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-Ikaros Transformation (Sora no Otoshimono)-

Flying has always been a dream of mankind even after it was achieved.  The sight of a bird riding gently on the wind stirs within humanity a calming realization of how separated from the world and all its troubles that bird is, up there high above it all.  Flight inspires many things for people; perhaps to most it represents freedom or escape.  On a quiet summer evening a lonely teenage girl was hoping for both and intrinsically imagining herself soaring across the pastel sky.

Mindy was a shy teenager with brown hair of medium length that fell past her chin along the sides and sloppy bangs that fell past her eyes, though were parted between and around them revealing her dark hazel pupils.  She was short in height with a pale complexion and an average looking body of no standout merit.  A reclusive nerd who kept to her books, she had few friends and few ambitions in her life. She sort of just went through the motions each and every day, hoping for something more, wishing to be someone else. Little did Mindy know that on this night her wishes would be heard and literally grant.

Dressed in her baggy long sleeved pajamas and comforted by the sight of the picturesque sky Mindy plead, “If there is truly a god or force out there that can hear me, please…please! Give me wings to escape this monotonous life, help me break free.  I…I don’t know what to do, I’m so pointless in the grand scheme of things.  I wish I was someone else, anyone else!”  Tears welled in her eyes as she trailed off, “I w-wish…ahumm.”  Mindy brought both hands to her face and began to cry.

While she wallowed in her self-pity an object came falling from the sky right toward her.  It fell in a comet like descent until it landed several feet away from her.  It cracked the ground on impact leaving a small foot sized crater and kicking up dirt into a small cloud.  Mindy hearing the loud thud reacted with a hop and looked forward to make out what had happened, the dirt hovering about the air making it hard for her to see.

Coughing and waving the aerial debris away as she approached the object Mindy felt heat radiating from the crash site.  The heat grew more prominent the closer she got to the object until it felt as if it were penetrating her very body once standing before it.  Her eyes went wide with curiosity as she saw the fallen object; it was a collar.  Mindy stood their puzzled for a few moments taking in the sight of this black collar with silver trims and a broken metal chain-link (about 3 links) attached lying in a bite sized crater.  Her questions grew in further abundance as she noticed the collar was glowing.  A feint shimmering gold light gleamed off the neck piece and took hold of Mindy’s stare.  

She eventually snapped out of her trance not realizing she had been gawking at the collar for almost five minutes.  There was something otherworldly and enticing about the object, Mindy couldn’t look away! She leisurely kneeled down and snatched the collar from the crater.  The intense warmth given off by the object did not burn, it actually felt more like a heating pad.  She was soothed by the embracing heat and turned a quick smile as she stood up and stared at the sky once more.

“What in the world? Did…is this some sort of sign?  What is this thing?”  Mindy questioned as the collar was clearly an oddity.  

She felt a growing need to put it on thinking it must be a gift to her.  Of course she also second guessed things wondering if it was worth the risk. “No, no it feels so happy, so calming.  There is no way this could be wrong.  It’s a gift for me; from the heavens I’m sure of it!” Mindy rationalized in her head.

Before even putting the collar on and seeing what would come of it Mindy was already thanking the sky and whoever sent this to her.  She was absolutely certain good things awaited her once she put on the collar. As she snapped it around her neck what should have been the feeling of cold steel against the skin was instead more of the same permeating warmth given off by the object.  Mindy left a hand sensually grasping at the collar and some of the chain-link, letting the sensations hit her steadily.  The warm blaze began to spread through her body slowly filling up every inch of her being, body and soul.

It was overwhelming to say the least and yet Mindy felt truly at peace for the first time in her life. The building sensations were arousing and her lower lips were already wet from the prickling heat.  She soon began to breathe more heavily as the fire continued to increase inside her body.  It was starting to become uncomfortable.  It was an odd mix of pleasure and uneasiness Mindy wasn’t expecting and it continued growing, growing, and growing!

“Hngh, hah! Wha-whats going on! Gah! Hoh, oh so hot, It’s so hot!”  Mindy began to panic as uncontrollable passion was let loose upon her body.  Her mind went crazy with euphoria that she couldn’t control.

