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so back to school for all of us again... SO excited for the classes:

italian renaissance thought and art
hand letters
ancient through gothic
narrative illustration
illustration 1

the studio's are amazing so far, but i'm somewhat scared of having 2 art histories in one semester. it's a lot of work. oh well. and i'm commuting this semester. it's really tiring, but i'm giving it a shot.
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Hey All.

:bulletred: Links :bulletred:


:bulletblue: Recent Musings :bulletblue:

:bucktooth: I have a serious addiction to markers. I just bought 6 more today. I need to be saving money! [note to self: don't buy anymore markers until forever!!]

I also mad a devID with a really old marker drawing of myself that I did. Do you guys think the red glow is too much? I think I'm going to change that... I think I went overboard tacky.

:bulletgreen: Currently Working on :bulletgreen:

long panoramic acrylic painting

:gallery: Thanks for looking! :heart:
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Hello! So I have big plans for this summer! I've started a sketchblog: and am starting to sell stuff in my etsy shop:…

Granted, nothing has been listed yet, but I'm getting there. I'm repainting my room and reorganizing my stuff and getting my "studio space" together... which is fancy for making my bedroom more liveable and art friendly with my desks and I just got a bookcase and stuff. A website is also in the works, which probably won't be done for a while, but I'm going to do it eventually.

I really want to get more involved in the deviantart community this summer so I'm probably going to be on more and post and comment and such.
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did everyone hear about this?
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So yay! My first year of MICA is over. Kinda sad :(. But I'll be back next year! :)

so this means that I'll be posting stuff more often now :D.
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dear the people who check my deviantart,

hi guys... school's been going good... i'm wrapping up my first year in art school and i have to say, i've learned SO MUCH this year. i've made a good bit of work this year (more first semester than second only because second semester i had sculpture and a computer class so it wasn't much drawing or painting). i hope that when summer comes i'll have more time to do independent stuff... i have some plans for things over the summer, such as more paintings and drawings and illustrations, and i've also started thinking about how i want to design my website. i definitely want to do that over the summer so be looking for a link come mid-summer. :D finals are wrapping up and i'm so excited to post more of my work from this year once i go home!

homework is raining down my neck! BAAAH! it feels like conceptual art is choking me these days. :( oh well. almost summer! :) and then classes i want to take! :D
oh man i never update this thing anymore.

school is going AWESOMELY and i'm learning a whole bunch in my classes. its super super busy all the time but i like it that way. :)

i've started making grand plans for the summer like:

-hanging out with my boyfriend and friends and family
-working again at rita's italian ice
-getting a full time job at some sort of resaurant/diner (waffle house, anyone?)
-buying furniture at goodwill, sanding it, painting it, and trying to sell it
-devoting some much needed time to my etsy shop so i can start selling things i make
-painting my bedroom a new color (the old one's nice, it's just getting... old.)
-fixing up my little basement corner as a studio
-trying to make money to live at school next semester or to buy a car that runs

there will probably be much more added to that list with time.
So I posted a lot of things I did this semester and a few of the winter break sketches and things. :)

Winterbreak is going great, but I really can't wait to go back to school and learn learn learn. I miss MICA. :( But I'm also going to miss people back home.

I'm excited for classes to start again though!

well, back to sketching...

dear people who visit this page,

as you may or may not know, i am enrolled in my first year of art college at MICA and it's been crazy busy all the time, which i why i really don't have the time to update this journal let alone my art page... sorry guys!

a cue in on the stuff i've been working/finished on lately...

a life size fully body self portrait in pen and ink
a lifesize fullbody portrait of a friend in ink washes
a multitude of paintings including two self portraits and some mighty fine still lifes
a few digital illustrations
some "ink blots" and "compostitional lines" and color wheels
and most recently a series of FORTY 14 x 16 drawings of a parking meter in its environment

so around christmas break expect to see A LOT of stuff uploaded!

busy up to her neck in work kristin
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I'm updating this because my dad wants me to! hahaha

SO yeah I've been at MICA for a week and a half and it is amazing! My classes are awesome!!!

The homework has been piled on, but it's getting done. :) I started my first art project here today and it's huge and graphite and I'll have to post pictures as I go along!

