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We have been using Vector Art for my commercial clients and we believe we are now ready to roll it out on Patreon. These are high-resolution (i.e. printable) logo products that are often used for customized promotion needs (each project could go upwards of US$100-150 a piece). 

We will introduce a new Navy Tier on Patreon and create Vector logos under themes that are easily identifiable by our Patreon supporters, meaning they will feature your favorite characters/locations from Five Minute Summer and Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko - and probably some others as well. And for those of you decided to sign up, we will not only send you the digital copies but also a magnet or can (button) badge (your choice) via physical mail. We've never given rewards thru slow mail, so this is definitely a new feat for us.

Some Q&As:

Q1. How do I choose between the magnet and the button (can) badge?
Once you pledge as a Navy Tier patron, you can let us know. Also, we will do a poll at some point where you can tell us your preferred reward.

Q2. How do I let my mail address known? Please hit us with a message with your street address. This information will not be shared with anyone. 

Q3. How often do I get my reward? Once every month, each time after your monthly pledge goes through.

Q4. Do I get anything besides the reward in mail? Good question. Please expect a handwritten thanks letter from Saver enclosed!

Q5. I am already a Cobalt Plus patron. Can I also sign up as a Navy patron? No, but we'll still send you the digital Vector art. If you would like to have the badge/magnet, we can send it in lieu of the monthly Cobalt Plus art commission - so please let us know. 

Q6. You said this was a collectible. So what happens when I do collect them?  Another good question - we can definitely plan for a prize after we hit a certain mark. More info to come!

001 Chihaya Sample by wave-lens
Patreon 001 by wave-lens
Thanks! And come join us on Patreon!
We are back from a one-month suspension. There were a great many of you who were gravely concerned and and reached out to us - we believe the main question was whether :iconwave-lens: was deleted for good. The answer is no, but we must admit that permanent deletion is not something that we can rule out as totally unlikely. 

Needless to say, we pledge to abide by the Deviantart community guidelines. We're here to stay - with your support!

Thank you. 

<iframe width="312" height="176" src="" scrolling="no" style="border:solid 1px;" frameborder="0">物理エンジンのテスト</iframe>

00 by wave-lens

001 by wave-lens

003 by wave-lens

004 by wave-lens

006 by wave-lens

007 by wave-lens


008 by wave-lens


Hi, we have changed our ID to "wave-lens" with the addition of Joker to our band - "savaster-WJ" would have been too awkward. A couple of hidden meanings in this name, and we are happy to live and interact with anyone who are on the same "wavelength" with us :-) 

Also - we will be releasing a series of poll surveys at the bottom left of this page. These questions will better align us with our target customers (=you), so your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Please Help by wave-lens

FYI...the door is open for anyone who would like to commission our comrade :iconuw-ryder: (aka Rou Romario) to colorize the line art by saver.
(We call it "Cobalt Premium" association with "Cobalt Plus" that is a limited offer commissions program on Patreon.


UW Rou Girl by wave-lens
Uwgirl31 by wave-lens
I think we have a pleasant surprise :-)
Anyone want to take a shot at translating his latest posts??
I (Aster) was recently on a Delta international flight an inadvertently came upon this...a scene from Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children. the girl blows air underwater and purges water of an entire hall within a sunken ship that seems to occupy more than half its length. This is no surprise as this the girl is a manipulator of air and this is a children's fantasy novel and all, but it is the apparent rigorousness (and depth) of the shooting that strikes me :-)

We get this question a lot - and to reiterate:
We (Saver and Aster) are still in touch with him, but he had misfortunes in his family end of last year/beginning of this year and is trying to cope with his new life.

He will continue to be a member of the savaster-W trio, so please stay tuned and wish him the best of luck. 

Hello ~

We are looking for a colorist to help us with Patreon! If anyone is interested, please send us a Note!

