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Hide 'n' Seek [Elrond x Reader]
It was odd to see 1 hobbit outside the Shire, it was doubly odd to see 2 but here was Lord Elrond with 2 hobbits in his home along with far too many dwarves and a wizard who thought he was being clever about reclaiming the mountain home of his companions. Elrond sighed, he couldn’t concentrate anymore; instead he closed his book and stood slowly from his desk. A walk would help, so he exited his study and began a meandering stroll around his home; he never expected to have one of those 2 hobbits run straight into him though. “Oh!” Her mess of curls was all her could see looking down before she stepped back “Forgive me Lord Elrond. We’re playing hide 'n' seek and I need a place to hide. Do excuse me.” Elrond chuckled softly.
“I’ll show you to a place you won’t be easily found, Halfling.” Elrond extended his hand to the little woman who took it with a light blush on her cheeks. They took to a slow, calm stroll down through the h
:icontholac:Tholac 47 4
Code Red Avenger x Pmsing Reader
Aka How the Avengers deal with a pmsing you
“Hello sweetheart.” Tony greeted you as you sat glaring at your coffee for not being hot enough. You sneered at the cheerful man before you while you grabbed a knife smeared with jelly and began to spread it on your toast. You went to dip the knife back into the bottle only to discover it had been moved. You pulled it back to you and quickly resumed preparing your breakfast as Tony hummed beside you. Anger started to build inside you as his humming increased in volume and eventually gave way to singing.
     Thankfully Tony shut up before you grew homicidal. With a sigh of relief you put your focus on making jelly toast instead of not killing your friend, only to find the jelly missing again. With a small growl you stole it from Tony again.
“I was using that.” He complained while he reached for it again. You put a stop to that though by twisting around and pointing the knife at him
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 1,414 393
Nope. (AvengersxReader)
“Hey, guys. Check out my new pet.” Tony waltzed into the living room with a giant grin on his face.
Steve and Thor were the only ones to acknowledge him, the others being too busy to put up with Tony’s antics.
For example: Natasha had disassembled her gun and was in the middle of cleaning it, Bruce was reading the newspaper, Clint was flipping through the channels on the T.V., and, last but not least, (y/n) was sitting on the couch engulfed in a book.
Okay maybe they weren’t that busy, but they still didn’t want to put up with Tony. They hoped not acknowledging him would deter him from bothering them.
He sat a bag down in front of (y/n), startling her from her trance.
Well that didn’t work.
She looked curiously from the bag to the triumphant billionaire standing over her. At this point in time, the other Avengers took mild, emphasis on mild, interest in the bag.
“What kind of pet is it?” Steve asked curiously eyeing the container.
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 1,590 573
Words and Family can change everything
Words and family can change everything.
Avengers x Reader
AN: This takes place after AOU.  I’d just like to put a warning on this for negative body image –from the Reader’s POV.
“Man comes back from the dead and it’s like nothing’s changed around here.” You muttered as you put your earpiece back in.  You had taken it out for a few seconds of reprieve but then a new agent, who looked terrified by the way, had come to deliver a message from Nick Fury that an agent should have their earpiece in at all times when they were on site.
You apologised profusely to the new agent before putting your earpiece back in.  You hadn’t realised but when you drew your hand back, you exposed the cut that you had received when you were battling Ultron’s robots.  It wasn’t deep but it had a huge bruise around it and it hurt.
“Are you okay?” The new agent asked, pointing a trembling finger at your injury.
You were abo
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 173 13
Cuddling! (Finally) (various! x reader)
Read the into here:
He had showered. You could smell his shampoo and his hair was still wet. Happily you leaned into him and hugged back.
"I couldn't left you with nobody to cuddle now, could I?" You could hear the smile in his voice. Head against his chest you shook your head.
"I would've never forgiven you." You stated wit a faked dramatical tone and both of you laughed. But after a while Steve suddenly went serious.
Confused you looked at him, slightly worried.
"Steve? Is everything alright?"
He softly smiled at you.
"Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that I won't ever let you down."
He hugged you tightly.
"That's nice." You whispered into his shoulder.
Or not…
"Loki?!" Confused you looked at him and stiffened in his arms.
"What are you doing here?"
And how the hell did he get here? Did someone noticed his presence? Do you had to be afraid? Why was he hugging you?
:icontrielleamnessis:TrielleAmnessis 303 100
Teen Mom: Wolf Edition (Derek Hale X Reader)
"Hey Mom?"
