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Vector Dragon Silhouette

By Watyrfall
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Dragon Silhouette

Used stock as reference here from ~Limner-stock
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Hey, may I use this for a custom artwork for a card? :3
Hi:) May I use it for a book cover on Wattpad?
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I've never heard of wattpad, but it looks free? If you don't make any money from it, you have permission. Please reference this page somewhere if you do use the image. Thanks for asking permission. :)
Hi, may I use this in a presentation discussing an Open Source project? (named Dragonflow).
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yes, thanks for asking
Wow, very cool! Can i use the dragon in a business-logo on a team-t-shirt for a unique event, a charity dragonboat race?
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As it's a charity event, yes you may use it. Thanks for asking.
Hi! Is it okay if I use this for a dragon lover badge? I found it looking around in google and thought it'd be perfect! I'd showcase it on my blog, and of course find the the way to give credit, either in the badge, or as a caption.
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Sorry it took me a few days to respond, and yes you can use it. Thanks for asking. :)
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Thank you!!  I hope I did it justice -…
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Thanks for the link :) Look cool.
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Glad you like it, thanks!
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May I please use this image for one of my Renders?  i will be happy to reference your page and credit you.
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Yes, and please do reference the page :) 
Thank you for asking
Hi, had a quick inspiration after taking a pic outside, found your cool dragon silhouette and did this:… (I hope the link works)

Hope you approve. (posting it just on my facebook/instagram page, no plans to use it anywhere else)

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That looks cool. Please include reference to my vector, and if you can, the original picture I did the vector from. I'm glad you found a use for it. :)
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Sorry for not asking first, I was so inspired. Bad excuse I know but I used your awesome dragon in these two compositions, I can take them down if you'd like.

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That's cool - thanks for asking, even post-creation. I like them, and appreciate the credit :)
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Hi can I use this on a T-shirt?
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Yes, a t-shirt is fine. Thanks for asking.
Awesome! Would it be okay to use it for a company logo?
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I'm not comfortable with it being used for a commercial logo. Is your business non-profit?
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hi! can i use your work to be printed on a tshirt? thnks and nice work :))
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sure, you can use it on a t-shirt. Thanks for asking :)
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