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Flowery: you look cute chara
Me: do you have a mental illness or down an syndrome or your just stupid
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Frisk: Just think, Chara. Where would you get without me? Yui (Very Happy Blush) [V1] 
Chara: A little bit closer to the middle of the armchair. Grumpy 
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XDDDDD best photo ever
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Hi, may I ask you to translate your comic? Your comic is great, but my friends don't understand this language so I want to translate this to Vietnamese. I'll credit your comic so don't worry. Please, reply to me '^'
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Frisk:(in mind) Why did i invite them here why do be soooooooooo determined why is my skin yellow am i a boy or girl what is life
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This is so racist to Frisk!
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Even as a flower, Azzie has good taste! XD
Frisk: I'm surronded with genociders
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it fills you with disappointation 
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D E S P E R A T I O N ;-;
Aww, this is so cute!
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Letter J-Undertale Letter U-Undertale Letter S-Undertale Letter T-Undertale       Letter F-Undertale Letter R-Undertale Letter E-Undertale Letter A- Undertale Letter K-Undertale Letter I- Undertale Letter N-Undertale Letter G-Undertale       Letter W-Undertale Letter O-Undertale Letter W-Undertale 
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in the selfie they look scary but then in the last panel they are SO FLIPPIN CUTE XD
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I love your face flowey....
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FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask FriskFrask 
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Reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes comic where his dad was trying to take his picture

Ah, nostalgia
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Cordialement,je ne sais plus qui je suis xD
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Frisk is not amused! :dummy:
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frisk at the last panel thou...
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