Her hands erratically moved about her body clasping at whatever they could as she struggled to control her demeanor.  The chains attached to the collar began to rattle about and the glow given off grew more intense.  Mindy gave out a lengthy moan as she felt her body rocked by a small orgasm.  The color of her hazel eyes shone more prominent as they began to glow.

Mindy twitched about groaning and gasping and feeling as if she were about to lose balance and tumble to the ground, though she never did.  A sudden snap hit her spine as her posture whipped back and held there.  Her knee caps and elbows cracked forcing a wail of pain from Mindy.  Eyes closed and howling with a mix of screams and lustful groans her body began to lengthen.

“Uh ahn ooh god! Agh, AHH!! Mmm uhnnn..ohhh hah, hyah! My body, my body’s on fire!”  Mindy cried out as she felt her body twisting and shivering as her muscular and skeletal structure reshaped and matured.  Her body was aging in some transcendental manner.

She was frightened and yet the warmth filling her up kept her from experiencing any major pain and only made the changes feel liberating and pleasant.  It felt good whether she wanted to feel that way or not and it made it hard for her to continue battling against it.  Thoughts of, “Must fight it, I have to try!” quickly turned into, “I have to touch them, my breasts!”

Her tits were starting to enlarge and fill out her baggy pajamas as was the rest of her body.  She had already grown almost 2 feet in height and every loud crack signaled another notch up.  Her long sleeves now hugged her arms perfectly, the cuffs riding up on her longer forearms giving off sight of her now silky smooth skin and delicate mature womanly hands that were now traveling up towards her breasts. Mindy’s formerly slim average frame was now bursting with new meat, her ass swelling and the pajamas now pulling and crushing around it.  Just like at her arms, the ends of her pajama legs now rode higher on her lower legs due to her increase in height.

The straining midsection of the pajamas saw nothing but tugging creases desperately trying to hold in Mindy’s growing form.  Eventually they gave way and ripped allowing Mindy’s sweating body beneath the pajamas more way to breath.  Her stomach gurgled and quaked, her muscles rippling wildly before they flattened and tucked into a beautiful belly.  

“Oh fuck yes! Ahn heh hah! So good, ugh my body! More! Yes give me more!”  Mindy called out giving herself into the unbridled pleasures of her changing flesh.

Mindy groped her breasts, cupping and bouncing them about as she felt them growing within her grasp. Her nipples fired out into small hard poles showing well against the now tighter fitting clothing.  Her melons kicked up and exploded in size, as if giant spherical pillows suddenly materialized inside her outfit.  They overflowed the grabbing hands of Mindy and drooped over top them as they pulled the torn upper pajama upward with their expanse, tucking the clothing under their peaks.  Mindy’s ass cheeks rumbled and burst at nearly the same time giving her an intense wedgie and pulling the fitted leggings of her pajamas up even higher and tighter onto her frame.  At this point she looked like a curvaceous young adult woman trying to fit into a teenager’s garments far too small for her.

Inside Mindy’s mind she was going crazy, “The collar, what is this heat!? My body is changing, I’m changing!  This isn’t right, but I can’t, I need this! Oh god my breasts, my breasts are so huge, they feel so good.  It keeps growing, the heat keeps growing! Somethin-somethings coming!!”

“Hu-hu-haahh haaah-ah! Fuck! Ahhhh!!”  Mindy screamed as her legs violently shook and all the muscle and excess fat bloated in size, thickening out her legs further.  Her thicker thighs pushed the upper part of her pants down a bit revealing the well-defined hills that were her hips.  Mindy was nearly complete, her body looking as if it were sculpted by the gods themselves.  The rattling in her legs continued until the shivering warmth bombarding them assaulted her pussy.

All the pent up ecstasy that had been building through her ordeal was about to be released.  Mindy knew it was coming and was ready, she wanted it, she couldn’t take it any longer.  She didn’t want this happiness to cease but it was too much for her to bear, she needed to let it all out.  

