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Rewards: 1 M. Core Memebership, 200 Points, Free Picture, Create your own upgrade and be part of the mod team for a month!

All donation sent to TheMysteriousVampire Wavelyn will be for Contests, Super Group, Memebers.




You may now make multiple challenges on one image, your Wavelyn will still earn the skills however you will only gain one free upgrade each Challenge Weeks.

One of the coloring Upgrade will become officially selectable for new MYO Wavelyn with two new colors.

I figured it would be great to give people more coloring options, to give your child more variety.

The main coloring Pallets will be selectable. If you obtained 20 Wavelyn Points you will be given the right to change your coloring to one of the alternatives that are available from the start. Example: If you picked Red, and you're tired of your Wavelyn being red, you can choose the blue. :)

Update 2:
I had found two artists who are willing to draw pictures for our Super Members!

Update 3:
Catch up Challenges.
I am planning to make a folder with it a link for people who missed out on the Weekly Challenges and Monthly Challenges.
Challenges which that runs out will all be available. However, you may not benefit from the Upgrades; Weekly and Monthly Upgrades. But you will still receive the same amount of W.P as the real challenges.
-Catch up Weekly Challenges can be found here:
Other challenges will be added later.
Not available

Update 4:
Donate a Wavelyn.
If you have a Wavelyn that you are sure you will not use anymore, giving the Wavelyn to a friend or someone who wants to join is Fully Accepted.
But please make sure the Wavelyn is at a fair price.
If you need help, just give a note to TheMysteriousVampire and I'll give you the full value of the Wavelyn.

Update 5:
Coming Soon
There will be soon a full Wavelyn School.
Each week there will be an available Special Wavelyn that will train your Wavelyn to gain specific skills without the need of upgrades.
Wavelyn School will always be opened. Just check the character's availability.

Update 6:
Available Soon:
Upgradable Skill Upgrades
There will be a new way to evolve your Wavelyn.
If your Wavelyn has an amount of a certain skill, there will be an upgrade for these skills. Sometimes two skills at once!
More info on this will be available later!

Update 7:
Coming very soon!
Returning Stickers, they will now be called Achievements.
Instead of recieving a sticker for each Weekly Challenges, you'll collect it for completing the achievements!

Weekly Challenge 19:
Contest! This is a TWO WEEK contest, you have to draw the new Wavelyn Mascot, along with ALL of your Wavelyn with a background.

The winner will become a Co-founder and recieve 100 points!
I had picked our newest Super Memeber, they are admin but doesn't mean I can`t treat this person like he's not one of us.  
This person has been doing a lot of hard work, and earns all the merits that other memebers earned. He is: StupeeChrei!

You had win:
1 Core Memebership
1 Free Drawing (From a great artist.)
1. 200 Points
1. The rights to create a UNIQUE upgrade that he can give to all of his babies.
And since he can't be twice an admin, I'll give him one FREE MYO ticket.

Anyone who draws StupeeChrei Wavelyn, earns 3 bonus Wavelyn Points.


Monthly Challenge 4.
Challenge A
If you are Canadian or from the US, it's the perfect time!
Celebrate either of the upcoming celebration from your country, with your Wavelyn taking part of it.
Make sure you have a flag of the country showing.

This will not effect any Wavelyn stats.
If you do not want to do this there are other challenges.

Challenge B
Create a Wavelyn Map.
I will choose by the end of the month one of your Maps as the Official Wavelyn Map.
The map must contain:
Fire|Police Departments
Upgrade Shop
You can have a Wavelyn in the image.

You will earn:
10 Points
5 WP
+20 in intelligence
More Journal Entries


Other interesting Species can be found here!


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DoodleRoar Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Discord link expired again ;;
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EeveeCat2 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I’d like to ask if this group would not and could not deleate its post and journals of weekly challenges and monthly , links to charecter sheets and what not , i may have not been able to make or post the drawing on time but I still wish to make a drawing about each post
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Mizu-Taji Featured By Owner May 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The discord link has expired Oo
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