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White Flower

By wavefreak
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This is the product of a tutorial from Lee Hammond's book "Lifelike Drawing". I enhanced the background by first masking off the outline of the buds and flower, and applying charcoal and worakable fixative several time in succession until it gave a really dark black. The flower was done with graphite pencils. I had troble with the mask. When I peeled it of, it left adhesive. If you look at the full view, you can see what look like random scratches in the flower where the adhesive was left. It seems that it attracts the graphite. :(

Anyway, it was a great adventure in shading.
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This amazing work has been featured in the news article White Flowers! Please visit the article to find out some interesting information on the color white and white flowers. In addition, have a glance at all the other lovely works that have been featured there! But most importantly, don't forget to support White Ribbon Day (acting against violence against women). Thank you very much for your time! :D
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Thank you very much for the feature!
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I've read lee's work. it helped me..I need to get some newer books to improve. but this is CRAZY! :D love it
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wonderful, just terrific.
I think the scratches add to it, it looks more real to me, since flower petals are very rarely totally smooth and do have small flaws.
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wow! you are pretty good with drawing real life from pictures huh?! maybe you should try drawing people next! when i tried i found out about a bunch of things that i neeeded to improve on and such and i also found my "hidden" talents (the art teacher is talking in my brain again ><;) i like the little lines that go across the petals! they add contrast and make them attractive! :heart:
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Thanks for your comments on my drawings.

Drawing people is a real challenge. We automatically "know" when a face doesn't look quite right so drawings that aren't accurate are very noticable. The nice thing about waves or flowers and such is that even if it doesn't look exactly like the reference photo, still looks "right" unless it's really way off.
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tru tru! faces are hard to draw realisticly, so i stick with my anime style and my simple stuff! ^-^
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Oh wow, this is verrrry pretty!! great job, it's so dramatic, the black background is perfect for this. Awesome!! :+fav:

thanks for the watch, btw, tis much appreciated!! :dance:
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Thanks for the fav and the watch!
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*where are the random scratches??*... oh, there it is....
don't worry, it's not really that obvious... be careful next time, though... i'm really glad that you worked with flowers this time... *i thought u were going to draw waves again...*
nice job on the stem.... i like every detail you put into it... i like it more than the petals :D
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The scratches were irritating. I may try a paint on mask next time. Thanks for the props.
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Absolutely amazing, that deep black is wonderful. The petals look great and it seems a little blurred, I like it though, it gets tiring seeing all these crisp images everytime. The smugged edges make it seem much softer and euphoric. Overall I think it's great.
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thx. I guess flowers should be soft, eh?
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WOW! :o That's fantastic! I love the petals! When I first saw it I thought it was a photo ;D Great work!
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Thanks. It was kinda fun to do.
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