Then it hit her full force like a punch to the gut.  Mindy keeled forward and wrapped her arms around her new hourglass shape.  As she flew forward her breasts bounced up sharply before they fell, coming to settle dangling like enormous forbidden fruits from her chest; they were far too perfect to be the possessions of a normal human body.

Quivering in the throes of an unearthly climax Mindy wailed, “Daooh! Auhh ahnnnnn!! Hyuhnn  auhhhh!! Ohhhh  uhn  yes! So much, awwh!  Uhn, mmmmmm yes, ohhh, hyah.  Ohhhh uhnnnn…yessss.”

She stood shaking weak in the legs like a baby calf, drool draping from her mouth as the heat in her body began to settle.  The pajamas around her crotch were completely *CENSORED* trailing down her legs.  She had truly experienced something beyond human normality.

Mindy would soon find out however, that she was no longer human and that the collar and the intentions of those who sent it to her were not strictly set on making her feel good. Oh but they did plan on fulfilling her wish; they were going to make a whole new woman out of Mindy, she would get her wings and start life anew…become someone new.

As Mindy regained her composure she scanned over her new graceful physique.  It wasn’t entirely what she was expecting when she made her wish but she could hardly complain.  She had a body that most people would kill for.

“Eheh, ha ha ha!” Mindy giggled, amused over her new assets as she felt them up.  “Wow my breasts are so big, is this really my body?”

Soon she began to sulk once again as she pondered exactly what she might do now.  Even with this body she still felt trapped with no clear direction she could take with her life.  It was all still the same as before; she had only gained a desirable body, but still no purpose.  She was still the same mopey undriven person she had always been.  The thought of this brought tears to her eyes once more.

Suddenly it was as if a switch went off in her head.  A piercing heated electrical current channeled through her brain and set her mind aflame.  Mindy cringed as she brought both hands to her head and gripped at her temples. Something was horribly wrong, she could feel the warmth returning to her only this time it felt more energetic as if trying to break free from the confines of her body.  And her mind was undergoing an intense redressing.  Her thoughts were being jumbled and her memories and personality being thrown out of whack.  An unseen force was pulling parts of herself out from the storages of her mind and bearing new conceptions to replace them.

“Gah augh!! Ahnn ahh my head!!”  Mindy cried out in shock, unable to process the chaos inside her mind.  She stumbled about the yard as the sun slowly began to set in the fading color of the sky.

As more and more of her sense of self faded reflections and images of something far greater than her human self were planted in her brain.  She was a part of a concord of higher beings that humans referred to as angels.  She was to be the newest in a long line of warrior angels whom protected the great kingdom in the outer realms.  All the necessary information and traits needed to fulfill this role filled her consciousness and began wiping clean everything that was Mindy.  Sense of doubt faded and was steadily replaced by acceptance, realizing her wish had been granted and she was being made for a bigger role.

A smile formed through the gripping state on her face as she mumbled, “Y-yes, I, I see it now.  It’s so beautiful, ah take me! I-I must protect, gah! I feel the power of the master!”  Images of this heavenly realm visualized in her mind as well as the powerful being that ruled over all the angels whom she now knew as her master.

With moans of acceptance Mindy was all but gone, the very little left of her former self pushed to her deep subconscious.  The final changes took form as her face cracked and bent about awkwardly as it took on a more doting appearance.  Her nose trimmed down and her mouth became smaller with more parted lips.  Her lashes grew long and elegant as her pupils were doused with a shade of deep green.  Pink streaks formed on her hair and slowly covered the expanse of her head. The crawling pink shade stopped along the length of her hair that feel along her cheeks, leaving some of her natural black color intact.  Maybe it was a sign that the last remnants of this angels former existence was still hanging on somewhere inside.

She dropped her hands to her side and simply squirmed as she relished the reprogramming of her mind. The angelic energies filling her up made her wet once more and she bit her lip before moaning uncontrollably again. A yellow glow permeated around her body as her face finished morphing into that of a striking cute beauty (you’d think unfit for a warrior angel).  Her torn pajamas were consumed by the golden light and began to reform into new attire.  Long pink twintails shot out from the back of the angels head and were quickly wrapped by materializing red ribbons.

