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If you are interested in cooperating with me in art and business, 

please browse to find my design & art works, 

and my email address to contact with me. 

Because I do not check frequently. 
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looking for amazing photographyer!

if u want to do collab with me, send me note and send the work link. if it is suit i will concact u.

i love the amazing Portrait & Fashion shoot.

hope u love my work.
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im come to DA for 2years. today i give :devart: 100000+PG and 2400+ watcher. :#1: amazing day!

and A deviant has bought me a 1 year Premium Membership to deviantART. who give me? pls note me,i want to say thanks mate!!!

my new work Music power by waver-h give 1200+favs,thats so surprised! im learn  photography now, hope i will update more nice photo in the future. im finished 2 artwork for Maserati Car,hope can update in the few days :D

PS:i have not give DD for a year! who can help me to featured? :D

at last im looking for amazing Portrait Photographer to do collab, if u want send note to me let me see ur photo.

:community::community: artwork :community::community:

Adore III by waver-h Gorgeously feather by waver-h Miss you by waver-h Shooting by waver-h Wild color by waver-h

:community::community: photography :community::community:

Water by waver-h Stairway to heaven by waver-h
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Im disappearance for a long time because im so busy for my work :frustrated: and write my book :work:

I got 90000+PG and 2100+WATCHER :airborne:

my book will come into the market at 2009/08/05 in China,and my book issuance event is in 2009/08/15 in Beijing,China.

I will update 15+ artwork these days, hope u love it. in 2009,i think i will do more new artwork to keep my creative.

:community::community::community:Mixed Media 4 ever!!:community::community::community:
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lol,i saw 80008 pg when i open my DA.amazing and have 1900+ watchers yet.

and im ready my book now. it will come into the market on Apr. in China. i hope it will on Singapore,TaiWan,Malaysia in this year. the book about how to creative mixed media artwork and include my all work in it.

cheers it,when the book come into the market. i will update many new work. crazy waver_h line style.:D
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Today is the Chinese New Year's Eve.

happy new year everybody. hope u good luck in 2009!
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at first im chinese and sorry about my english.

chinese GFW shield DA yestday. i only can use supply to online with DA. i want to say,every country want to unify. not split. so in the thing with Sitsang, pls give us deference.

i know so many people love my artwork,thats the ture. i think the art is havnt national boundaries in the world.

we can talk about design,art,life. but pls dont talk about politics. really thanks. i love DA,in here,i find so many good friends. i dont want the website shiedld.
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im so busy these days and so long time didn't come here. but this is a very amazing thing.

i have got the 3rd DD,and 1600+watcher.

thanks for the :iconhellobaby: Suggested and :iconlemontea: Featured. Miss you by waver-h

and another DD: Gorgeously feather by waver-h Dharma by waver-h
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Hey,veryone in DA. We need u now.

Do u know there is a 7.8 seism in these days in Sichuan China.

it take 14866 people die in an accident. 14866 people!! they are my brethren. and so many childs are dead in this calamity.

we need ur help, the people in the world. sorry about my english.

u can give our help. u can donative to our charity.

account name:Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project
bank address:China CITIC Bank Beijing Jiuxianqiao Sub-branch
account number:7112111482600000209

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So busy these days. so busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:frustrated:  

Im found my Creative company these days. the name is "exe-group"

im do 2 artworks today because i want to find some inspiration. :boogie::boogie::boogie:  give them any favs.

I will begin to login my company and dispose my office and creative 6 artworks for adidas next week. hope im fine.

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Im in DA for 1 year. 365 days ,wow.

I give 50000+ PG and 1400+ watcher.

so many people sustain my artworks. Adidas invite me to do some Graphic with artwork these days.:boogie:   in 2008,i will work hard. because i want to found a Creative Studio in these years in Shanghai China. i think i will so busy this year. but im so happy.

i will not forgotten DA, i will creative many artwork when i have time.

good luck everyone. enjoy this year! eveyting will be amazing!

:headbang:  :headbang:  :headbang:  
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I want to do some Goddess theme artworks in series.

Sea Goddess-Thetis by waver-h The numen of sea

Tree Goddess-Hamadryad by waver-h The numen of tree

give me the new idea. if u have amazing photography of beauty style.u can note me to do collab.
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:community:  :community:  :community:  :community:  :community:  

WOW,WOW,WOW. This is a crazy day.

so many people fav Adore III by waver-h . it give 600+ fav in 15 hours.

i dont know why so many people love this one? aha.... thats so suddenness. yes! i dont do any artwork for a long time.and update in DA. the new work in DA i update is not very popular lately. but today u give me belief again.wait for my another amazing work my friend:D

at last. pls give the photographyer more watch. the pic in Adore III is by her :icondzchiq:
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My eyes is better now. thanks for the people care my illness in DA.

