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Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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Birthday '16: Celebrated DeviantArt's Sweet Sixteen
Birthday20: Participated in DA 20th Birthday campaign
CreatureWeek20Monday: Participated in DA Creature Week 2020 Monday
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My Bio

Tini Black Rose Hello, my name is Sarah T. Aka WLHcomics, QueenPhantom or waterlilyhighwc1, (depending on what social media account I'm on) I'm the creator of a webcomic series called "Water Lily High" and it's spin-off series called "Welcome To Camp Hollow". My goal is to create content that not only makes people smile but that inspires others to draw what they love.

What's all the art I create? I post various things on here like: photography, illustrations, original characters and comics, occasional fan art and such.

I tend to give out llamas as "thank yous" so I don't clutter people's front page with a "thank you" message, and I also just give them at random (I also do llama for llama if anyone's interested ^^;), I'm a pretty shy and introverted person so I tend to not comment on artworks a lot so I apologise for that, I am trying to be a bit more social but it might take me some time to do so.Tini Blue Rose

If you want to draw any of my characters, feel free to! Just remember to credit the characters to me by tagging me (either use @WLHcomics or :iconwlhcomics: to tag) and please keep it family friendly! :)

My art status


Random Info About Me:

• I'm a Indi comic creator.

• I'm also a goth girl (my fashion style is a mix of classic goth, cyber goth and 80s rock.)

• I also love steampunk, rockabilly/greaser, and emo fashion, music and more based on those subcultures.

• I'm also a big classic rock fan! (Alternative music is also something I enjoy!)

• I'm a pretty big fan of the classic style Archie comics, they inspired a lot of the comics I create!

• I'm more a fan of comedy and supernatural genres, I'm not so big on horror unless I actually enjoy the plots. (And there's not too much gore.)

• I really extremely despise the stereotypes that the media and such claims goths do and act (ex. Say we're devil worshipers, do drugs, are witches/do witchcraft, are depressed and other annoying remarks.)

• I WEAR BRIGHT BLUE LIPSTICK AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!! (I also wear black, red and purple, but blue is my most favorite shade of lipstick!)

• I actually really love all animals and bugs! It's pretty hard for me to pick which bug or animal is my most favorite.

• I prefer cold weather instead of hot weather, I also prefer rainy weather more than sunny weather.

• I'm actually okay with "crack" style fan pairings, it just depends on how someone writes their AU and who the characters are.

• I pretty much enjoy almost any kind of nautical and ocean themed things, (like video games, movies, comics and real life stuff!)

• I'm an introvert, I'm also socially anxious, so it's a bit hard for me to reply/chat to others, I always feel very nervous when talking to others.

• mannequins and non painted statues (plain stone and occasionally marble) give me the creeps! Not sure why they do, but they do!

• IMO cerulean blue is the best shade of blue!

• I literally love colored pencils, and want to collect every shade of pencil I can find!

• I also love color charts and color swatches!

• I don't really care that my eye makeup makes me look like a raccoon, I just prefer thick eyeliner instead of thin eyeliner.

• me no likey high waisted pants/shorts, they literally hurt my stomach and under ribs when I wear them.

• currently, I use my Android smartphone to do all my art, if I ever get a chance to buy an iPad for my art, I'd be pretty happy about it. (I'd still use my phone occasionally for art though...)

That's all I can think of right now... Sorry if it's too long... ^^;

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Phantom Of The Opera (2004), Pirates Of The Caribbean, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Disney's Meet The Robinson's, Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Disney/Pixar's Coco, Flushed Away, Disney's The Haunted Mansion and Aladdin.
Favourite TV Shows
Goosebumps, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Disney's Bonkers, Sonic X, The Haunting Hour, Total Drama, TAWOG, Chowder, Gravity Falls, Scary Larry, Squirrel Boy, TGAOBAM, Archie's Weird Mysteries, Marble Hornets and Courage The Cowardly Dog.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Def Leppard, Damn Yankees, Måneskin, Night Ranger, Gin Blossoms, Panic! At The Disco, Poison, Living Colour, Bon Jovi And Other Classic Rock Bands.
Favourite Books
Phantom of the Opera, Archie Comics, Archie/Sonic Comics, The whole Scott Pilgrim Series and The Super Scary Monster Show Featuring Little Gloomy.
Favourite Games
The Legendary Starfy, Gummy Drop, Cookie Jam, Sonic The Hedgehog, Disney Emoji Blitz, Guitar Hero, Escape: From Rosecliff Island, Harvest Moon, Professor Layton, dead Rising 3, Bully, Lollipop Chainsaw And Overwatch.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS Lite, My Phone and DSI.
Tools of the Trade
For Digital Art: Artflow, Ibis Paint, Infinite Painter and Clip Studio Paint. For Traditional Art: Colored Pencils, Fine Liners/Brush Markers, And Such.
Other Interests
Goth, emo, rockabilly and steampunk subculture, reading creepypasta stories, paranormal/supernatural content, color Swatch charts, vintage comic art.

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If you enjoy my art please donate any amount :)

La jumping in Points

Hello, if you wanna support my art or if you have any loose points you can drop them off here! + I'll give you a llama badge in return! (Only if I haven't given you one yet of course)

165/12000 points
I feel pretty sick today, my body aches especially my chest, my nose is running like crazy, I feel hot and cold, dehydrated and I have a passing feeling of nausea. 🤧 There goes all my projects again. ☹️
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I have a Toyhouse now to go with my Refsheet account! Check my TH Here: https://toyhou.se/QueenPhantom
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Last night I got a chance to watch "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children," I thought it was pretty good, definitely would watch it again.
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ty for the llama badge :D

You're very welcome! :)

Happy belated Birthday! :)

Thank you very much! A late birthday wish is better than no birthday wishes. :) :heart:

You're welcome! I agree. :)

Aww, thank you very much for the birthday wish! :hug:

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