Her glowing upper clothing broke into several pieces.  Frilly wing styled shoulder pads with a collar fitting popped up on her shoulders while puffy detached sleeves formed along her arms. The angels tantalizing fingers pranced about her body as she continued to belt out in her rapture.  One set of fingers traveled to her agitated slit and *CENSORED* while the other fingers traveled to the cushioned peaks on her chest.  Her fingers were able to touch herself through the glowing clothing as if they had become pure corporeal energy.

The lower cut section of her pajamas hugging her massive chest split down the middle letting her chest take a bounce and rest unconstrained by tight clothing.  It formed into a naval cutout garment with a frilly white dress attachment around her hips.  Pointed bra like fittings cupped her breasts covering just enough of her lower tits as to cover her erect nipples.  Her pajama legs quickly reformed into a pair of tight fitting thigh-highs with metallic looking knee height boots.

The golden shine of the clothes began to settle revealing their full splendor as the angel cast her gaze down onto her new attire with a blank but blushing stare.  Her outfit was a striking white color with black colored sleeves below the clothing on her arms and legs.  Though she was still feeling acute passion her emotions were being numbed, her thoughts becoming more controlled.  She knew she had to enjoy this while it lasted so she continued to tweak her tits and clit; her pussy covered by a pair of snug white panties that rode up her ass.

The master’s power that had been bestowed upon her through the collar reached its peak and a golden beam shot down from the sky and entrapped the angel.  She bent over in intense delight as she felt godlike power surging through her and claiming her as its own.  Two mounds formed on her back as the final part of the Mindy’s wish took material form.  The growths on her back pushed the skin to a tearing point as something large and growing tried to break free from her back.  Long tenting skin folds eventually shredded, spilling blood along the angel’s backside as a pair of pink feathered limbs sprouted out.  

“Ahn hyaahhh! Ohhhh massterrrrr!! Fuaaahh uhnnnnn, ohhh….”  The angel moaned as she felt the power of her master finish her off.  Wing like appendages slowly grew from the limbs on her back and erupted in a plethora of pink angel feathers and every twitch of her new limbs sent shivers through her body.

The angel collapsed onto the ground for the first time during her ordeal and her wings fell on top of her.  Embraced by her new large wings she passed out in a heap of satisfaction.  

A few hours later two angels descended from the heavens down to the angel formerly known as Mindy. She awoke to their presence and gave a lazy eyed stare before nodding to them, ready to go home.  

One of the angels caressed the cheek of the newly born angel and said, “Let us go home now, Ikaros.”

The angels hand gently trailed off of Ikaros’s cheek as she smiled.  The two angels took flight into the sky and Ikaros soon followed.  She hovered more at first trying to acclimate herself to her new wings.  It quickly became natural to her however, as she was properly born for this, being a warrior angel was all she knew.  Her now blank focused eyes new only one purpose and that was to serve her new master.

Ikaros flew with the other angels towards an opening in the early night sky which revealed a shimmering kingdom in the clouds.  A feint smile formed on her face as she felt the welcoming embrace of the godly forces being cast off.  Then she sensed it, the booming power and warmth of her master, the ruler.  

As she entered the kingdom and the clouds closed behind her she felt a sudden mental connection to all her comrades and her master.  Their collective thoughts brightened her soul and she was filled with a need to protect it all, to protect this feeling.  Ikaros was swiftly escorted to her quarters by a few energetic angels.

The two angels that led her to the kingdom smirked as one commented, “She has taken to it rather well, hmm.  It’s not often you find someone who submits themselves so quickly.”

The other angel quickly replied, “Well she did get her wings, hee hee.”

One of the angels pulled out a similar collar to the one Mindy had been given and casually dropped it down from the sky and playfully said, “Whoops, there goes another one.”

In this Tasty Tale of Transformation a teenage girl makes a wish to the gods for wings and a new life leading to a gift that will grant her wish...literally.

Story requested by someone who wishes to remain Anonymous

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