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-miss fortune transformation (League of Legends)-

FORTUNE SMILES UPON YOU.  That’s what the treasure chest Lindsey had bought from an auction and was now sitting on her office desk said.  The message carved upon a gold plate in the front, adorning significance.  “As if…” she thought to herself.  Lindsey was a petite blonde woman with blue eyes and of rather average height and build.  Looked charming if a little frail wearing her button up long-sleeved white collar shirt with black comfortable fitting dress pants.  She was one of the heads of an advertising firm, a position she had worked up to from the very bottom of the company.  She always thought if she attained a larger position of power, a higher standing in the workforce, it would open up a whole new world of possibilities for her.  It only trapped her further into a life of mediocrity and endless busy work.  Lindsey used whatever vacation time she had to travel the world and go on whatever little adventure she could.  She secretly sought a globetrotting life of excitement, much in the vain of say Indiana Jones or a pirate.  This probably explained why she was big into collecting artifacts that sparked ideas of adventures.  Such as pirate relics, like the one before her.

Sitting alone in her office chair after hours, most everyone already having gone home, the treasure chest brought up dreams of swashbuckling adventures. She imagined herself as a commanding pirate of her own crew, traveling the seven seas looking for glory and treasure.  But alas she was merely a commander of drones, cogs in the machine of a large corporation; A slave to her work. “Well might as well open it.” She said.

Opening the chest, to her surprise, she found quite a large pile of gold doubloons.  “How are these still in here.” She thought. “Certainly the previous owner would’ve sold these.”  There was also a pirate hat and flintlock pistol in the chest resting atop the gold.  “Now this is neat.” She said, taking out the hat and pistol.  Putting the pirate hat on (which was black with golden oriental looking designs adorning its trim) she posed with the pistol (brown, wooden, well crafted and also rather cartoonishly large).  She acted out a pirate for a while to herself and giggled, “oh it’d be fun to live the life of a pirate. I could live life to my choosing free of societies rules and systems.”  Lindsey sulked a bit afterwards, taking off the hat and putting the pistol down. She then pulled a golden doubloon from the chest and stared deeply at it. “fortune smiles upon you.” She whispered longingly to herself.

Suddenly a warm and anxious feeling overcame her but she couldn’t explain why.  All she could do was keep staring intensively at the golden piece in her hand.  Her eyes starting to glimmer a bit, she didn’t notice a small golden trail floating forth from the doubloon and into her eyes directly.  The warmth within her began to build.  Clenching her mouth a bit she started to sweat a little. “I want it so bad” she thought to herself, her right hand creeping down towards her pants.  “Exhilarating, a real life.” Her hand unbuttoned her pants *CENSORED*.   She grew hotter and even more focused on the doubloon.  “why can’t I.” she moaned a bit *CENSORED*.  Her eyes began to form into a deeper shade of blue, like that of the ocean which she longed for.  The gold trail entering her eyes from the coin stopped as she dropped the coin in a quick panic, experiencing a *CENSORED*. “nggh! Oh!” she fell forward onto her desk, sweating rather heavily now, *CENSORED*.

Lindsey sighed, “what am I thinking.” Hand now out of her pants and *CENSORED* and a disappointed look on her face.   “There is no way I’ll ever escape this existence I’ve put myself in.” Then she felt tempted to turn towards the chest again.  She complied to her feelings and gazed upon the bounty of gold lying within the chest.  “This is my treasure.” Lindsey happily thought, a smile starting to creep across her face.  Just then her whole body tensed up and her eyes went wide.  “mmm hah.” She made a gasping noise as her mouth went wide and suddenly out of breath, body tensing further.  Falling back into her chair in a panic, her hands grabbed hard to both arm bars as she could feel her muscles tightening and flexing on their own.  It was especially tense between her legs.  Lindsey rubbed her thighs back and forth together in vein attempts to kill the warmth growing down there. “Ugh hah , hah, hah, hah.” She panted heavily, an intense spiking heat beginning to fill her entire body. In frantic breaths Lindsey cried, “whats happening!?  My body, euaagh!”  She arched back, head swung into the air as she released a gaping moan.

Staring at the ceiling in a state of confusion and growing pleasure and pain, her muscles began to shift and grow.  She felt fat building itself upon her body as her petite frame began to fill out.  Sweat was now covering her whole body and soaking through her white button up shirt.  Lindsey made throws of gasps, groans and little yelps, body thrashing about in the chair.  Head swinging left and right, each time a muscle pulsated and bulged a bit.  Some of the muscle began to pull and reform as well; it felt like her body was being sculpted in an intense fiery massage.  Her legs began to thicken as her thighs swelled in size, the muscles appearing to tense up and down, rearranging into a luscious but beefy build.  Her calve muscles pulling upwards and bulging out.  Her midriff began to form a muscular bulge at its center as the muscle, which started moving in the motion of waves, reformed her core into an athletic build with well-defined tone lines appearing on the stomach.  A large snap echoed through the empty room of Lindsey’s office and then another and another as her spine cracked into place of a shapelier form.  She cried out in pain during each crack, but in her mind she felt waves of pleasure overloading her.