(Name) opened her eyes to the bright sunshine streaming into her and Derek's bedroom. Thankfully, Isaac's head was blocking the view the harsh glare of the light. She sat up, letting the covers fall down to her hips and rubbed at her eyes. She knew it must have been at least 10 AM, considering Derek's warm mass was vacant from her bedside. "What's up pup?" (Name) asked softly.
If she didn't notice Isaac's eye glistening before, she sure did now. "Isaac, honey, what's wrong?" (Name) asked worriedly, her pack mother instincts kicking in. "Well, I was outside with Jackson and Boyd and we were messing around and J-Jackson locked me in the shed and he wouldn't let me out." Isaac explained, tears spilling over.
(Name) immediately took Isaac into her arms, letting the boy collapse against her. She rubbed his back and whispered reassuring words into his ear and Isaac wiggled into bed next to her, curling up on his side. It didn't take very long for the harsh sniffles t
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 425 13
Sick with a Cold thorin'scompanyxreader
"Ah choo!"
"Bless you, y/n. Are you getting sick?" Bilbo asked, the concern evident in his voice.
"No, of course not, it's just allergies. Nothing to worry about."
Actually, you felt terribly ill. Riding through the pouring down rain all day had you experiencing the beginning symptoms of a very nasty cold, but you weren't about to show any weakness in front of the company. You were relieved when the rain finally stopped and Thorin decided it was time to bed down for the night. All you wanted to do was curl up in a blanket beside the fire.
You felt so poorly that you hardly even touched your dinner. A fact which made Bilbo inquire as to your health for a second time. His concern truly was touching. As soon as you wrapped your blanket around you and lay down, you fell into a restless sleep full of unpleasant dreams.
Sometime in the night, you awoke with an excruciating headache, a terrible sore throat, and covered in sweat. You suddenly became aware of an almost suffocating weight coveri
:iconmiddleearth2asgard:middleearth2asgard 156 10
Tickley Throat - Bilbo - Reader Insert
"Please, Bunny, this isn't necessary! I feel fine-" The hobbit still pushed against your lower back, giving just enough force to move your still legs. He 'forced' you under the covers of his bed, which was a bit too small for your human body. Your heels hung off the edge of the bed frame.
Bilbo tilted his head, watching you curl your legs. "Is it too small? Perhaps my couch would..?"
You rolled your eyes and turned over to face the halfling. "Bilbo, my aliment hasn't made the idea of laying in your bed any less appealing."
He grew stiff, shrugging his shoulders and a pink hue dusting across his cheeks. You let your lips curl upwards. It was nice to see your flirting hasn't worn off on him, even with you being as sick, and probably gross looking.
A cough ripped through your throat, Bilbo immediately by your side and resting a hand on your back. You cleared your throat, smiling to the hobbit. "Don't wor-"
"Nope! I'm going to make some tea and fetch some rags!" He pulled the blankets up t
:iconskullpalace:SkullPalace 116 44
Rescued (Klaus Mikaelson x reader)
You pulled your coat closer to as another blow of cold air came. You looked up in the already dark sky and saw the bit of lighting and heard the distant cracks of thunder coming. ‘Great.’ You thought to yourself walking faster to your home. Earlier that night you were at the Mikealsons hanging out with your friend Rebecca, until her delightful brother Klaus had to come in and pick a fight with you, causing you to storm off. Your phone went off as you quickly rummaged through your bag to find it. “Hello?” you asked.
“Y/N where are you?” asked a voice urgently.
You recognized it as Elijah. “I’m 20 minutes away from the French Quarter. What’s wrong?” you asked walking quicker.
“There are a few werewolves out that are not exactly fond of any Mikealson or anyone associated with us, how fa-” you felt a force bring you to the ground.
You felt the air knocked out of you as you rolled on the ground. You managed to pull your
:iconangielder:Angielder 8 2
Phantom of the Opera x Reader: A Name to a Mask
You gaze over the ivory keys in both curiosity and wonder at the instrument which the Master played and composed his heavenly pieces.
It astonished you.
How an instrument could produce such beautiful sounds at the touch of such a being. Your Master’s.
Monsieur Destler.
Though he did always prefer the title of Master from your lips.
He was a famous composer, one of which could not be identified truthfully by anyone. He never attended gala’s, nor balls, meeting were letters which were delivered by your hand. He was a stranger in the eyes of the public. Even yourself. It had been three years since you had began working for him, yet all you had ever seen of him was the black cloth that shrouded both his face and body, accompanying him in the afterglow of the darkness.
