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-Chun-Li SFV alt Transformation (Street Fighter V)-

Ming-Na entered her favorite hangout Kung-Fu Greats, a martial arts novelty and collectibles shop right after she left from her Kung-Fu lessons.  She was excited and in a hurry to meet the store’s owner Bai-Ling, a woman of around 55 in age who was always eager to listen to Ming-Na brag about how she did in Kung-Fu class.  “Guess what Ling!?” Ming blurted out as she walked proudly through the front door, the store empty as it was approaching closing time.  It was a dusty shop with tons of Knick knacks and decorates on the wall, items owned by martial arts masters of the past as well as images of them too.  Bai-Ling was sitting behind the front counter wearing her usual jogging outfit with a hoodie pulled over her head (she always seemed to want to hide herself).  “Did you finally beat Chao in your sparring, I know he’d been giving you trouble lately?” Bai-Ling said wearing a cheerful smile.  “Even better!” Ming declared.  “I’ve moved up to first degree black belt!”  Bai-Ling with a proud look on her face congratulated Ming-Na, “Nice work, you’re really moving up fast.”   Ming-Na had a smug look on her face obviously relishing the praise, and she said, “Well of course, I’m going to become just like my idol Chun-Li after all.”

Chun-Li was a famous Chinese martial artist and detective of Interpol who was famous around these parts, her hometown.  Chun-Li was a fierce warrior with a good heart whom many looked up to including Ming-Na.  Ming-Na adored Chun-Li so much that she wished to follow in her footsteps, taking lessons in Kung-Fu (which Chun-Li was a master of), and even trying to model her wardrobe after Chun’s (with some differences). Ming-Na had a somewhat curvaceous yet athletic body (mediocre compared to Chun-Li’s but still rather nice with a small sized rack) and she knew how to show it off much like Chun-Li.  Instead of a blue Chinese ornate dress, Ming wore a black one with curved yellow designs on the front of each breast and wore a yellow wrap around the waist.  The outfit had a cleavage cutout (Ming liked outfits that breathed a bit) with the connecting part between both ends wrapping around the back of the neck.   There was a red knotted yarn design hanging from the front of the outfit above the yellow waist wrap.  Below the waist was a black pelvic curtain, with a yellow border design, that fell almost completely down to the legs both front and back.  The curtain rested above a pair of tight fitting short black legwear which rested high on Ming-Na’s thighs.  Her hair, instead of having Chun-Li’s traditional Ox bun style, fell down to around lower waist length with braided hair falling to each side of Ming’s face in front of the ears and falling down to the top of her chest area, with yellow wraps holding the ends together.  Ming-Na had somewhat of a childish looking face except for her eyes which were sharp with black eyeliner decorated around them (matching her black polished fingernails).  She was certainly a pretty lady.

“I wonder whatever happened to Chun-Li?” Ming said in a daydreaming voice.  It had been about 10 years since anyone had last seen Chun-Li who had retired from Interpol around that time, saying she was sure someone would someday replace her in the fight for justice.  “I’m sure if she were here right now she’d be throwing praise your way Ming.”  Ling said.  “You really think so!?” Ming said slamming hands down on the front desk, eyes wide with gleam.  “Definitely” Ling said.  “Here, let me show you something I’ve been waiting to give to you when the time was right.  I think this is just the sort of occasion, what with your advancement up.”  Bai-Ling pulled out a medium sized and well-polished wooden box.  Opening it up Ming-Na’s mouth went agape over what she saw.  “No way, those can’t be…?” Ming muttered.  “Oh they are.” Bai-Ling assured.  “Chun-Li’s spiked bracelets!!”  Ming-Na cried out in a fangasm.  There were two gold spiked white bracelets lying on top of a green cushion inside the box.  “Wait a minute are you…giving these to me!?”  Ming questioned.  “Of course, you deserve them.  You’ve proven yourself to be just and dedicated to Kung-Fu and have been making strides in the police academy.  You are more than deserving to follow the same path.” Bai-Ling praised.  Ming-Na looked puzzled as she said, “But these must be priceless.  How’d you get them!?”  Bai-Ling simply smirked and said, “Well how do I get any of these priceless items for my store…I have my ways.  Let’s just leave it at that.  Take them, please.”  The energetic young woman went eyes shut with a big smile on her face.  “You don’t have to tell me twice!” Ming said, quickly swiping up the bracelets and putting them on.  “I’m gona go in the back dojo and take a look at them in the mirror, okay!”  Bai-Ling watched Ming-Na run to the back room through a windowed door and smiled as she said, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll love all they have to offer.”

