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Me by wattlegirl Me :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 2 0
She sits impatiently in the armchair. Her legs draped over one edge, her head propped up on the other side suggesting she's been waiting a while. She hears the key in the lock and waits silently in the dark. He opens and closes the door with little sound at all except for the mild scraping of the door on carpet. She listens as the light feet fall on the carpet beside her. Without moving she says "Where were you?". He stops in his tracks and looks down at her, noticing for the first time her presence. "Out." her question receives a one word answer and her mind unfurls into a rage.
"It's three in the morning and all you can say is 'out'? I was worried sick, I tried to ring you hundreds of times!" her eyes show the truth in her words as they start to glisten with tears.
"You could have come with me, it's what you do every other time, even if I don't want you there" he says it in a matter of-fact tone into the dark, as if ignoring her. His tone and lack of eye contact annoy her further as
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Forgotten Treasures
She sits with him in silence. Both of them watch the room before them, neither make comment or pass judgement of the occupants. She looks at him and they both stand and walk out.
The air is cold and clings to her like cobwebs under her jacket as they crunch over the gravel. Her boots start to wobble as they walk on in silence toward the soft grass. He looks across at her still face and lets out a little chuckle. “Thank you” he says it quietly and it seems to hang in the air in front of his lips, as if frozen there, unwilling to be tossed out and forgotten too quickly.
They walk along the little beaten path, travelling downward and away from the church.. The half broken, but still wear-able heel making on her left boot makes the already difficult slope near impossible to conquer. The sound of the gathering behind them fades as the sound of their footfall takes over. The miniature eucalypts either side of the path start to close in on the two and they are forced to move into si
:iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 0 2
imagine me and you by wattlegirl imagine me and you :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 0 0 Hide Shadows -9- by wattlegirl
Mature content
Hide Shadows -9- :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 6 2
Tummy Shadows -1- by wattlegirl
Mature content
Tummy Shadows -1- :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 8 6
Hidden Light
There’s a girl I see in my dreams.
She has only recently appeared.
She shares my old places with me.
I’m glad she does
There’s a girl I see in my dreams.
She’s climbing up the tree next to mine and smiling over at me
She’s running though my memories,
holding my hand.
There’s a girl I see in my dreams
I see her eyes and I know for a second
She’s all that matters
I see her smile
And I can think of nothing but her.
There’s a girl I see in my dreams
She has only just appeared
She shares my old places with me
I hope she never leaves.
:iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 0 1
My heart, i give to you by wattlegirl My heart, i give to you :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 1 2 Subtle difference by wattlegirl Subtle difference :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 3 1
Tasmania By Song
The long winding road continued down through the valley, carved into the side of the hill. Thousands of different shades of green danced around as each light raindrop fell on the individual leaves. The car continued to wind down further into the valley. From somewhere inside a little black box a familiar voice sung "My December" softly into my ears. The car slowed once again as we came upon another sharp twist in the road. The car brushed up against a beautiful, soft tree fern, and I watched as the tiny droplets started to fall, as if suspended for a split second I watched them dazzle like diamonds as the headlights of the car coming the other way hit them. I remembered that image and locked it away. I closed my eyes and watched it unfold in my head, just to make sure it would stay- I didn't want to lose it. I looked out my window once again and watched the droplets stream down the windows. I craved to be out there, dancing in the rain, it's what I loved the most. "Give it all away, ju
:iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 1 0
In My Garden
Her fingers hovered over the dying rose. All but one petal had fallen off, all that was left was a browned stalk, spiked with thorns. She looked at it for a moment longer, hesitating, almost wondering. She yanked the head of the flower away from the plant. The rose bush bent and then flung back as if made of elastic. She threw the dead stalk at the ground and looked at the palms of both hands. Blood dripped from the cuts in her skin. She could see tiny black dots where numerous thorns had broken off under her pale flesh. She wiped her hands on her dirty green dress and stood. Looking around she opened her eyes do her dying garden. Every bush and tree had lost it's leaves. A prevailing flower could be seen here and there, dusting the grey brown garden with glints of dull colour.
She walked into the center of her dying garden and knelt in the dirt. From her pocket she pulled three tiny seeds. One black, one red, one white. She took the black one in her left hand and placed the other two
:iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 1 0
The beach
She ran along the blackened bush track, her white skirts collecting the black dust that whipped up off her feet. A strong, cold southerly breeze blew into her face and the heat of the bright sun beat down on her back. Her bare feet pounded the dirt below her feet and moved her body on. The little peppermints grabed at her white, chease cloth dress, and pulled threads out, to leave a small hole. The base of her skirts slowly turned to black as the dust clung to it. The sweet smell of bankshias and bannnana wattles spread through the air. The noise of saccades and small frogs was thick in her ears.
The path under her pounding feet slowly turned grey. "not too much further" she thought. A startled joey bounded along side her, both traveling the same speed, both heading the same way. They ran on like this for minutes.
They burst from the protection of the bush into a wide,open stretch of pure white sand. She looked down at her blackened feet and didn't like the idea of tainting this pure w
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Out the window by wattlegirl Out the window :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 1 6 The Creature In The Dark by wattlegirl The Creature In The Dark :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 1 2 Half Light, Mostly Dark by wattlegirl Half Light, Mostly Dark :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 2 5 Ash Grunweld by wattlegirl Ash Grunweld :iconwattlegirl:wattlegirl 0 0


