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Turning a Few Heads (Thorin x Reader)
Turning a Few Heads

(Thorin x Reader)

    All her life (y/n) had been told fairy tales and stories of how young women and princesses found their true loves and were carried off into the sunset by their one and only. (y/n) however never saw herself in that light, it was hard to with her just being the daughter of poor hunter and fisherman. However she had learned a great deal from her father, he taught her everything he knew should she ever be in a situation that called for it. (y/n) had a deep craving for something more then her ordinary and rather dull life. It wasn’t until the opportunity for an adventure arose that she gladly took it.
          After facing many perils after joining the company of Thorin Oakenshield the battle to reclaim Erebor had finally been won. Azog the defiler now lay dead on the battlefield along with several hundred of his warriors. There were many casualties
:iconthornredrayne1:ThornRedRayne1 61 4
Thorin X Reader 'That tickles!' (OTP prompt)
It hadn’t taken long for both you and Bilbo to run along and catch up with the company that morning after you’d signed the contract. A nice run along some of Bilbo’s questionable shortcuts and the two out you had finally managed to track down the band of thirteen dwarves and a wizard riding atop their horses and ponies. The reason you were here was thanks to Gandalf’s suggestion last night that you be the one to take your cousin Bilbo’s place when he refused to go. But that morning you promised to make one last attempt to convince him before you left, and it had thankfully been a success.
The problem was that the dwarves hadn’t been expecting two Hobbits to turn up.
“Give em’ ponies!” Thorin called from the front of the line with a smile lightly hidden as he turned his own pony to move on.
Bilbo tried to protest but was quickly lifted up by the straps of his pack onto a rather chunky chestnut mare. You however, were left sprinting a
:iconitsspottystripes:ItsSpottyStripes 14 0
Avengers x suicidal teen reader (one-shot)
Avengers x suicidal teen reader
Warning: This is a bit depressing. Read at caution. There are some things that can trigger past events.
Thanks for reading!
The avengers have been looking everywhere for (name). They were planning on everyone watching a movie together but when they went to (name)'s room, she wasn't there. That's when their protective mode kicked in. They loved that girl to death and if anything were to happen to her they don't know what they would do. All of a sudden the speakers came on and they heard her.
I'm high about the city.
I'm standing on the ledge.
They froze. It sounds like she's  been crying and it breaks their hearts just listening to it. What they didn't realize was the song that she is singing.
The view from here is pretty.
And I step off the edge.
"And I step off the edge?" As soon as Tony said that, panic filled the room. You had sung this son
:iconlissy56:lissy56 190 17
Love Your Plushies (Kovu)
“I think,” you stretched, “it’s time for a break.” You neatly set your notebooks, pen, highlighters, and laptop onto the coffee table before standing up. Your back and arms popping in the process like a battalion readying for movement.
For the past day or so you’ve been writing a research paper on african lions, which meant reading articles and watching nature channels. You had asked your instructor if it was alright to use an educational television show if online and book research wasn’t enough. Thank goodness, they said ‘yes’! It made it much more entertaining and it seemed as if you were receiving much more information.
The clock on the wall indicated that you had been working almost three hours straight, without being distracted. A huge accomplishment considering you were online looking up specific classifications for lions. All of this had you craving to watch a movie, more importantly--a Disney movie with your favorite maned p
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 52 6
Not so dark after all (Rumple x Reader)
“Stop treating me like Belle!” This caused the room to freeze, you didn’t care. You wanted him to treat you like, well you! You were a witch, the plot twist is that you weren’t villain - However you were much closer to them than you were with the heroes.  
“Don’t, Mention her!” He yelled back, finger coming up to point at you.His eye began twitching in anger and you stepped back, you weren’t afraid of him - Even though some part of you kept screaming that you should be.
“Then stop acting like I am her! I get it, I’ll never be good enough for you unless I’m her!” You yelled, you knew he still loved her however you also knew that he had feelings for you, much like you did - it stung, but you understood him. You lost your love too, you held him dear to your heart. But god, you were so drawn to Rumple and it was like you were falling in love every day for him.
The silence was thick, you teared up however you held
:iconsherlockcanshernot:sherlockcanshernot 44 2
Mr. Grinch {Loki x Child!Reader}
The streets were lined with a thick sheet of snow, hiding slick patches of ice from unsuspecting victims. Red, green, silver, and gold lights cascaded down from the buildings like colorful waterfalls. Trees decorated with shining ornaments and garland had been placed behind the windows of specialty stores. The scent of peppermint and holiday spices danced in the air. It was definitely Christmas time in New York.
Christmas. It was such a Midgardian holiday, and it was a ridiculous one in Loki’s opinion. Jane had explained the meaning behind Christmas as well as the tradition of exchanging gifts. Loki found it idiotic and selfish. He could see the greed in people’s eyes. They only gave presents in order to receive one in return. Midgardians were a dissolving race. Instead of evolving, the human race seemed to diminish, at least they did mentally. It made Loki sick.
“Oh come on, Loki,” Jane started. “Christmas is wonderful!”
Loki simply sneered and mumb
:iconcchope-love:cchope-love 210 19
Far Too Long {Thranduil x Elf!Reader}
The clanking of metal against metal was all she could hear. It demanded her unwavering attention and devotion. If she let her eyes dwell on anything else for even a second, then she would most definitely regret it. Thranduil would make sure of that.
___ was an advisor of the Prince, and her duty was to watch him at all times. She escorted him to training, festivities, meetings, and even his usual hunting trips. She tasted his food to be sure it wasn’t poisoned. She even cared for him when he became ill. It was quite a tiresome experience. Legolas needed to be watched at all times, or so his father thought. ___ knew it was for his own protection, but she wished her job wasn’t so demanding. She never got more than a moment’s rest. Sometimes she wondered if the Mirkwood King despised her. He must loathe her in some way for giving her such a ridiculous task. Legolas was quite old enough to take care of himself. When would Thranduil realize that?
Legolas quickly interrupte
:iconcchope-love:cchope-love 400 48
Like Father, Like Son. Thranduil x Reader
Thranduil sat on his throne, mind absent with worry. The battle was coming up soon, and he was debating on taking the elves into it. War was heavy in the air, singing in the currents, and shivering in the beasts of the forest. He could practically taste the bitter ashes on his tongue. Sighing, he closed his eyes and leaned his head into his hand. What made matters worse was the fact you refused to sit at home. If they were to fight, you would be at the front of the line. It was selfish, but the king refused to let that happen.
As if his thoughts were projected, you came in the room and ascended the throne. “Melamin, please. Do not fret over me,” you said as you reached his side. Sitting on his lap, you grasped his face. Those ice-blue eyes you loved opened, allowing you to see deep into his soul. It was wrought with worry, distress, and slight anger. You knew it was at you and the stubbornness. “I was born a warrior and I will die one. You and I both know that is how
:iconkisaralawliet:KisaraLawliet 206 22
Good Night - Shifter AU by VanyCat Good Night - Shifter AU :iconvanycat:VanyCat 292 30 Book 2 Cover by AudreyCosmo13 Book 2 Cover :iconaudreycosmo13:AudreyCosmo13 355 42
{ Thorin x Reader } Jealousy [Drabble]

