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Day 5 - Kara In-Ze

WOW. It. Has. Been. Long. 

I can't remember the last time I even submitted anything on DeviantART. I've been so into other (CGI/Gaming related) stuff I forgot all about good old fashioned drawing/painting. And it feels good to be back doing what I used to.  I've made myself a little promise - that I'd make at least one drawing/painting/concept/whatever else and submit it here as a record for every day of the year. We had something similar to this last year at college, but thanks to a stupid mistake, I lost a lot of my work. This year, I'm going to try and fill every single day with something worthwhile. Now, they say if you mention what you're gonna do, it ain't gonna happen. Well we'll see if I can prove that wrong. 

So to start off this little saga to improve my artistic talent, I decided to draw one of the characters I always used to draw way back - Supergirl. Just a good ol' fashioned line art piece. As you probably see, I have a LOT to improve on. The face is off, the leg anatomy is screwed, and the pose's balance feels really off. But hey, I improved in drawing hands, so I got that going for me :P

I haven't been drawing much on my tablet at all, so it was kinda weird to get used to that again. I think it's an alright start to the year though...
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