Commissions Guide - June 2014.

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I have had several inquiries lately about whether I take any commission requests. Yes, I would love to – and here are some guidelines to facilitate those who are interested! 

A. Types of commissions accepted

 I am a professional artist and have worked as an animator/layout artist on some of major U.S. based television series such as Dora the Explorer, Family Guy, and Arthur as well as a freelance website comic artist on Therefore I am pretty flexible about the art style of the work to be commissioned, but you will see the most cost-effective performance from me in creating pin-ups of one to several characters with relatively simple backgrounds. 

B. Prices by types of work

Although there will be some flexibility in the type of work I can accept, below are some benchmarks to help you decide how you would want to work with me (all prices are in US$):

Line art

   1. One character: $15; each additional character $10
Background: simple $10, detailed, $15. 

Line art with color

    1. One character: $25; each additional character $20
Background: $20
Pokemon L by wave-lens pokemon L with B by wave-lens Pokemon C by wave-lens Pokemon C with B by wave-lens

Mami L by wave-lens Mami C by wave-lens Mami C with B by wave-lens

Above are prices for one-page art and we can discuss discount should your request encompass multiple pages. 

C. Method of payment

Paypal is the preferred method of payment. After we substantially agree on how and when the commission is to be performed and what the prices will be, I kindly ask you to put down at least 20-30% down payment (the residual is due upon completion). Receipt of a down payment is my way of knowing that your request has been made in earnest and that I now have an obligation to meet your needs. 

D. How to initiate request

Please send me a Note with a synopsis of your request, specifying features such as:

    1. Brief documentation of setting, storyline, and/or characters
Type of work (line art, line art with color, background or no background, etc.)
Approximate number of pages
Approximate number of characters per page

E. Disclaimer

I will carefully go through each and every commission and will do my best to fulfill the expectations from you. However, please be aware that I ultimately retain the right to or not to take up the commissions, and works involving contents such as below will most likely not be accepted:

    1. Overly complex graphic representations
Aberrant sexual propensity
Extreme violence
Disparaging comments or any other matters that may make the viewer uncomfortable

I generally request that the completed works be displayed in my gallery, indicating that they have been commissioned. However, if you would like to keep them hidden from the web, that will be certainly acceptable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am open and eager to hearing about any potential work requests from you :-)

(This journal has been written by Aster in conjunction with Saver)

© 2014 - 2022 wave-lens
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Mike006's avatar
Hi, Saver, do you still take commissions ?

If so, I just wait my paycheck to do one ...
BoboMagroto's avatar
I'd like to commission you in the future, when I can :)
wave-lens's avatar
Thank you, looking forward!
RIP-Blue-Galewind's avatar
Maybe I will give you a shot in commissioning with you sometime bud when I happen to be ready. :) Your art is amazing, and reading the journal about the projects you participated in actually would make it a great honor in working with the very one that had major accomplishments!

I look forward to it! :D
wave-lens's avatar
RIP-Blue-Galewind's avatar
No problem bud! :thumbsup:

You keep up the good work, okay? :)
tetran1986's avatar
I cannot use English.
Is it good though it wants to consult about the order for the illustration?

MugenKeiji's avatar
I may consider this option.
wave-lens's avatar
Just let you know you are always welcome.
You were an artist/animator for Dora the Explorer, Family Guy and Arthur...? Am I the only one who isn't mind-blown about this? I mean, I knew you were professional saver but those are some HUGE accomplishments... congratulations! I now feel honored just having the opportunity to commission you. I will definitely have to think about this one...
wave-lens's avatar
Thanks again for the commission!
GrayComputer's avatar
can i have a request?
wave-lens's avatar
Thanks. Please place your request via note.
DanHighland's avatar
Time to start saving money and coming up with ideas, I see. I've always loved your work, and I hope to be able to buy from you as soon as possible!
wave-lens's avatar
Thanks. I'm looking forward to your commission.
Storm-X's avatar
Interesting. :nod: I might commission you next month when I get some more money. 
Storm-X's avatar
DraDragonTear's avatar
Yays, nice to see that! ^w^
Hmm.. might be odd question here - but do you draw only human characters? o: What about feral types or "anthros"?
wave-lens's avatar
It's possible but I hope you would request me "Manga" or "Anime" style. Personally I prefer "Human" style.
DraDragonTear's avatar
Hey, another quick question: Do you also do commissions in this "black and white" style most of your private arts are drawn?
Would those count as full color commissions, or would they have a different pricing?
wave-lens's avatar
Sorry I just noted this. Such manga styles will be priced in between line art and color art commissions. 
DraDragonTear's avatar
Ahh, thank you! Hope you open commish some day soon :)
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