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Jungle archer

By Waterflame89
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A character I made some years ago and decided to finish up, don't know what hue I like better, but it was originally made in the colors to the left.
I am not very used to drawing humanoids and I'm still learning, so anatomy tips are welcome. I know the foot look a bit odd for instance.

I imagine this to be some sort of very tropical warm place, so I just made a quick BG to accompany it and get the point across better..
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This gives some Avatar vibes. Nicely done!
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Hey Waterflame! cool seeing you draw again, and seems like a nice scene, I dig that feeling ^^
The anatomy is nice mostly, You should just notice the centering of the neck and maybe enlarge the head a little? Flipping the canvas helps you notice things like that. The shoulder armor also blends with the bg. The foot seems ok? maybe put a darker pixel to indicate the seperation of the big toe and add a few down so it looks longer than the rest?
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Ah yeah, never thought of the head-size, could be a pixel wider maybe yeah!
The BG was a rush-job so it was not really made to fit, but yeah darker or more faded colors for the bg next time for sure.
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You don't have to seperate saturation for the character and BG, a highlight on the pad for example could do the trick, you have enough contrast with the rest of the character. Also if you have a modern program try looking into blend modes with stuff like the light! If you don't know that already that's just a menu above the layer 
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Oh yeah in that sense! For sure. The colors and highlights on this was not very well planned out to begin with, but im still learning more and more about light and how it casts shadows / scatter in the distance.
Not too well versed with blend-modes yet when it comes to pixel art, but I do use it on more complex scenes. Thanks for the pointers, ill keep those in mind for next time :D
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Have fun pixeling ^^
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