Ming-Na could hardly believe it as she ran towards the large mirror (which was used for studying one’s form) in the dojo in back.  Ming-Na began in a stance and commenced showing off her moves to the mirror, observing the way the bracelets moved with her strikes.  She truly felt like Chun-Li while wearing them as she mimicked many of Chun’s signature moves.  After a while imitating Chun-Li she went into her finishing stance, some sweat running down her body (Ming-Na had been hard at it for merely showing off).  “I’ve finally taken the next step towards my dream.” Ming said softly.   Just then she felt a rattling in her wrists.  Ming-Na looked down and noticed that the bracelets were beginning to shake on their own and give off a low humming sound.  “That’s strange” she said a little dumbfounded as the bracelets began to reverberate even more.  Suddenly Ming-Na’s arms began to pull out to her sides in a stiff fashion to the point where she was making a T pose with her arms.  “What, what in the world!?” Ming said beginning to panic, struggling to bring her arms back down.  “Ling? Hey Bai-Ling!?”  Ming-Na in a worried state began calling out to Bai-Ling in the other room but received no response.  “Somethings wrong-“ Just as she finished both arms launched above her head, the bracelets being pulled toward each other like magnets.  They stopped centimeters apart from each other; spikes on both nearly touching as Ming-Na’s arms stayed lengthened and pointed towards the ceiling.  Ming-Na was actually lifted about a foot off the ground by whatever force was holding the bracelets up.  She hung there unable to break free, feeling as though she were cuffed, her hands squirming around in a feeble attempt to break free.  “What’s going on!?” Ming said as her eyes darted upwards trying best to see if anything above her was responsible.  A warm feeling began to fill Ming-Na’s body starting from the wrists, the bracelets beginning to glow with a faint gold shimmer and the humming sound rising in volume.

The warm feeling traveled down her arms slowly, then once reaching the shoulders, branched out like a web across Ming-Na’s whole body. “Uhh, getting so warm.  What is this feeling…Bai…Ling?”  Ming said while being soothed into a daze by the sensation, her whole body going limp.  Ming’s head was tilted down and the tips of her toes (inside her white Kung-Fu shoes) barely hovered above ground from her floating position.  “Hyuuuuh!” Ming gasped, her head jolting up with a wide eyed expression as she felt her whole body tense in an instant.  Ming-Na’s hands clenched into fists, toes curling as her muscles tightened in unbearable fashion.  “Gaahh….aughh!” Ming cried out in pain.  “What is happening? Ahhh!”  Ming-Na’s eyes closed shut as the feelings intensified.  “My body is ripping apart!” She yelled as the compressions turned to pulling.  She could feel her muscles straining in different directions within herself and rolling over each other.  It felt as if a horde of masseuses where running their thumbs against her muscles in an intense effort to maneuver and loosen them.  “Kyaa! Ling, Ling help! Waaa! My body!!”  Ming called out in the wake of her episode.  Her muscles were crawling all around it felt.  After a while Ming-Na became desensitized to the pain and truly started to feel each muscle working itself independently.

Ming-Na’s legs and waist were twitching, her body occasionally curling into a slight fetal position from her hanging state as the muscular assault continued.  “Something’s inside me, I can feel it! It wants to get out! Noo!!”  Ming-Na cried out.  Tears were at a consistent well in her eyes, every now and again a drop falling down her delicate cheeks.  “Ling, Pleeeasseee!!”  Ming’s pleas still seemingly going unheard in the other room.  “Haah, haah!” Ming-Na started developing a heavy pant as a new development began building in her.  Suddenly her whole body felt as if it were pulsating beneath the surface, the sensation growing particularly strong in her arms.  Ming-Na’s arms tensed up and then quickly started flexing and receding in unison with her panting.  She said, “Auh, my arm…what is this!?  AAH, strange…”  The feelings in her body actually began to feel pleasing in a way as a great strength could be sensed building within Ming-Na, her nether regions growing hot with eagerness.  “My arms? This power!”  She began gasping more as her shoulders began to bulge a bit, muscles in Ming-Na’s forearms pulling and building towards the medial section of her arm and her biceps and triceps pushing out in mass.  Ming-Na felt the muscles above her clavicle puff up, causing her head to buck up in reaction.  “h-h-hyaaa!” she stuttered, lips quivering.   That’s when all the muscular tissue in her arms that had been tightening and building broke free all at once.  “Guh, eeyaaaahhh!! Pleaaseee…uhhhh.” Ming let out as the meat in her arms bloated out to a pretty robust size.  Some striking line definition could be seen between the layers of muscle forming small hills around her arms and shoulders.  Ming-Na’s arms went limp after the change, a rope of drool dangling from her mouth.  “That felt…” Ming couldn’t even finish as she was clouded by the unwavering sensations coursing through her.

