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-Tina Armstrong Transformation (Dead or Alive)-

Tiffany slammed the door to her apartment in vexation having just arrived home from another aggravating day of college.

“Those…those ass holes!!” Tiffany bawled out as she threw her school bag against the wall.  She landed with a thump on her bed facing her entertainment setup, tears welling in her eyes.

It had been a rough day for Tiffany.  She was often bullied at college for her appearance and for being kind of a geek. She was a Caucasian woman who had a short very plain looking body with long brown hair and no “desirable” assets as those who bullied her would make point of.  She wore large frame glasses, a green long sleeved t-shirt with grey stripes across it that fit her figure well enough and she also had braces.  Tiffany looked like your typical stereotype of a nerd and she truly felt like she was hideous; her classmates often telling her she’d die an ugly virgin.  

Tiffany looked up at her TV set and noticed an Xbox gaming system plugged in.  A small smile came to her face through the tears and she remembered what always cheered her up; escaping away to the game Dead or Alive. She loved playing fighting games and always chose the characters that were beautiful and strong, like she wished to be. It was a form of escapism for Tiffany, a way for her to forget all her troubles and imagine herself as someone better and more confident.

She booted up the game and went straight to selecting her favorite character Tina Armstrong. Tiffany always thought of Tina as the closest to herself in what she wished to be.  They had somewhat similar features and Tiffany loved the way she exuded confidence in a very fun and playful manner.  Tiffany was also a fan of wrestling so there was also that.  

“Oooh to have the body of Tina.  That’d be perfect.”  Tiffany thought.

Tiffany pressed down on the A button of the controller to select Tina as her character and felt a quick intense shock fire through her body like electricity.  

“Haaah!” Tiffany yelped as she kicked back onto her bed a bit dropping the controller.  She quickly settled from the surprise occurrence and began to wonder what had just happened.

Tiffany suddenly began to feel a prickling sensation sweep across her body.  It felt particularly strong at her hands so she looked down at one of them and her eyes went wide with shock.  The skin on her fingers tips were starting to peel and float into the air, quickly evaporating soon after.  But revealed beneath the skin was simply more skin, only of a finer quality.  The newly revealed skin on Tiffany’s body was smoother and creamier in its tone.  The peeling effect was traveling up from her fingers to the rest of her hands.  It was as if she were shedding.

The needling sensation felt somewhat pleasant as the foreign hands being revealed felt fresh and new. As the shedding continued Tiffany could feel the bones in her fingers cracking and reshaping.  They grew more delicate yet sturdy as she felt underlying power in her hand, instinctively knowing she had a more powerful grip now.

With bewildered curious eyes Tiffany looked on in trance.  Unable to form coherent sentences she said, “Heh, huh? What…is…hoooh, whats?”  

Her fingernails grew out longer settling at a perfect sensual length.  Tiffany rose off the bed as she saw and felt the peeling of skin travel up both of her arms.  Her head swung back and forth between her two limbs as she watched in awe at the changes taking place.  The evaporation also happened to her clothes as she witnessed her long-sleeved shirt slowly being eaten away by whatever was doing this to her.  Material began forming across her hands as brown cowboy gloves took form over them.  The brown gloves were wide at the wrists with fancy stitched designs across and brown tassels falling from the cuffs.

Tiffany’s arms gave way to newer ones below the surface, revealed through her shedding transformation. She obtained slightly bulkier arms, muscles rippling softly with new power below the surface.  

She felt a rush of exhilaration and moaned, “Mmm hah.  What is this? Guh…”

The arms despite their new strength still retained a sensual slim look.  Tiffany’s arms had actually grown a bit in length.  As the changes swept passed her biceps (bringing a slight puff of mass there) a wild west styled arm band took form onto Tiffany’s arms. It was brown with tribal like designs along its length and brown tassels falling below it.  

“Wha-whats happening to me? Uhhh…”  Tiffany questioned as the changes furthered and a tight tingling sensation hit her mid-section.