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Mature content
Simply Red :iconcarlos-teran:carlos-teran 42 0
Nhil'riia Auvryund - revised by peachysticks Nhil'riia Auvryund - revised :iconpeachysticks:peachysticks 2,359 342



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It starts instantly and most innocently. You will see them across the room, at the end of the hall and all you can focus on is them. You don't notice how they look, or the way that they only tuck half their hair behind their ear, no, all you see is them. Their actions, and the way others around them respond to them.

In the beginning you don't even notice a physical attraction, all you have is questions that plague your mind. You want to reach out with every particle of your body, they confuse and intrigue you all at the same time, turning your mind over itself again and again. As your desire for knowledge of them is slowly satiated you find yourself wanting to know more, the smaller details that never really matter or count for anything.

You finally start to see the little physical things; yes they do indeed only tuck half their hair away, and the fact that they always wear that pendant. You want to quiz them on their physical appearance, you want to know why they do this, or why they like doing that.

Then like a wave lapping at your feet it comes to you, this isn't just some one you want to be friends with, what you feel for them goes much deeper. Without realising you start to see them with you in your future dreams, which at first confuses you, but then as it happens more and more you begin to grow fond of these small imaginings.

  You start your day with thoughts of them, you plan that day just so you can see them without seeming obvious or clingy. They become a craving. You want to see them, hear them, touch them.

All of a sudden, you can't work out why but when you think of them your stomach knots. Your mind is constantly ticking over the hundreds of things you want to ask them, the thousands of things you want to say. You forget hunger and thirst as they occupy your mind. Your craving to be near them turns into an insanely strong urge to hold them. Just to sit, not saying anything, just holding them close to you.

  You know that nothing that can be heard or seen will do justice for the way you feel for them. You find yourself searching, in vain for objects or words to show them how much they mean to you. You want to share all that you know, all that has made you with them. You want to give them your all and everything. You become proud of them in every way, even if it's the fact that they can cry so freely.

You finally feel the words you were searching for, the only way you can show how you feel. With these words come what needs to be seen, the two go together and can never be pulled apart. You find yourself one night staring at your ceiling, twisting your tongue around the words, feeling them vibrate in your mouth, sending tingles down your spine as the truth behind them reverberates through your body. Then it happens.

One day you find yourself staring at them, taking in every part, every knowledge of them, the good and the bad. They catch your eye and you're staring into their eyes. The words flood from your mouth free and as strong as the wind. "I love you" comes a voice both physical and mental, along with an intense gaze that can tell no lies.

This is what I believe happens after it's over, both painful and beautiful..

There will come a time when you believe you are over it, and you will no longer feel sad when you look back upon 'us'.

These thoughts are only there to fool, there is no such time or place when you can look back on some one or something and not wish for the time when that still existed. These thoughts are for the fools.

Some become adventurous and see how far they can stretch their hearts without hurting them. These thoughts are for the fools.

Even when you think of them, talk to them, see them; the old emotions come flooding back, yet you know you don't want it back because one part of the pair wasn't completely happy, and for only one to be happy is not enough. These thoughts are for those who have been the fools.

There is a time when you look back upon things that you have had with others with a smile, not a frown or tear, but a smile. This only happens when that person is gone, when all that is left of them is memory, nothing physical, for physicality hurts. These thoughts are from the fools, the fools for the heart. The fools in pursuit of happiness, the fools for love.

Some days you will wake up not knowing if it were a dream, the beginning or the end. Did they ever exist? Did I dream it last night?

Other days you will wake up knowing exactly what happened and wish that the other no longer existed. Then you see them with another and it all changes again. Your heart is taken unduly from your chest, ripped through a tiny hole by some invisible thread and you take a minute to react to what you've seen. Their face, smiling. It hurts because last time you saw them with that same embarrassed, yet happy smile was when you said something...

But this time it's not you saying it. You see it as clear as day, you remember it always. The world disappears, the sounds of the world mix into silence, all you can see is them, all you can hear is their laugh. Your breath becomes short and it's difficult to concentrate on why you were there, then they spot you, that person you once loved. They see you and they look happy to see you, yet inside, behind their eyes you know that they don't want you going any where near them because you know, the closer you become to someone you once loved, the more difficult it becomes to forget and heal.

The heart mends itself but it needs oxygen to do so.

You move forward to hug them. Nothing in the embrace has changed, everything is the same and to you it hurts, just that little bit more 'Was I ever more than a friend? Or has she forgotten about our past? Has she forgotten how much it hurt?'

I will walk with you tonight along the beach with the shinning sands of shattered dreams and hearts.


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