When you had met him, you were lost and seeking shelter. You were not alone though.
The Master, he too seemed lost, seeking… something.
You did not know.
All you knew, was his voice.
Oh, his voice. How every
:icontrustyki:TrustyKi 336 68
Take On Me (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
Take On Me (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey Dr. Banner." you said, passing through the lab.
"Hi (Name). What brings you here?" he asked, not looking up from his work.
"Oh nothing. I just thought you should know how long you've been working." you answered.
"How long?" he asked curiously, but still not looking up from his work.
"Almost a week. You should really get some sleep." you said, worried.
"In a minute. I'm almost done." he responded quickly.
"That's what you said two days ago." you said, frustrated now. This got him to look at you.
"Did I? Sorry." he paused, thinking. "Alright, if I'm not done soon you can drag me away."
"Okay." you both smiled.
You sat down watching the clock, counting down the seconds in silence. The silence made you feel awkward, and nervous. You weren't sure what to say to him. All your conversations involved getting him to eat and sleep. This made you feel like his caretaker or his mother.
"Eww." you said out loud, making a funny face.
"What?" Bruce asked yo
:iconrenji72:renji72 301 83
Tall Dwarves thorin'scompanyxreader
Dwarves were truly an inquisitive race of people. Ever since you had joined the company of Thorin Oakenshield, it seemed that the only conversation the dwarves were capable of making consisted of asking you questions about yourself. At first it was completely understandable. They were curious about the human woman who travelled with them. It made perfect sense considering you wanted to know more about your companions as well. If only you had known what all these questions would lead to though, you might have chosen your answers more carefully.
"Yes, Kili?"
"Out of curiosity, what do human women like in a man?"
"I’m sorry?" You had heard him perfectly well, but the question had taken you quite off guard.
"You know, what traits do they find attractive? Physically I mean."
"Well, Kili, each woman has her own individual tastes. I’m certainly not qualified to answer for all of them." A perfectly politically correct answer. It wasn’t rude, nor did it reveal too much
:iconmiddleearth2asgard:middleearth2asgard 201 24
Truthraiser application by Sheepish-Spirits Truthraiser application :iconsheepish-spirits:Sheepish-Spirits 24 4
Sick and Tired: A Jim Moriarty Oneshot
Thalia Grace Moran was sick, there wasn't anything that Jim could do about it except stuff her full of medicine and wait it out, but that doesn't mean he has to be happy about it. He's the most dangerous man in London, as his daughter enjoys to point out, yet here he was, only able to hand his baby tissue after tissue and hold her hair back as she gets sick. He wasn't sure how to comfort the little one, that was Sebastian's job when he was home—no, Jim was the one to offer moral support while keeping his suit clean of all the nastiness a four year old can track into the house. Too bad for Jim that Sebastian was taking care of a problem in France at the moment. As it was, Thalia is currently in bed, dosed with ibuprofen and clutching her teddy as she sleeps through a nasty case of the flu.
The house was finally quiet after hours of whimpering and Jim was too tired to worry about cleaning up the mess of medicine, broken crayons, and bullet casings spread throughout the house. Shuff
:iconthenewfiredancer:TheNewFireDancer 3 3
Horsetastic - Fireworks Attack by DolphyDolphiana Horsetastic - Fireworks Attack :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 774 32
Too Young - The Hobbit - Reader Insert
"I can hold my own pack, thank you."
It took some convincing, but the dwarves finally let you carry your own things. At first you thought they were just trying to be friendly, but after a few rather personal questions from Bofur, you reveled you were only seventeen, which you began to believe was a terrible mistake.
They suffocated you with questions and unwanted assists, not even letting you to mount your own steed without help. It was sweet at first, to see how the dwarves cared for the young, but it got annoying rather quickly.
"It's not too hot for you, is it?" Bombur asked you over the campfire while you ate from your bowl of soup.
"It's fine, Bombur."
"You didn't cool it for them?" Bofur rose a brow. "Come on, cos!"
"I didn't think on it..."
Bofur shook his head at his bigger relative while Bifur looked over your food suspiciously, but simply shrugged his shoulders and patted your head.
This wasn't nearly as bad to what other things you've endured form the company.
They would nev
:iconskullpalace:SkullPalace 111 18




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