Tiffany closed her eyes for a moment taken out of sorts by the sensation but quickly turned her gaze towards her hands once more.  That’s when she saw the appearance of the new gloves on her hands.  Realization hit her face as she recognized the gloves immediately. They were the same gloves worn by Tina Armstrong in the outfit Tiffany always chose for her on Dead or Alive.  

Tiffany gasped and said, “Hyuh, hah! It can’t be…Am I? Nyaahh!”

Tiffany moaned loudly as a rush of adrenaline and pleasure coursed through her upper body.  She felt her stomach shifting about and she lifted her shirt to witness what was happening.  Tiffany felt her shoulders rise a bit and her spine crack, her posture shifting up as she grew a few inches in height.  She stumbled for a moment retaining grip on her shirt and looked down at her now changing core.  Muscle and fat were rolling about at her stomach, the surface of her body appearing like clay being reshaped.  A blush filled Tiffany’s cheeks as she felt power and curvature brought to her body.  

“Mmmm,, hoh god…my body…uhnnn”  Tiffany softly spoke as she watched on, growing pleased with the changes.  

Her mid-section snapped in a bit, her backside forcing itself towards greater curvature. A flurry of cracks fired out as a captivating hourglass shape took form.  It was certainly a far cry from her previously straighter sides and flatter posture.

“Gyah oh! Ohooh, fuuck! Mmmhaah…”  Tiffany said in reaction to the intense shift in her skeleton.  

The muscle and fat at her core began to settle with wave like motions up and down its expanse.  As the sensations traveled upwards skin began peeling as before revealing creamier smooth skin and tore Tiffany’s shirt away from existence.  Tiffany let go from the grip of her shirt as the shedding reached it.  She felt an overwhelmingly pleasant sensation rising inside her.  

“I’m turning into her, I’m becoming her.  No way. This is really happening!” Tiffany realized within her mind.  “It feels so good, oh man.”

Tiffany’s mid-section now looked like a mildly toned curvy slim stomach.  Her shirt reached complete evaporation as it finished disappearing above her chest.  A silver horseshoe necklace took form along Tiffany’s neck rising out from her skin, forming its shape on the surface until shedding and taking its proper texture. The same happened to Tiffany’s bra as it changed its colors and look to an American flag aesthetic.  

“Ahhnn, uooohhh!” Tiffany let out as she bucked her head back in pleasure feeling the prickling sensation stimulate her breasts as it washed over them; her eyes beginning to roll back into her head. She was rather flat in the chest, but that was starting to change.

Tiffany thrust her chest outward as she felt a warm sweeping sensation across her breasts.  Her tits began to swell and rumble, growing slowly in size.  Her nipples fired out hard and began leaking as her growing breasts kept shifting the long rods against her bra.  The star spangled bra began to tuck itself under the growing breasts a bit as they reached a heavier form.  

“Fuummm Haaah! Yes! Yes…uaaahhnnn…” Tiffany moaned as she savored the experience of her enlarging melons.

The breasts began to squish together as their size continued to increase.  Tiffany’s whole body was in a sweat, lubricating her tits movements against each other as they pushed out in size.  The bra grew tighter against the skin of her changing melons, further stimulating the nipples as they repositioned with her breasts perking up. She slipped a hand under her bra and began tweaking the nipple below wanting the breadth of passion she was feeling in this moment to reach higher peaks.  A violent jiggle hit her rack as the breasts shot forth towards their favorable final large size.  The breast she had been toying with she felt inflate in her grasp bringing with it satisfied moans along with an accepting nod of her head.

“Ugh ohhh! Gaaawdd…ahn…” Tiffany let out in joy as her breasts finished their transformation.

Tiffany had little time to cast her gaze down towards her beautiful new tits as the changes begun hitting her face.  She brought a hand up to and over one of her cheeks in elated fashion as she felt her cheek bones reshaping and her chin chiseling towards a more refined form as the peeling effect that plagued her arms before did the same across the surface of her face.  Her old skin evaporated off her body as a new countenance molded itself and was released through her shedding skin.