Lindsey couldn’t think straight, what was happening to her?  “This strength, and passion building inside me? Why? oh god!? Fuck!? Why!?”  Confusion and pleasure constantly at battle within her mind at this point.  She started noticing the strength of her new build as tears began to well in her eyes after the painful shift in her spine.  Drool began falling consistently from Lindsey’s mouth while in the entrapment of intense energy coursing through her.  Her hips began to widen more and she grinded her legs, eventually holding them together as her hips filled out more.  At this point her pants where getting quite tight due to the size of her hips.  Although having gained much muscle compared to her original makeup, she still had a slim framed look to her, but very toned and well sized in certain areas (particularly the legs).  Suddenly the muscles in and around her vagina were the target of the transformation.  Lindsey flew forward off the chair and onto her office desk, landing on her chest.  The pleasure was so indescribably, the muscles tightening and *CENSORED*, a camel toe forming on her pants.  Lindsey could *CENSORED*.  Crying, she let out, “yahh, ohh ughhh.“

Lindsey was basically standing with her legs spread apart and upper body sprawled onto the desk, arms shoveling about as she writhed in response to the heat flowing through her veins.  Her core began to tighten even further and her pants where now very constricting being filled out.  Her ass was expanding to a very strong and firm shape, almost exploding in size at once.  “fuck!, gooood, yesss!” Lindsey yelled as she started to relish the changes.  She didn’t care how or why, her body just felt so amazing right now.  Her mind began to awash with images of the sea.  Lindsey felt connected to these images even more as the changes overtaking her were hitting her much like the crashing of waves, the feelings of ecstasy rippling across her body again and again.  Her chest began to change now, growing rapidly in mass, the fat building faster and faster upon her breasts.  Her growing tits were hidden slightly as they were being pressed against the table Lindsey was laying and thrusting back and forth on (*CENSORED*).  *CENSORED* on the table through her shirt which was beginning to strain.  Lindsey’s breasts were becoming so large that they actually lifted her body slightly off the desk.  Her legs grew so massive in her pants that they began to tear, ripping openings in the side seams in two areas (one on top of another) on each side of the upper thighs.  Her ass was now huge and tight, brimming with strength along with the rest of her legs.

As Lindsey felt the waves of the sea for which she so desired start encompassing her mind her eyes began to twitch as the changes finally took hold of her face.  Lindsey’s eyes drew ahead for a moment and she saw the open chest glowing with an intense light from the treasure within.  Drool pooling from her mouth she felt as if she finally realized what was happening.  “the sea is calling me.” She thought.  “My body is finally accepting who I am.  Yes, I am bound for the sea, bound for glory!”  These thoughts filled Lindsey’s mind as she gained enough control to start moaning out words again.  “yes, yes I’m free, auuuhh!”  Her lips began to fill out into a larger more luscious shape with a dark shade of red color to them.  Her face cracking, becoming more chiseled and likened to that of a magazine spread model.  Lindsey certainly looked gorgeous now.  Her hair began to grow from its original shoulder length to way, way down towards her butt.  The hair seemed to envelope Lindsey as it curled in an enticing manner across her whole backside.  A deep sexy red began to grow from the roots of her head and spread to her entire hair.

Hair now red and eyes blue as the sea, she felt the final changes taking her. Her eyelashes grew out giving her a captivating look if her face were not brimming with ecstasy at the moment.  Lindsey’s breasts blew up in size again as her button shirt finally gave way and burst open.  Thrashing violently now on the desk, one of her hands feebly *CENSORED* (the hand being weighed down under her own body), while the other holding the front end of the desk, Lindsey yelled, “Make me! Ughh! Yess, yess! Aauuggh fuck! Fuaaah, aaaaahhh!!”  Eyes rolled into her head, back arching backwards lifting her slightly off the desk, she let out a howl of pleasure.  Lindsey’s breasts spilled out of her shirt, just a few buttons still clinging below her now massive breasts.

Lindsey basked for what seemed like an eternity in the afterglow.  Her mind and thoughts finally starting to regain focus.  Feeling released and reborn she slowly stood up, weak in the legs but with enough muscle to power through it.  “oh my…its me” she spoke, “yes, this is who I was meant to be.  The strength, the beauty, I can claim whatever I want as my own.”  A slow smile began to creep onto her face, eyes glowing with purpose and want.  She closed her eyes and raised her head upwards flexing her new body, sending minute prickles of pleasure across her form.    “gaaahh, yes..” she slightly moaned short of breath.

Lindsey’s breasts where hanging out over her fallen buttoned shirt which was now only buttoned in the upper region of her abs.  The parts of her shirt that would usually cover the shoulders were now draped on the sides of her upper arms.  The bottom buttons of the shirt broke due to the widening of her hips.  You could see the toned core straining against the white attire.  Lindsey had actually grown in height, her pants bottoms actually gripping to her toned legs showing a bit of skin above the ankles and area above her heels.  Her forearms also stuck out a bit from the cuffs of her sleeves.

Lindsey stood up strong and amused.  “I can’t believe I’m free.” She giggled to herself.  Lindsey picked up HER pirate hat and placed it on her head, as well as the pistol and began tapping it against her thigh, almost striking a pose.  “oh this’ll be fun.”  She puzzled playfully for a second, “A new me deserves a new name.”  After a few minutes of thought Lindsey had it. “I know Sarah…” she looked at the treasure chest with the carving into the top reading “FORTUNE SMILES UPON YOU”.  She smiled and finished, “Fortune…”

Here is my first tasty tale of transformation.  A career woman who is bored of her humdrum life finds that a relic from the past may open up a whole new world for her.  A pirates life for her ;)

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