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Sailor Zephyrus by niokuni by Waterdragon1654 Sailor Zephyrus by niokuni :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 17 0
SAO: Haruza and Taicho bios
Display name: Haruza
Real name: Haruko Nozawa
Gender: Female
Age: 14-17
Level: 94
Personality traits: Quiet, serious, a little selfish, and kind. Haruko's serious because of her gynmastics flop and acts that way to hide it. She's a solo player who's coincidently friends with Sachi and was considering joining the Moonlit Black Cats Guild then tries to find Sachi one day. She runs into Kirito and asks where's Sachi, only for Kirito to break down in front of her. Haruza breaks down too, demands to know how, then builds a spite towards Kirito for killing her friend. They both go for the revivial item. Haruza went after the item and finds Kirito fighting Nicholas the Renegade. The two win, but Kirito gets the item. They have a small fight which ends in the reconciling then Kirito gets Sachi's message for them both to hear. Knowing that her friends died from not being strong enough, she trains and strives to become one of the best players to make up for what they lacked, doing so unaware to
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 4 0
Haruza and Taicho SAO by Waterdragon1654 Haruza and Taicho SAO :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 12 2
Diabolik Lovers: My Home Is In Your Heart ch. 5
Kazashi's temper lately had grown quite short, especially with Laito and his inappropriate behavior towards her. She had literally grown fed up with the flirtatious vampire and simply wanted to be able to walk around freely without being mauled by him, not literally. Kazashi could hold her temper for only so long until she finally snaps, which no doubt was going to happen any minute by the way things were currently looking.
"Kazashi~" Laito's voice cooed in her ear, causing her eye to twitch with annoyance, he had been doing this for the past five minutes without a break, could he not take a hint?!
"Come on, babe~ Stop ignoring-"
"Go away already!" Kazashi's foot began to furiously tap on the ground, adding to he annoyed expression. She didn't even look at Laito, continuing to stare down at her textbook, doing homework for when school starts again after the weekend.
"Aww, don't be such a-"
"GET OUT!" Kazashi's voice boomed, echoing in her room... But she noticed something, her hands we
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 3 0
Diabolik Lovers: My Home Is In Your Heart ch. 4
Ever since Kazashi stood up to those girls, they left her alone, the rumors and nasty remarks all stopped just because of the confrontation. Kazashi had made her point clear and fortunately, it didn't go right through the girl's heads. School moved along smoothly, just like any other day, Kazashi spent more time with Subaru during school. 
The other brothers seemed to somewhat leave Kazashi alone after Subaru bit her neck for the first time, it was as if he claimed Kazashi as "his property". Though, the other brothers still were a bit too flirtatious here and there considering they felt superior to humans.
Kazashi didn't really have a close relationship with the eldest Sakamaki brother, she often just briefly spoke to him about music, such as genres and preferences in the category. Aside from that, they never had a close bond. That doesn't mean they didn't get along though, Shu was the quietest brother, which gave Kazashi someone she could just relax with even if they didn't speak
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 3 0
Shirayuki OCs by Waterdragon1654 Shirayuki OCs :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 16 5
Hao's Moving Castle chapter 2
Out in the street there was a woman in front of the shop riding on her horse. She had blonde hair, like Min's sister, Huan-Yue, and had brown eyes. She got off her horse and made her way into the shop. "Look who's here!" the woman called cheerily.
The girls inside the shop had just been gossiping and looked around to the woman who just came in with a smile on their faces.
"Your back!" one of the girls cried.
"Welcome home, Ma'am." Another girl said greeting the woman.
"Look at you." Another said, glad to this woman's presence again.
"What do you think?" The woman said, showing the girls a new fashion. "It's all the rage in Huangjia."
"Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous." A girl said full of glee.
"It's beautiful." Another girl said, admiring the pin. 
"I know, right! The customers will love it." The woman said, smiling at the girls lovely compliments.
"Min! Min?" the woman called, wondering where the girl had gotten too.
"I'm afraid your daughter hasn't come downstairs yet today, Ma'am.
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 2 0
Takuya and Meredith at 14 by Waterdragon1654 Takuya and Meredith at 14 :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 26 11
Diabolik Lovers: My Home Is In Your Heart ch. 3
Kazashi started school today, the same school that Yui and the Sakamaki Brothers go to. She couldn't say that she was excited or disappointed, it was school, what else was there to it? Reiji had brought her the school uniform a few days ago to try on so that they were sure it would fit for today. Naturally, Kazashi was nervous about school since everyone was strangers to her.
"Kazashi, are you ready?"
Kazashi heard Yui's small and sweet muffled voice from the other side of the door, she adjusted the bow tie around her neck so that it was a bit loose. She looked herself over once more in the mirror and sighed before walking towards the door. She opened it to see Yui waiting with her bag, she smiled and waved.
"Good morning, how do you feel?"
"Right now, fine... About school, slightly nervous, of course."
"I was really nervous on my first day... Considering I was living alone with 6 very attractive boys, I could only imagine what the girls would be saying behind my back."
Kazashi frowned
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 2 0
Kazashi: School Uniform by Waterdragon1654 Kazashi: School Uniform :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 19 0
Diabolik Lovers: My Home Is In Your Heart ch. 2
As Kazashi started to catch up, she wondered if she would like her room.