“I’m changing! Hah? I’m becoming beautiful, like Tina! Yes make me a better body! Don’t stop!” Tiffany called out inside her mind. Her eyes were closed, eyebrows thinning and her slits rounding towards more modelesque form, her face contorted with absolute satisfaction.  All Tiffany could muster at the moment was heavy breaths and sexual groans.

Tiffany’s lips puffed a bit in size as they trembled, mouth going wide occasionally with a releasing moan. The roots of her hair began to trickle with a splash of blonde that slowly spread through her mane like a gentle moving wave.  Her glasses peeled and evaporated into the air and Tiffany opened her eyes in a moment of surprise as she felt her eyeballs vibrating.  She realized her poor eyesight was being corrected, the environment around her becoming clear and vibrant within her gaze.  Next her nose perked up and the bridge of it thinned and jotted out slightly more.  Her teeth were also being corrected as they readjusted in her mouth, braces dissipating like her glasses before.  Many of her teeth grew in size as she developed a more prominent jaw on her altering face.

The facial changes finished and a winsome smile crossed Tiffany’s face.  She could feel the beauty across her new face as she traveled the contours of its new surface with both her hands (having brought her other hand up from her breast).  She had the face of a picturesque woman.

“Perfect…this beautiful face, this body is mine.” Tiffany said in a swank tone feeling she finally had the looks she deserved.  A tug at her vaginal muscles signaled to her though that the changes were not yet finished and the prickling sensations traveled downwards on her body.

The soft fleshy folds of Tiffany were becoming severely agitated as intense ripples throughout the muscles and bones in her lower body shook her stance.

Hyaaaah!! Gaaawd!” Tiffany cried out in ecstasy.  Her legs suddenly surged with power as she felt them gaining thickness of fat and muscle.  “I can feel it…ngaah!!  This strength!”

Both of Tiffany’s hips began swaying and bucking about as they exploded out in size perfecting her hourglass shape in the process.  Tiffany brought one of her hands to rest firm on her thigh in an attempt to keep herself stable through the changes racking her to the core.  Her pants evaporated along with her underwear leaving her wet lower lips exposed to the chilling air.  She immediately brought her other hand down to *CENSORED* at a steady pace.  

“Uooohh…Mfff!! So good…yea, yea….more, gih hyaah!!”  Tiffany let out while indulging in her primal desire for more strength and beauty to be bestowed on her.  “So hot, so sexy…More! Uhn, don’t stop!” She continued.

Tiffany began to stumble as she continued to work herself.  Her now bare feet began to show new shapes molding from the skin as the process that occurred with her necklace earlier was happening to her feet now.  The shape and designs of a pair of cowboy boots worked their way onto the surface of Tiffany’s skin until completely separating themselves and forming into actual separate boots surrounding her feet.  They were adorned with the usual spurs and tassels you’d expect, intricate country southern designs across the thick brown skinned surface.  

Tiffany tweaked herself just right *CENSORED* causing her to buck up on one leg just as her new boots took shape.  She stumbled backwards towards her bed with her new cowboy boots creating thudded slams along the way, spurs resonating as well.  Her fingers flew out of her folds as she fell back and landed with a muffled thud onto the bed with a large open mouthed “Oh face” (tongue creeping out).

Just like her boots new jeans were beginning to form from her skin.  As they surfaced they were revealed to have a worn grey look to them. One of Tiffany’s hands grabbed tight to her bed sheets, the other squirming above her head slightly to the side. She was feeling another buildup of exhilaration rush through her as the final changes took her.  

Tiffany relished every second letting out, “Ohhh ahhn m-m-more! Fuck Gyah! Hoh…ohhhh…oh.  Hya, Hya, y-yes, yes gaah!”

