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By waver-h
red red red red......

photography from [link]
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wow i like your style, vert nice, compositions super..
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this one is awesome. great color and design choice. the circles to the left definitly halp make this pop out.
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great work sir! the colors are really awesome! :D
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It's like she ripped out my heart and stained her dress with it.:)
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Amazing picture!!:hug: :D I love red!:)
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"Looks nice but the bg seems not fit in the style.
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yes,i think so too. but maybe that the contrast:D
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I've really come to enjoy your work. It's beautiful.
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You then work out a new
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Very beautiful.<3
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What a great work!
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i like it <3:D
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Looks nice, it has pretty good flow and it's an interesting design.

I think the red and white lines in front of her seem too cartoonish, they actually become distracting. A more painterly look (no hard lines, softer look) might have been better suited to the feel of this piece. As it is now, the lines make the picture seem a little too cluttered and contrasty.
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