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Lemmings Month - 30th anniversary Special Wallp. by WAtheAnum, visual art

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My Bio
Well...I began to draw 2005 with the real artworks, 1998 i started at all but that was not really GOOD art. Call me W.A. OR just Walter ^- Im MOSTLY a happy guy, funny and a ear for your problem. My english SUCKS a bit but i still give my best ^. enjoy my artwork here. MORE you can see on my other sides. ~ Walter A. ^^

(Switch: SW-6813-2989-2579)

Favourite Visual Artist
Spatz, inhandra (Kelly Dunlap), alquicira
Favourite Movies
Last samurai
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Daft punk , Synthwave, Game remixes
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"Retro Games in general"
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PC, Switch, other retro stuff
Other Interests
Creating games, making music sometimes, stuff like
Ok this is important, at least somewhat. Normaly around this time, my friend Faly would do a special Halloween picture series as well as a special picture series for her Birthday which was on the 20 october if youre wondering. Lately, Faly didnt feel well since, so i heard, her birthday didnt "went that great" so she might doesnt made a special series for her birthday this year (well coz 1. its already over and 2. again, she had not a good day) and as for Halloween, its also unknown so far. But those are more side-news. Whats MORE important is, shes asking if its even "worth" making a new calendar for the next year so shes asking who would really WANT one. It would be the same, pricewise, as last year with a SFW and NSFW version. IF she would also do "extra" pictures, she doesnt know. IF enough people would like to get a copy, she would maybe even do such but right now, she doesnt even know if its worth to "make" one for this year. So if youre interested, PLEASE leave a comment but
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I normaly dont write many journals mid-month since i do one nearly at the end to "wrap up what happend" but holy cow, october is kinda nuts for me. First, so many games, like literally to many games at ones i got, would get and so on. The Metroid is just "ONE" of the games i would like to get but i ALREADY got Diablo 2 resurrected for my switch...and centipede recharged...AND ghosts n goblins resurrection... So yea...about that. And lets not forget i also got Unmetal on Steam as well. So i duno why but they is now a lot stuff, TO much stuff i could play. EVEN GAME-BUILD WISE i have another idea i wanna try to get done with another day! JESUS! Here adding something: Yes, Daredevil 2 is still a game i wanna finish but still have this boss-sprite problem. I will think about that another day for sure. As for Erowave, this game is actually now "on hold" as well since Faly, the maker of the pictures, did already so many pictures for my other game, "Space Hunt", that she actually needs a
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Its now like 3 months ago my father died and some days ago, 19th september, it was "normally" his birthday and just soem days later, 22., a good friend from me died last year already... Time goes by so fast, im still sad about all that stuff and sure need time to recover. Right now, i struggle with a "normal" day and how it should be, like getting up back early or actually finding motivation to actually "do" something - since our garden looks like there could be pokemon everywhere (if someone gets this joke). Still, it also has to be the right weather and will fall comming - and the last days of summer here were already raining-hell - i really have to find the right time to do "anything" outside. Else, im "ok". I guess... I have suddendly a lot ideas which i will draw soon - even already for Halloween cosplays (but no poses) for my main Girls and sure other ones i gona draw soon i hope. Again, WAY to much ideas all of a sudden at i can say, artwise im sure not dead there. As for
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Do you take point commissions?

I have a question

Do I need permission before drawing your OCs?

it would be at least nice to know and since i guess you want to, which one ya wanna draw? :3

May I draw ms fire in a bikini please?

if you wanna try sure.

Thanks for the watch!!!