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[FLASH!] Synthwave flash Profile 2019

[FLASH!] Synthwave flash Profile 2019
Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
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My Bio
Well...I began to draw 2005 with the real artworks, 1998 i started at all but that was not really GOOD art. Call me W.A. OR just Walter ^- Im MOSTLY a happy guy, funny and a ear for your problem. My english SUCKS a bit but i still give my best ^. enjoy my artwork here. MORE you can see on my other sides. ~ Walter A. ^^

(Switch: SW-6813-2989-2579)

Favourite Visual Artist
Spatz, inhandra (Kelly Dunlap), alquicira
Favourite Movies
last samurai, Avatar part 1
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Daft punk , Synthwave, Game remixes
Favourite Games
"Retro Games in general"
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
MY own drawn pictures on a piece of paper, lol
Other Interests
draw, music, Night and Gothic stuff, Spy Vs Spy,

Uff i even forgot to make one of those...

Uff i even forgot to make one of those...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc7Lt2ppxFY As you might could have guessed in my latest, "real journal", which is already a bit older (im talking about this one: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9594112/ ), my mood in the last days, weeks, months went pretty muchon a downhill drive. like....a hard one. We already have past half september and if you look on "how much" i have done, its kinda nothing compared to maybe other months. Artwise, its kinda dead. I have some ideas, yes, but i dont know how or why i even should draw them. I have even here a picture i work "RIGHT NOW" on it JUST to "finally finish it" but if im REALLY in the mood is another story, really. I dont wanna "force" myself to draw coz forced art ends up bad anyway and makes it look worse than it should or could be. I really might have to take a HARD BREAK from my art till i feel better somewhat somehow. But than its not only artwise. My mood right now is really like in the basement. I wanted to create a game as

Donations would really help now

Donations would really help now

As i was already posting below the latest "art" i uploaded, me and faly could really use some help with stuff we need over in SL and RL. Right now, the corona stuff hitted us kinda hard and we are both kinda running low on money for things we could use in either the near future or things which actually would help us out in RL. people which know me knows i hate "Begging for money" but sometimes i either ask for some or try to help out my closesd ones, like Faly as one sample. Again here said, donations would really help us both. just send me a note and i let you know the rest if youre willing to help. I dont say now a "number" or "how much" we need. All i say here now is that everything sure would help out. ^^

[COVID-19] Stupidity comes with the masses...

[COVID-19] Stupidity comes with the masses...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPToX5OHrPM Ok im being honest here. I often try to avoid themes like politics or stuff like "those" coz everyone might has a different opinion about it. You mostly cant change said opinion and it ends up in a duel of fates and a lot internet drama and fights noone WANTS nor needs. But here, today, i have to say and ask myself and you guys, stupidity seems like to come with the masses, right? Im srs here, and i try to keep it short but... Here in germany, people go out on the street and demonstrate AGAINST the "so hard covid-19 poltics" here. They go out on the streets of berlin and demonstrate in MASSES with either some or no masks on, not taking care about the people around them or even the CHILDREN. SOME of those even say that said pandemic "doesnt happen" and "that its just a joke" or "they dont care". So....said people which HAD the virus died coz of this joke? Is that this peoples logic? I mean i dont wanna overreact here but if i hear

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MichellethestarseedHobbyist Traditional Artist

hello~ I've seen your art(mostly spy vs spy tbh) and I really like the idea you had on lemmings month👍

I wondered if you ever heard of the lemmings spinoff 'lomax' for the ps1?

WAtheAnumHobbyist Traditional Artist
in fact i do even own a copy and did draw my lemmings character Lemina in an Halloween cosplay last year which was the loading screen as you can see here:

Mature Content

What else could she cosplay as anyways? X3 by WAtheAnum

Also the month isnt over and i sure keep going drawin some more lemmings ^-
MichellethestarseedHobbyist Traditional Artist


Happy Birthday
WAtheAnumHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks man
My pleasure.
Happy Birthday ^^