Pokemon L With B By Saverart-d7m6e2x by wave-lens
Pokemon C With B By Saverart-d7m6e34 by wave-lens…
Anyone want to guess which one will happen first...
100 patrons on our Patreon site or 1,000,000 views on our dA site? :-)
Hi - based on the most recent conversation we opened a poll - limiting to screen fiction (movies, anime, games) only now as accessibility to literal works varies by region/country. Also threw in Pokemon Hanada Gym episode as well as it is everyone's obvious favorite :-)

U.W. Open!Hi - we wonder if our dA friends could share their favorite UW classific fiction (movies, TV shows, novels...) When we have enough nominations, we could take a poll to decide on the all-time winner of the U.W. Open Cup!
Our fav through the years have been pretty much Fortress (1985) but happy to hear other ideas :-)
Hi - we wonder if our dA friends could share their favorite UW classific fiction (movies, TV shows, novels...) When we have enough nominations, we could take a poll to decide on the all-time winner of the U.W. Open Cup!

Our fav through the years have been pretty much Fortress (1985) but happy to hear other ideas :-)…
With these rampant talks about building the wall and bringing back waterboarding...a bit shocking because I thought our society did not tolerate promoting disunity or physical tortures, at least publicly. Maybe I've lived too long to see this great country revert back to the Middle Ages....

- @realAster144


載せる内容としては、まずは以前にSaverさんにpixivに載せて頂いたもの、かつ私の旧サイトに掲載したもののその後BBSを閉鎖したため閲覧が不可能なものとなる予定です。また、制作したものの、日本語コンテンツを公開する場が無かったため私のPC内で死蔵してしまっているものもあるので、その辺も公にしていって、英語の海の中の島のごとく日本語ユーザーの方々が集ってくれたらな~。。。などとの思惑を抱いておりますw よろしくご愛顧願えれば。


Note: Aster's dA page will be revamped to focus on Japanese language contents.
Could someone create an image of a Twitter posting thread based on below? Assume this is a PC screen, and you are looking at a tweet on sighting of a "graceful mermaid" from an underwater observatory. (For those who follow our Patreon page, this would ring a bell) Please insert text to make look like a realistic Twitter screenshot.

Your work will be used as part of our upcoming Patreon work....and if selected, you will get to view it for free! (assuming you are not our Patron yet.)

A19a by wave-lens




あと。。。CC BBS閉鎖以降、日本語で意見交換する場が正直ないので、

Changed the sitch for this new series a bit - and made edits :-)

Mature Content

Anaerobica 1 by wave-lens
And as already communicated...we have completed the Miyako Diaries series on Patreon. The final and the twentieth episode was:

20    The Light Ahead    前に。

We are moving on to start a new Patreon series ("Misaki Diaries"), which is about Misaki country where the stories of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is set. And as you might have guessed by our avatar savaster is a big fan of this manga :-)

And another thing, Wadatsumi Ikuo is now a formal member of this shared account, thus the account change name ("savaster-W"). Looking forward to see what comes out of this joint venture myself! 


Is there a way to upload multiple deviations but not have them appear in the "Newest Deviations"? Planning to expand Japanese contents (i.e. Japanese translations of Tally Ho! up to now), but I do not want to bury the current deviations under fifty pages of them...

Time flies and we are now through the nineteeth title of Miyako Diaries at Patreon. Listing them out here with Japanese translations - without much of a practical purpose but, it's sometimes good to look back on what you've accomplished :-)


1      Path to an Adventure              冒険への小径
2      Yonaha Mae-bama Beach        与那覇前浜ビーチ
3      Kurima Islet Cove                   来間島東入江
4      The Road Guardian               街道の守護者
5      Memories of the Keep      火番盛の記憶
6      Downtown Aya        町っ子アヤ
7      Intermission          幕の間に
8      Sugar Cane Whispers              サトウキビの囁き
9      Deep Diver                             ディープ・ダイバー
10    Paantu                                   パーントゥ祭り
11    The Hermit Beach        隠者の砂浜
12    Mid Afternoon Showers           午後の大雨
13    Saki Elisabeth H. Walters     サキ=エリザベス=H=ウォルタース
14    Through the Void                    絶海を超えて
15    Girl Meets Girl              ガール・ミーツ・ガール
16    Puella Piscina           プエラ=ピスシナ
17    Puella Mortua (?)                    プエラ=モルツア
18    While I Wait                           あたしが待つ間
19    First Priority           一番大切なもの
20    ?