Tiffany felt her ass bloating in size and packing itself with extra thickness along with her upper thighs.  The muscles across her legs continued to tighten as they pulled and reshaped towards a sexy more broad appearance.  Her butt cheeks rumbled and smacked together as they pushed out wider in size, gaining firmness as they grew; gradually they lifted the lower curvature of Tiffany’s back to even further extremes.  

Tiffany had never felt such a releasing feeling in her life and she desperately wanted to reach her finished state.  As she felt her lower body being given new shape she tried speeding along the process towards a climactic finish by thrusting her pelvis over and over in a manner similar to signifying a climax.  At this point all she could muster were quickening moans as she slowly began to reach her promised land.  

“Uhhhnnn…ohhhh…haah, yes oh! Ohhh….ohhh..oh! Oh! Ooooh! Oh! Oh!” Tiffany delivered with more and more haste as the changes sped along.  Her hips were thrusting wildly as her ass finished shaking and reshaping, the upper most limits of her thighs touched in the middle as they reached their new strong beautiful visage.  

Oh! Oh! Awh! Oh! Oh! Foh! Fah! Fock! OOhh! Ahhh! Yeh! Yeh! Yesssohh! Ohhhhhh, haaahh!! Uhn…ohhhhh..mmmmmm…”  Tiffany wailed out during a soul lifting orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced.

She felt her body settling as she shivered in the aftermath of her change, *CENSORED* creating a soaked spot between her legs.  In her mind she was pleased beyond compare.  She didn’t’ even have to look immediately upon the finished results to know she had been given the perfect body.  She could hardly think back to how the whole transformation started; all that mattered was that she was happy with what had happened to her.

As Tiffany slowly opened her eyes after a few minutes she felt as if she had been reborn.  She was right in feeling so as she walked over to the mirror to examine her new captivating form.  

This was her body now, a body any man would drool over, with power that could put down any who would try and take advantage of or bully her.  She had it all now and she began to boisterously laugh at the thought of it.

“Hyah, ha, ha! I’m perfect, so strong and desirable.  No one will ever look down on me again, heh ha!”  Tiffany proclaimed; not with malintent, but joy.  A few tears actually fell from her eyes.  She had truly been given a gift.

She flexed her new body and tried a few of Tina’s signature fighting moves out, acting out dialogue from the Dead or Alive games.  Tiffany felt so alive and couldn’t wait to show off her new body, though she felt it appropriate to get dressed in more casual attire.  She found some of her old clothes to slide into and felt them hug tight to her new filled out figure.  She had grown a bit in height and size so her shirt hugged her chest snug and her alluring midriff was given view from her smaller shirt that wore higher now on her body. Her pants fit tight against her legs and showed off the shape of her voluptuous ass well.  

Tiffany went into a blush over just how beautiful she had become.  She took a stroll outside of the college campus, walking with confidence and with a sense of superiority showing on her face.  She knew she had the “game” now to get any man she wanted and she was dead set on hunting for one.  She was dying to put her new body to work and feel in control and wanted for the first time in her life.

Approaching a dashing well-toned young man at a bar Tiffany said, “So you’re coming with me got it, or would you turn all this down?”  Tiffany got straight to the point and was forceful.  

The man was completely taken back by Tiffany’s beauty and it took him a few moments to think up a response. With a confused but captivated tone he said, “I uh, who me?  You want me to uh, um?”

Tiffany placed a finger on the man’s mouth and sensually whispered, “Shhh, I know you want this and I’m more than willing to give it to you.  But you better act quick hot stuff; I don’t think I can wait a moment longer.” Tiffany had a sly look on her face as she strutted towards the single person bathroom near the back of the bar, beckoning the man she had tantalized with her index finger.  

The man could hardly believe such a hot woman was so willingly hitting on him.  He knew he was pretty attractive, but he’d never had a lady be so forceful in her flirtation like this.  He wasn’t going to waste such an opportunity.  He rose from his bar stool starry eyed, completely under Tiffany’s spell and sauntered into the restroom with her.