Today I want to Feature some my Black&White Line Style Artwoks. I thinks there are many people love my this style in DA.:D photo+vector.

But frist I must thanks the photographer give me many amazing photo to creative the artworks.:ninjastar:  

:iconzirtuan:  :iconisahn:  :iconredpublic:  :iconopeneyez:  :icondzchiq:  :icont4zm4n14xx:

:film:  :film:  :film:  :film:  :film:  :film:  :film:  :film:  

Captive by waver-h   Maze by waver-h   Dharma by waver-h   Aristocrat by waver-h   Feeling by waver-h   Waiting by waver-h   Her Dream by waver-h   Queen by waver-h

32000+PG 930+ watcher

Sat Dec 8, 2007, 3:11 AM
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An amazing day.

Im so happy today though my eyes is not better :(  

But I want to thanks my good firend :icontheycallmeteddy: suggested my artwork Dharma by waver-h and :iconirenelangholm: featured on DD.thats my secondly DD :#1:  

And I got 32000+PG & 930+ watcher today. thanks for my all friend in DA. I will creative more nice artwork in the future and do it better and better. I will come back again when my eyes has healing. I think this needn't so many time. waiting for me.

here is my choiceness artworks , hope u love it and fav it!

--- Daily Deviations ---

Gorgeously feather by waver-h      Dharma by waver-h   

--- Mixed Media ---

Adore by waver-h      Proud peacock by waver-h      Oriental Charm by waver-h      Her Dream by waver-h      Queen by waver-h      Fish by waver-h      TangKa by waver-h      Dread by waver-h      First angel by waver-h     Waiting by waver-h      Aristocrat by waver-h      Dragon city by waver-h          Renascence by waver-h

--- Vector ---

Fay by waver-h      Miss you by waver-h      Bressanon by waver-h      Angel Voices by waver-h

I fall ill.  my evys is inflammation...
I go to hospital yesterday..

doctor told me must have 3 week to comeback

I have so many inspiration to creative.. but I cant do everything now..

I hope i can come back as soon as possible.. everybody..waiting for me :-(  :-(  :-(  :-(  :-(  :-(  
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I love this song......  U know,I'm waiting for u.

:cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  

Here I stand in Bressanone
with the stars up in the sky
Are they shining over Brenner
and upon the other side
you would be a sweet surrender
I must go the other way
And my train will carry me onward
though my heart would surely stay
Wo my heart would surely stay
Now the clouds are flying by me
and the moon is the rise
I have left stars behind me
they were disamondsin your skies
You would be a sweet surrender
I must go the other way
And my train will carry me onward
though my heart would surely stay
Wo my heart would surely stay

:cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:  :cd:
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hello everybody. thank you very much,I'm really honoured so many people love my artwork.

At first,I want to recommend my photographer partner.

:iconzirtuan:  :iconisahn:  :iconredpublic:  :iconopeneyez:

Tuan is the most collab partner with me.He has so many amazing photography.

I want to looking for more photograph partner to do some collab. I'm adept in Vector and Mixed Media. I love the people photograph.So if you have some amazing people photograph,we can do collab.

Im waiting for you my friend!
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Im so depression these days. :heartbreaker:  I have not some idea and inspiration to do artwork.

I don't know why and I don't know how to change it. :ambulance:  My style maybe need to breakthrough!! I think the artworks is not so well lately.

At last,thanks for my friends. You like my artwork all along.

:ninjastar:  :ninjastar:  :ninjastar:  
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:community:  :community:  :community:  :community:  :community:  

hey everyone. Im coming. invite me to join the "Blooming Nova 100" Event.

In this event,I cognition so many new friend and I found so many people love my artwork . :#1:  :#1:  thanks a lot my friend, Im so honoured and happy in these days.

:firelite-photo:  :firelite-photo:  :firelite-photo:  :firelite-photo:  

Thats madness! So nice recollection!!!  -_____-

:gallery:  Look the Event Photo -> My Illustration Show 1     My Illustration Show 2

:gallery:  Look My Painting -> My Painting On The Wall 1      My Painting On The Wall 2

At last, I must to thanks so many people in DA. You help me so much my friends!!!!  ↓:peace::peace::peace:
:iconlj-jun: :iconzirtuan:
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