The spiked arm bracelets now clung tighter to Ming’s thicker wrists.  Small twinges began in her back, as tissue started twitching and reacting across Ming-Na’s shoulder blades and along her spine (her whole body still going through slight pulsations, flexing over and over again).  “Ooooh, mmmmm hhnnn”  Ming moaned as the feeling of the slithering fibers in her back brought her pussy to a wet state.  “What are they doing to me?” Ming questioned in response to the bracelets humming even louder.  “Is this my strength I feel?  Eeauuhh.”  Another ripple across Ming-Na’s back let loose as muscle began forming into tough patches up and down her back.  Ming-Na’s core began to tighten as well as she felt her already well-toned stomach growing more solid and firm.  “Oh, auhhh! Yesss….”  Ming said, starting to enjoy the strength coming to her body whether she felt it right in the moment or not.  “How is this, eaaughh!!”  Ming screamed as her waist began vibrating, as did her back.  “Liiing! Oh gawd!” A flow of *CENSORED* as vigor rippled across her body.  Her legs puffed out a bit with some definition, but the real changes hit her core, as what felt like 4 large flat rocks, forced themselves to the surface of Ming-Na’s stomach.  “Gaaahh, ehyaaahh!”  Ming-Na’s core looked as if it were pushing out and in very fast as a 4-pack of abs collected form.  The abs looked as if they were a part of one large mass bulging out from the center of Ming-Na’s core, running from just under her breasts down to the top of her vagina.  The expanse tightened over and over again in short bursts after forming, packing the muscle in stiff.  Along her back patches of muscle took turns popping outward from their inner confines, sculpting a strong back worthy for a martial artist.  Not looking too overbearing, but powerful for a woman.  A long darkened line ran along Ming-Na’s spine now as the risen muscles casted a shadow on her back (boasting their new presence).  Ming-Na’s legs were shut tight together at the thighs *CENSORED*.   After that round of changes finished Ming-Na once again fell into a limp state with muscles beginning to settle.

“This body, it can’t be mine.” Ming stated short of breath.  “Ling.” She tried screaming but couldn’t force it out, “Liiing…”  Ming gritted her teeth as another jolt of tension built inside her.  “Ngggh! No more, No more!” she cried out.  “I can’t take this power anymoooore!!” Ming let out as her breasts began to shake, bobbing up and down a bit.  The muscles in her legs were starting to squirm heavily in the same fashion as those in her arms earlier.  “Gaah! Gawd! AAHHH my!  All my, p-p-power! Poweeerr!”  Ming-Na was intoxicated by the feelings of her inner strength being released.  Her folds where in the most fiery state of her life, muscles *CENSORED*.  Ming-Na desperately wanted to free her hands *CENSORED* with the strength of her new powerful arms.  “This is Chun-Li’s…gift, yess, wuaah! Great! Aughh!”  Ming said in an erratic state.  She was fully accepting the changes being brought on by Chun-Li’s bracelets.  Ming-Na felt like she was being sculpted into her idol…and she wanted it.  “Complete me! Bring me further, p-please! Mmmaaahh!!”  Ming-Na’s thighs began to explode in size as her waist collapsed a bit smaller around her.  “Gyaah, fuck!” She yelled out.  Drool was flinging out of her mouth as Ming-Na shook her head back and forth in the throes of the transformation.  Her Fingers were twitching all about, clenching into fists once in a while.  Fat and muscle fiber was seemingly building itself out of nowhere on her legs, piling more and more on top of each other.  Ming-Na’s legs grew to almost twice their previous size.  The changes to her legs were starting to lift Ming’s ass cheeks higher up as they became more built and thick.  Her butt cheeks bloated and bucked up a few times as the muscles tightened and reformed inside them.

Bai-Ling was in the front room and had heard all the screams coming from Ming-Na.  She had a wide smile on her face as she took off her hoodie to reveal that she herself was Chun-Li (albeit a slightly older looking one).  Chun-Li walked over to the door and peered through the window, happy with the transformation happening to her successor.  She saw Ming-Na’s body thrusting forward, arching back, over and over again.  A *CENSORED* her legs, Ming-Na’s entire body slick with sweat.  Ming-Na’s bobbing breasts began to grow.  She could feel the tissue forming around the rims of them, muscles holding them strong and outward as they grew in size.  Erect nipples where poking against the fabric of her outfit, well defined cleavage appearing in the opening.  Her breasts inner sides squished together (a sensation Ming-Na thought she’d never feel) as they grew.  “Yess, yes!  Hyah, bigger, more!” She called out, furthering the changes.  Ming-Na’s braided hair occasionally slapped into the growing melons, tickling them with the hairs, a sensation that sent minor coos from Ming-Na’s lips.  The weight of the breasts were now causing the bra fitting to sag, side boob emerging in full glory.  Moments of tension in the muscles holding Ming’s breasts perky caused her tits to bounce.  They were warm and on fire with a sensation that rivaled *CENSORED*.  Her modest sized breasts had grown twice their size now and with an outward thrust of her chest they ballooned out even further.  “Gyaaawdd, yes!!”  Ming screamed as milk began overloading in them, *CENSORED* were straining against (the edges of the outfit showing press marks created by the tits).