Tiffany felt so in control, she had the looks to command respect now and she was putting them to use to achieve a long overdue need, sex with a drop dead gorgeous man.  She had always been a huge deviant behind closed doors, masturbating to the thoughts of rough sex where she was the dominant role. Finally she was going to have a go at the real thing.  

She forced herself onto him immediately, clawing at his clothes to get them off while systematically attacking his mouth with her own.  She wanted it fast and hard and she knew her new more powerful body could take the beating.  

After the two of them finished ripping off each others clothing they slammed against a wall, Tiffany doing the slamming.  “I’ll take the lead little man.  I’m gona ride you like my steed.” Tiffany commanded with a slight southern accent (she wished to channel a bit of Tina Armstrong’s cowboy flare into the experience since she now had the body).

“Oh, uhn…So you’re a country girl?” The man questioned frantically in the moment of positioning themselves for entry.

“Shut it hun and get ready. Else I’m gona wreck you, hee hee.” Tiffany ordered, feeling overly amused with her new commanding presences she owned.

Tiffany was finally going to get the real thing, on her terms.  She forced the man’s *CENSORED* and immediately kicked her head upwards with a squeal of pleasure.  The feeling was everything she had ever hoped for though she was surprised that it was not painful for her first time. She quickly surmised that her new body was experienced and fully prepped for horseplay.

Tiffany forced the man with her thrusts down onto the toilet near them and she began to ride *CENSORED* one leg elevated over one of his thighs for a more awkward and stimulating position.  Tiffany’s ass slammed savagely against the man’s lap as her slit hugged *CENSORED*.  He had *CENSORED* that filled Tiffany to her limit and she loved it.  Her lower lips were stretched wide and her vulva was pounded by each powerful slam from *CENSORED*.  It felt like minor punches were being delivered to Tiffany’s lower body, but they were not painful to her; hell they were rousing. Her eyes were wide with blissful shock at just how good the whole experience felt.

She picked up the pace even more, wanting it harder and quicker.  She kept the man’s body somewhat stiff through the forceful grip of both her hands to his shoulders.  Tiffany wasn’t going to let him set the pace no matter what; this was her moment…her awakening.

“Oh! Oh! Yes, yes! AGH! Give it to me you bitch! You’re nothing but my toy! Heh hah! Uhn!”  Tiffany barked as she released some of her pent up anger from her years of bullying into the intense act she was performing.  She lost focus on keeping her southern accent as well due to the overwhelming pleasure.

Her controlling demeanor eventually began to slip as she couldn’t hold back the joyous pleasure filling her body.  She didn’t let the man budge however keeping all of their bodily motions channeled through her thrusts and grip.  Tiffany’s breasts were flailing wildly up and down along with the quickening sway of her body.  The man had both hands grabbing at Tiffany’s butt cheeks which helped keep her steady in her movements.

“I-I can f-feel it! Hah! Deep inside! So dee-it’s so deep! Ahhh! Oh! Oh!  Aahhnn aaaaaaahh! Uggh…mmmm, hah!”  Tiffany victoriously cried out as she reached the climax she wanted, letting *CENSORED*.  She gripped his shoulders hard leaving claw marks onto the skin.  

“Hyuh…huh…that was amazing!” The man said looking exhausted.

Tiffany standing up *CENSORED*, taking some *CENSORED* bringing it to her mouth to taste.  She whimpered a bit as she relished the flavor.  She sucked her finger briefly and yanked it out, a trail of drool attached.

She gazed seductively at the man once more and asked, “So big guy.  Ready for round two?”  Tiffany cracked her knuckles while anticipating the man’s response.  There was no way he was going to deny her.

For this Tasty tale of Transformation a young down-on-her luck nerdy college woman bullied by her peers is bestowed a new beautiful powerful body that brings her the confidence and control she always wished for.

Story requested by :iconfaky3ah:

MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing job
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