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Catchin Summer Fever  by WaterPony256 Catchin Summer Fever :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Alexa Ref. by WaterPony256 Alexa Ref. :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Hydro Ref. by WaterPony256 Hydro Ref. :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Flood Ref. by WaterPony256 Flood Ref. :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 3 0 Raindrop Ref. by WaterPony256 Raindrop Ref. :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 Diamonds by WaterPony256 Diamonds :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 The Sunset Lover  by WaterPony256 The Sunset Lover :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 (FA)Peri by WaterPony256 (FA)Peri :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 Your Average Tired And Confused Bab by WaterPony256 Your Average Tired And Confused Bab :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 July 4th, 2018 by WaterPony256 July 4th, 2018 :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Bloob by WaterPony256 Bloob :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 1 0 I'm Sorry Y'all by WaterPony256 I'm Sorry Y'all :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 3 4 A Me Drawing by WaterPony256 A Me Drawing :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Newbie Charcoal Stuff by WaterPony256 Newbie Charcoal Stuff :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0 Spanki Boi by WaterPony256 Spanki Boi :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 2 0 Candy That's Cotton by WaterPony256 Candy That's Cotton :iconwaterpony256:WaterPony256 0 0


Yuri by AllieDrawsArt666
Mature content
Yuri :iconalliedrawsart666:AllieDrawsArt666 19 2
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Alexa Ref.
Updated her ref.

Parents:Jaqueline and Marcus 
Pony Type:Unicorn
Here's her backstory:
She was born to parents Jaqueline and Marcus.Her mother spent more time with her than her father.He got jealous,even though he never acted interested in having anything to do with Alexa.Insults started being hurled at her by him when her mother wasn't around.
In a few months,her father murdered his wife and left without a trace,leaving Alexa to find this horrible scene by herself.She was 13 at this time.Ever since,she's learned how to do magic and other things by reading,even though she hates it.She has a bubbly personality at times,which explains her cutie mark being a tongue out silly emoji.But,sometimes she can have an attitude towards just a small percentage of people,including Raindrop.She just can't stand Raindrop and Hydro.Since Raindrop can minipulate water,and she's a water princess,Alexa just hates her,because she makes her feel talentless.Tea is her favorite drink to relax after a long day.She is most talented in thinking of creative ideas.
Hydro Ref.
Updated her ref.

After Flood was defeated.Her magic didn't vanish completely.Whenever she transformed,a little of her magic mixed in with Raindrop's.This created a whole new pony.My ponysona's 3rd personality,Hydro.
She's a little cinnamon roll that's so sweet.But she can have an attitude.Not very much,though.If she gets angry,she'll turn back into Flood.Then,she'll have to be herself again.
Her water power is weak.She can't bring the rain.But,she can still control a pond,lake,or part of an ocean.It takes her a few weeks to recuperate.Then,she'll turn back into Raindrop.Turning into Flood always weakens her.So if you see Flood,you'll see her next.The flower in her hair is a Black Eyed Susan.She got it from a special somepony.But,I won't say who.Since she is a combination of Raindrop and Flood,I combined their cutie marks.
Flood Ref.
Updated her ref.

She is the evil counterpart of Raindrop and Hydro.She appears for a full day on Halloween and for a while when Raindrop or Hydro gets mad.I made her mane based off of Nightmare Moon's from MLP.
Here's how she first came to be:Raindrop has the power to bring rain.But when she does,not many people like it.They all get mad at her for ruining their sunny days.However,she thinks rain is beautiful.Everyone yells at her for this.Then one day,she snaps!The next time she brought rain,she flooded the town.Thus,this is why she's named Flood.After this,she changes her appearance into this evil flooding water princess wanting to punish every one who yelled at her.But thankfully she was defeated.She only has enough power left to return for a full day on Halloween and when Raindrop or Hydro are mad.
Raindrop Ref.
Updated her ref

This my ponysona.So,when I draw her that's technically supposed to be me.
I wear pigtails all the time.That's why I made her wear them.She also wears her tail in a PONYTAIL(get it?).
If you draw her traditionally,just color her body light blue first.Then,color over it with purple and you've got her body color.Just in case you get confused by it.
Type of pony:Alicorn
Age:My Age
Her backstory is basically my life since she's supposed to be me.But,it has a few quirks.I've daydreamed about having water manipulation,so I made her have it.She's a water princess.I'm supposed to be a princess through my family.She has an evil side that comes out on Halloween and when she gets angry.That is Flood.
Likes:cats,food,fun,music,art,social media,summer,all things pink,friends,OC
Dislikes:dark places,bees,spiders,storms,drugs,sad,mean people,sickness

Y'all,after using this website for a long time,I decided to make an account on Archive Of Our Own.
In case you don't know,it's a website for fanfiction.You can publish and read on there.
I just made an account,so I'm kind of a noob at it.I don't know if I'll publish anything or just use it to read on.


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Hello babs!Thanks for visiting!
Call Me Jules!
Raindrop Page Doll (COM) by lapitazuli
Memes and YouTube are my friends
Drawing is my life ✏❤💙💚💛💜
I like to try and experiment with what I draw.
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Feel free to talk to me if you want to.
I can be a cinnamon roll or the opposite sometimes.It depends.
I am a trash child in a lot of fandoms.I can get into a fandom easily if I like it.
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