“M-m-mooore, change me moooooree!  Ming beckoned.  Chun-Li watched intensively through the window, waiting for the masterpiece to be finished.  Chun-Li said, “Good Ming, welcome it.”  Ming-Na’s thighs and lower legs began to vibrate violently as she felt every muscle in her legs fighting to burst free.  Her already large leg muscles began poking outward once again, one at a time; each time bringing moans and yells from Ming-Na’s mouth.  “Gah, yes! Power! More strength!!” She cried out.  Ming-Na’s knee caps shifted a bit, elongating her legs slightly, which brought her feet down to firmly touch the ground.  Ming-Na desired to touch her new body so badly, her arms flexing wildly trying to break free from her restraints.  “Let me out! I need this! Augghh!!”  But her legs were not finished.  Muscles bulged again, her legs now very large and otherworldly like her idol who was watching her change.  Ming-Na’s thighs had widened so much they were basically touching each other in the middle between her legs.  Her calf muscles lifted upwards in intensity followed by muscles pushing out into rounded curves on each side of her lower legs.  Her black legwear was straining against her slit and thighs; muscle lines showing strong through the material.  “Hyah! Ooohh! Uuuhh!!!”   Ming-Na felt another intense fit rising to the surface as her legwear actually tore and gave out falling to the floor due to her growing mass.  “Yes, its coming!!”  She yelled in anticipation.  The humming of the bracelets stopped and suddenly Ming felt a release unlike any she had ever felt as her legs tightened, muscles that were rarely seen rumbled to the surface of her legs.   “Wuaaaaaahhhh!!!”  Ming screamed in ecstasy as she broke free from the bracelets magnetized grip with her powerful arms and thrusted down towards the ground with her impressive legs (which the muscles to had now relaxed bringing a more feminine look back to her legs, but staying powerful in sight despite).  

Ming-Na hit the floor in a fetal position, her arms *CENSORED* to the sensations of the raw air (her legwear having ripped off).  “AAHHH!  It feels so good!  I-I’m *CENSORED*- AAAHHH!!” A large *CENSORED* christening Ming-Na’s new body.  Ming-Na settled and in an exhausted state said, “Holy crap, that was fantastic.” She brought up her hand and looked at the sight *CENSORED*, relishing it. “So much, I like it.  This body is mine, with this strength I can-“ A door slammed open cutting her off as Chun-Li came walking in.  Chun-Li said, “With this strength you can finally continue my mission of justice.” Ming-Na bolted upwards, “Chun-Li, guh, Ling!? You were?”  “Yes” Chun-Li said, “I had been in hiding looking for someone to succeed me, and I chose you…Ming.”  Ming-Na still lusting over her form let out, “Thank you, ohhh thank you Chun-Li.  I won’t let you down, This body is yours to do with.  It is your power after all.”

“Wrong!” Chun-Li shouted, causing Ming-Na to jump a bit and shut her mouth, her face going into a “yikes I’m paying attention” expression.  “This strength is yours Ming-Na, your inner strength brought out because you were worthy of being my successor.”  

Ming-Na stood up confidently with a satisfied smile on her face, eyes playful looking but quickly turned serious in their gaze.  “Alright, this may be my strength, but.  Please. Call me Chun-Li.”  The new Chun-Li then cracked a closed eyed wide smile, a smile reminiscent of the Chun-Li who preceded her.

This next tasty tale of transformation, A young lady finds herself in possession of one of her idols possessions.  These items will make her aspirations towards her idol take powerful shape.

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Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
Wow, after reading through all your Female 2 Female stories...I am completely worldless 
You are one of the bests F2F writers I've seen XD you pick out the exact kind of transformation I like.  
It's a shame you don't do these more often. 

I see you are open to requests...however I dont think my ideas are good enough to inspire you so... I think my comment is just fine :D 
waverCD Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2016
Hey man never hurts to ask.  You can send me a note if you want to give me an idea of a possible request. 

And thanks a lot for the high praise.  Always good to know there are more fans out there for my non-tg stories.  Don't worry more female to female tfs will be on the way, in fact outside of my requests they are the primary types I am working on for my personal stories.
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
That's good to hear :D 
I will be expectating to see those. And you deserve the high praise: outside the sexual stuff, it's as if I had requested those transformations XD so thank you I guess. 
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome dude. Loved it. Do you take request?
waverCD Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
I certainly hear out requests.  Whether I take them on or not completely depends on how motivated I feel I could get into the work.  You can send me a note message and we can discuss things from there if you are interested.
Dragonball4evermore Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Read this and the uncensored version. Pretty sexy overall!
waverCD Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2015
Glad you enjoyed it.  It was one of my personal favorite scenarios I've written thus far.
Dragonball4evermore Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Seems like it😊.
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