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Serperior-Deoxys Part 10: The Crush
Stephen wakes up early and slithers silently to the pool. He slides into the water and submerges himself.
 (Time to practice. Hopefully I don't start a whirlpool or splash all the water out.)
 [Are you sure you want to practice where others can see you? I thought you didn't want others to know you had this move.]
 (Right… Guess I'll just swim to wake myself up. Need to be nimble come tournament time.)
 He swims rapidly underwater, occasionally surfacing for air. He waits until the sun has risen before leaving the water and waking everyone.
 With the crew awake, they head to the arena, hoping to arrive a little early. Upon arrival, the trainer is at the counter, half smiling when she sees Stephen.
 “So you didn't chicken out.” She remarks.
 “I was about to say the same to you.” He retorts.
 “Go ahead and see which block you're in.”
 “I'm in A-block, just like we agreed last week.” Stephen
:icondarkphoenix9393:DarkPhoenix9393 2 12
Mimikyu for ARMS DLC  by LatikSoulRichie Mimikyu for ARMS DLC :iconlatiksoulrichie:LatikSoulRichie 89 24 Ur8 guys! by LatikSoulRichie Ur8 guys! :iconlatiksoulrichie:LatikSoulRichie 42 10
Serperior-Deoxys: Part 9 The Wager
Stephen smiles at the slowly rising sun.
“Mel, I've got a good feeling about today.”
“About the tournament?” She asks, puzzled.
“No, about meeting someone there.”
“You know how I feel about pick up lines” She warns as he rolls his eyes, “I'll be watching. Just don't hurt yourself or anyone else.”
“No promises. I'll gather the group and we'll head there. Want to be early. You'll let everyone know to sit together in the stands, right?” He asks, already slithering towards the door.
 “I will.”
 Mel hums as she floats out with him.
 Grace is already waiting; Parry, walking towards them.
 “Good morning!” Stephen calls out as he looks towards Eve's house, waiting patiently for Heku.
 “What are you going to do about the last two required members?” Mel asks.
 “Emily and Lavender. I need to have as many type weaknesses covered. I want to use my trump car
:icondarkphoenix9393:DarkPhoenix9393 1 26
iPad Sketch 3- First Day and First Impressions by GeneralGibby iPad Sketch 3- First Day and First Impressions :icongeneralgibby:GeneralGibby 61 19 Black Rose Witch by MikomiKisomi Black Rose Witch :iconmikomikisomi:MikomiKisomi 190 33 Screams of our Generation by HeroLinkTriforce Screams of our Generation :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 42 14 Reshiram  by LatikSoulRichie Reshiram :iconlatiksoulrichie:LatikSoulRichie 36 10 Sunflowers by Twime777 Sunflowers :icontwime777:Twime777 101 36


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Hey! Just wanted to say that I'm planning to go to the Pokémon World Championships next Saturday afternoon since I'll be in the area. Originally, I was just going to visit the Pokémon Center store, which is something I've been wishing to do for years. Then I thought, even though I'm not into the competitive scene, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, so I bought a spectator badge for the event. I'm excited! I'll probably wear my helioptile hat, though I guess it'll depend on how hot it will be there.

EDIT: I went, and it was really cool to be there. The Pokémon Center was very limited (mostly gen 7 stuff), though it's understandable. I still ended up spending a bunch there. Have you seen the Brushwork Pikachu design? I thought it looked stylish and ended up buying a shirt with the design. I wanted that messenger bag too, but I don't feel comfortable blowing $200 like that yet... Oh well. As for the actual championships themselves, I saw the Pokkén Tournament final four live. Even though I've never played it before, it was super hype! Now I want to get Pokkén DX for the Switch eventually. Other than that, I pretty much just wandered around getting Street Passes and the event exeggutor. I wish I participated in some of the side events (mini tournaments), but I couldn't muster up the courage to do that (I didn't even prepare for them). >_< I didn't know this before going, but you get prize tickets for these side events. Those tickets could be traded in for prizes; they had the snow chespin plush that I'd been eyeing for a while!


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