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Activity - Fishing Fishing is one of many activities that your character can do. Fishing can reel in a few nifty things for you such as seeds, upgrades, fish and a few other things. Each Sharade has a fishing skill, that starts off at 0.  This skill must be visible on your house tracker. Each Sharade has their own fishing skill, this allows you to have characters that specialize in different activities. There are 6 fish that can be caught at the moment. More species may be discovered as time goes on. How to fish - Draw your Sharade fishing - Submit your art to the Activity folder. - Wait for it to be rolled. - Fishing will be rolled
Class Skill List
Available Classes: Adventurer Ranger Pharmacist Inventor ADVENTURER You want to be an adventurer if- You want to travel beyond the village in dangerous missions to hunt down dangerous magical creatures and document the world beyond Algoma Hills. Help expand group lore by finding new flora, fauna and secrets during your journeys. Have your character live on the edge of society into the dangerous and unknown wilds. Adventurers have the advantage of being "hired" to do quests for other members. Adventurer Skills- Adventurer - Novice Map Reading  - Some like it, some find it boring. Either way every starter adventurer needs to know how
Lore- Rift Walkers
"I remember what you did to me, I remember every moment. The moment when my heart stopped beating, the moment I felt my senses were on fire...this pain. This suffering. I will find you, and I will make you suffer like me. No matter where you are, no matter how well protected you are, no matter how innocent the law says you are...the dead will always inflict their own justice upon you. I will find you, and when I do, I will punish you for your crime." A Rift Walker is a extremely intelligent undead Sharade who died by aggressive and often terrible means. They are often called the "consequences of betrayal and murder" due to the fact that most


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Howdy villagers! The awesome welcoming committee founder Spindle here! 

I would like to remind everyone that this is a resource account! Meaning any questions posted here will not be answered by me or anyone from the mayor's office! Please go the group page, or message any of the mayor's office staff to get any questions answered. 

I will be here to say hi whenever I can though! Welcoming new villagers is a hard job but I love seeing new faces. So please reply here to speak to me or your commenty-doo will be hidden!