Well I'm tired and I'll update more tomorrow just for Dad!
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I feel very bad this summer. I have not had time for making hardly any art. Towards the beginning of the summer I was working on my oblong painting, and throughout I've doodled and sketchbooked, but between working 2 jobs I pretty much have not done anything! And I only have 9 days left before I leave!! I have been making my quilt though which is a project all in its own. I may post pictures later.

BAAAHHH I can't believe it's only 9 days!!

;) :D :) <3
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exactly two weeks untill i am fully settled into my nice little dorm room and get to start the best years of my life... YAY.

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Yeah I did... I got a 5! TAKE THAT AP STUDIO ART!! hahaha. :D

I didn't get anything in the mail and I was scared that MICA wasn't gonna get my score in time so I called the admissions office to see if they got it and they did! And she told me and I'm just sooooo happy. HAHA. Like I expected maybe at least a 3. HAHAHA BUT A 5?!?

That seriously made my summer just that much better cause it's been boring just waiting for college to start!. :)
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Well I graduated and now I'm trying to do some art between my 2 part-time jobs. :D

I finally saved up enough money for my laptop for college, so now I'm running off of a MacBook. :) Runs like a dream. I really wish I had saved sooner! By some rebate thing I also pretty much got a free iPod and printer/copier/scanner out of the deal, so expect some scans soon. I think the only thing I don't like about laptops is the whole battery life thing. It makes me feel really uneasy when I look at the battery life bar. Oh well... ;)

The first week of july I go on my family vacation and am gonna be doing a good bit of art because we'll be on an island with pretty much a lo of time to do nothing. :D

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I graduate on tuesday!

I am forever in debt (through votes) to Susan K. McComas. :) I got  her scholarship. It probably buys me more than a third of a MacBook. YAY. I'm getting there... slowly.

I also won my school's art award and recieved the coolest, most awesome sketchbook ever. It has different colored pages! My art teachers are amazing.

I'm going to miss high school. Somewhat. I'll miss art class. I'll miss first lunch. I'll miss walking to starbucks after school. And sitting there for hour drawing and drinking blackberry green tea frappacinos.

But yet I know college is going to rock. :-D
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These two weeks have been.... tiring, but yet AMAZING. I can't say that I've ever felt more happy in my whole life.

To make a very very long story short:

I freaked out for two weeks before geting information about scholarships from MICA.

On friday the 13th I recieved the new of a MICA packet from Katie S., whom was told by Dayna that my mom was calling Dayna to get ahold of me. Check my cell phone during NAHS meeting, my mom had called me 6 times, and I started freaking out, so Dave and I went sprinting across the school and parking lot (in my christmas apron with my portfolio, no less :D lol) and drove to my house and then to his to look for scholarship/financial aid stuff. I got 13,000 dollars per year in scholarships :) :D :) and I got grants and work study and stuff... so...


It feels so nice to finally say those words. It took my a LONG time to say them too. :)

Then sometime after that I got my licence... and I think it will take me a while to fully get comfortable driving by myself. I do a lot of driving out of my way to get one place and then out of my way to get home.

I've been freaking out about AP studio art stuff... hopefully I'll get that all done soon.

Prom was on Saturday... and that was magnificent. :D The after prom party was cool, I learned how to play black jack. :P I've never stayed up so late in my whole life and besides a hair fiasco, it all went awesomely well!

Besides feeling awesome about this stuff all week... today we found out about what happened with the school art show. I could have sworn that this guy in most of my classes would win... I was banking on it. LOL. Well... I won first place in the painting category with my bubble gum piece:… and I won first place in drawing with my real estate piece:… which also won Best of Show! I don't know if anyone can understand how overly joyous and giddy this makes me. We also had the most awesome cake ever after the show, and besides adrenaline, I was hyped up on sugar frosting! I think I still am. Dayna also won 4 different awards! so :clap: for :iconcarishidao:!

And to top off a fabulous day, I went to go see my sister in the middle school junior version of Godspell. She did marvelous.

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I swear, the next 2 weeks it going to be the most nerve racking of my entire life. We've decided that SVA is pretty much out of the question. So now i have to wait until i know in two weeks about MICA scholarships, so it's either that or Towson. Its really all about the money now. Not really now what the best school is for me or anything. I'm really just going crazy. CRAZY.
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