All the dwarves sat around the fire, happily conversing, as Bofur and Bombur started handing out bowls for food. It had also been exactly 1 month since Thorin had discovered he loved you. He had also been trying to court you ever since. And the two Durin brothers knew about it. 
"(Y/N)?" Kili said as he plopped next to you. "Yes Kili?" You say continuing to sip your soup. He slung his arm over your shoulder, noticing Thorin's new found death glare at him, clutching his spoon so tight, his knuckles turned a bright white.
Raising a eyebrow, you looked over at him "Kili, what do you want?" The said male pouted. "I want, to go practice archery with you." You laughed, still oblivious to Thorin's heavy death glare.
"Kili, you know I can't do archery for the life of me." Kili grinned "Then I can teach you! Come on (Y/N) please?" He said with big puppy dog eyes.
Trying to resist the eyes as much as you could, you looked back at him one more time to sig
:iconghost-of-midnight:Ghost-Of-Midnight 105 13
Solitude (Thorin x Reader)
“You don’t talk much do you?” You asked as you sat down beside the leader of the company. You have been trying to talk to him for the past few minutes but it was harder than you thought. He continued to smoke his pipe with a grumpy look on his face.
“No, I don’t,” He replied as he stood up and walked away. Your eyes followed him as he sat down on another spot further away. He continued to ignore you, smoking his pipe as he looked at the clouds of grey above. It looked like it was going to rain.
You knew that something was bothering him but whatever it was that troubled him, you wanted to know. It’s not easy to talk to Thorin for he was always guarded and the walls he built around himself was hard to penetrate. It broke your heart everyday for you had fallen in love with him and there was no escaping it. He always dodged your attempts to get closer and you didn’t know how much more you could take.
You slowly made your way to where he sat.
:iconirishphoenix1:irishphoenix1 102 13
|Thorin x reader| Warmth
Based off of this imagine
 The night was cold, and with the wind sucking away any kind of heat, it was hard to sleep comfortably. Not even the roasting fire in the center of the slumbering group was enough. Perhaps it actually was, since most of the group had no trouble falling asleep. But Thorin hadn't slept a wink since he laid down, his body rejecting the heat of the fire stubbornly. He was wide awake, unable to close his dry eyes unless he wished for them to sting.
    Instead of resting, he watched the stars. Undoubtedly fascinated when one shot across the night sky.  How he never noticed the beauty of the night sky is a mystery. He was staring at a different sky.
    A sudden arm slapped itself onto his chest, taking the prince by surprise. A light moan came from the arms owner, along with a tug that brought them closer to his trembling
:iconxalath:Xalath 219 12
An Odd Question - Bilbo - Reader Insert
"Excuse me, Mister Baggins. I have a wonder, if you would indulge me?" The young scribe, Ori, approached the hobbit, notebook open and quill in hand. Bilbo glanced up from his bowl of gruel, stirring the mush absently. "Hmm?"
"I would like to ask you about your...Urm..." You peeked up from lighting your pipe, raising a brow at the stuttering dwarf. What could be so personally he couldn't ask the halfling? He, along with the other younger members of the company have already asked them plenty of questions about the Shire and all things Hobbit. What question could be so awkward of Ori, of all people, to ask now?
"..Your feet."
Oh, that's what.
Bilbo did a double take, laughing at first, but frowning and blushing when Ori's face remained serious. Some of the other members of the company began to watch and listen in, whether they were interested in Bilbo's reaction or curious of his hairy toes as well, you weren't certain. But to be honest you were curious as well.
You have met several hobb
:iconskullpalace:SkullPalace 81 25
Celestial by AlbertaBlu Celestial :iconalbertablu:AlbertaBlu 284 10 Cradles by AlbertaBlu Cradles :iconalbertablu:AlbertaBlu 197 14




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