.  As fat slowly drifted from her chest she felt a tickling sensation that teased her nipples. Letting out fits of moans and desperately wanting to caress her reforming tits, Hana cried tears of joy. I have the perfect body.

Though shrinking considerably the supple mounds settled on a nice round shape that maintained a perky lift upon her body.  They were of a small but modest size and fit Hana’s new form perfectly.

Suddenly the metal dick within her mouth pulled out, leaving D.Va’s voice free to voice her mind’s twisted pleasures.  “Hyah,” She shrieked. “FUCK! So good!  Look at me! Look at me, everyone! Gahn, ahh!”  She could barely find the proper words in her haze of lust with the pounding of her lower body still going.  “M-My body! This is all for you, f-for the country!  Watch me defile myself for you!  Eat me up, worship your D.Va!”

The image of the general gazing intently at his lusty new recruit vanished from the display.  He’d seen all he needed to.

The metal straps around her legs and wrists detached leaving D.Va to now fully enjoy the moment.   She gripped her joysticks as hard as she could and kept her feet planted firmly waiting for her big moment to hit.

“It’s coming everyone,” she screamed into her display. “Ahn! G-GG! Aghn hyahn, ohh, ah! Fuck, yes, ahn, ahn, oh!” D.Va howled, feeling the moment build and build.  She knew it would be soon.

With a wide eyed shock it hit her, rippling waves of electricity cascading across her body, the dams within her breaking and her body bucking hard.

“Gah aaahhhhhh!” she howled. “Wuaahhh, uhhnnnn! Ohhhh, yea…mmmmmm…” Her moans slowly petered out as she slumped against the cushion of her cockpit, satisfied with her enlistment.

Her modifications were complete.  She now had the body of a slim Asian beauty, more fit for piloting a mech and perfectly suited for a diva.

Hana feebly lifted her hand to touch an icon on her HUD in order to display the chat feed for her channel. The comments were going by so fast she could barely read them all…they were of all varieties, from good to bad to encouraging to hateful to downright horrified.  But it didn’t’ matter to her. D.Va loved the attention, good and bad. She was going to be the talk of the gaming world; all attention would be on her.

The scent of her defilement ripe within the cockpit, D.Va gave her audience a weak grin and a shaky peace sign. “D.Va…online,” she whispered huskily. Then she collapsed, her head dropping downward as she began to laugh in joyful amusement before calming herself down to a savory state.

There was a whoosh of unlocking door locks as the hatch at the back of the mech opened up to reveal the general standing behind it, raising an eyebrow at the newly reborn Hana Song basking in her lusty glory. “So Ms. Song, are you feeling refreshed and ready to get started?” he asked.

D.Va smirked again. For all his talk of manners she was probably going to love being the center of attention even more than he could ever have imagined now. Too bad for him. “Heh…as long as you meet my request.  I get to stream everything!”  She replied with an exhausted but puckish tone.

“I think you know our answer to that,” the general said as D.Va slid out of her mech, her suit dripping wet. The red blinking light on her HUD winked out as he helped escort the weak legged gamer girl-turned-military agent out of the hangar.

A few weeks later and D.Va was already preparing for her third combat mission.  As she entered her mech and went live with her stream, she gave a cheeky wave.  “I bet you all enjoyed my pre-fight ritual, hm,” She teased, referring to how she had her mech release her tension before every fight.  “But now the real fun begins!  I can’t wait to get into the fight!”

With a wink to her fans she took off, ready to stream another glorious battle.  She was no longer just a diva of the gaming world, but a diva of the battlefield as well.  She was everyone’s D.Va.

In this Tasty Tale of Transformation, a chubby gamer diva is enlisted into the military and gains her very own mech! Along with some other...perks.

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