Reiji came to a door. "Welcome to your new home."
He turned the door knob and pushed open the door. But once the color caught Kazashi's eye, she had a disapproved look on her face.
Reji noticed. "I take it the color is not to your liking?" he asked.
"It's just I'm not a fan of pink. Is there any way we can paint it blue or something?"
He thought before saying, "I'll see what I can do."
So as soon as Reiji went inside and closed the door, Kazashi leaned against the wall and waited. She really hoped she didn't run into the vampires anytime soon. Sure she could probably defend herself, but for how long? All those years of training and the one called Kanato was too fast for her to defend herself.
'Maybe Yui knows about any ways to defend yourself? Maybe she and I can protect each other? I wonder where she is?'
Speaking of which, Yui was walking down the hall. She didn't seem to notice Kazashi so when Ka
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 2 1
Hao's Moving Castle chapter 1
Fog hung in the air, clinging to the ground and not wanting to move. It stretched for miles in the valley and was thick so that no one would be able to see further than a few metres. However, there could be heard a metallic thudding in the distance, no one would be able to guess what it was.
Certainly, not the Shepard, who was herding his sheep, could guess where the noise was coming from. He could just barely see his sheep in the fog. As the Shepard continued to listen to the strange noise, he could hear hissing and creaking making the origin of the sound seem even more mysterious and odd.
As the sound got louder, the Shepard turned away from his sheep and could see an odd looking house, or was is a castle? The castle had four metallic chicken-like feet that was moving it across the ground. On the top of the castle, there was a chimney with smoke coming out. It was certainly the strangest thing the Shepard had seen in his life. 
In the town of Shenshe, things were as normal as th
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 3 0
Diabolik Lovers: My Home Is In Your Heart ch.1
On a quiet night, well, quiet anywhere except one house. In the home of the Hisakawa's. Once again Taki and Chae-Won Hisakawa were arguing. It was the same old thing they always fight over. Their children's grades.
And it was really upsetting their eldest daughter, Kazashi Hisakawa. She covered her ears with her hands in order to escape the deafening argument, and slightly turned her head over her shoulder, her sharp green eyes narrowing at the sight of her mother screaming towards her husband. Frustrated as she was, with a sudden jerk, the girl rose from the chair and made her way to her bedroom, her brown-red hair bouncing madly on her back.
She was sick of it, and she knew her brother was getting sick of it, too. However, as much as she wanted, she couldn't bring herself to run. She was only 16 after all. But she knew it would be better than staying with her parents for not only her, but her brother as well. So before her parents had a chance to take their rage out on her and h
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 2 0
Meredith Suzuki template by Waterdragon1654 Meredith Suzuki template :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 3 0 DL: Kazashi Hisakawa Everyday outfit #1 by Waterdragon1654 DL: Kazashi Hisakawa Everyday outfit #1 :iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 10 0
Diabolik Lovers OC info: Kazashi Hisakawa
Biographical Information
Name: Kazashi Hisakawa
Kanji: 久川和志
Pronunciation: (I can't find any website for this.)
Sign: Capricorn
Birthday: January 10th (the year after Subaru being born)
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese/Korean (Father/Japanese Mother/Korean)
Gender: Female
Height: 154.94 cm 5.1 ft
Weight: 44kg (98lb)
Blood Type: O+
Eye Color: Bottle green
Hair Color/Style: Medium Tuscan red, Braided crown
Professional Status
Occupation: First Year High School Student
Affiliation: Doesn't live with her family anymore. Lives with the Sakamaki brothers and Yui.
Personal Status
Relatives: Taki Hisakawa (father)
Chae-Won Hisakawa (mother)
Ha-Jun Hisakawa (brother)
Hobbies: planting, singing, martial arts, riding her motorcycle 
Favorite Food: Sirloin steak, cherries, watermelon
Brief Biography: Kazashi Hisakawa is a quiet girl from a not so happy family a
:iconwaterdragon1654:Waterdragon1654 7 0


Request-ChuYun by Blushing-Sakura Request-ChuYun :iconblushing-sakura:Blushing-Sakura 5 4 Request: Meredith and Takuya by YukariAsano Request: Meredith and Takuya :iconyukariasano:YukariAsano 17 6 Isis by SergentMQ Isis :iconsergentmq:SergentMQ 2 0 Kazashi and Subaru by annJu-chan Kazashi and Subaru :iconannju-chan:annJu-chan 7 2 Request -Kanade Amamiya by kiraakki Request -Kanade Amamiya :iconkiraakki:kiraakki 4 0 Sunflower Acrylic Coord~ by vivian274 Sunflower Acrylic Coord~ :iconvivian274:vivian274 9 0 Sirenamon and Meredith Meet by RodTheDuskFlareon Sirenamon and Meredith Meet :iconrodtheduskflareon:RodTheDuskFlareon 12 0 Little Devil's Monkshood Coord by vivian274 Little Devil's Monkshood Coord :iconvivian274:vivian274 10 4 Requested: Waterdragon1654 by amorejza Requested: Waterdragon1654 :iconamorejza:amorejza 11 0 chuyun request by iamcannabalism chuyun request :iconiamcannabalism:iamcannabalism 7 0 Schoolgirl by Rosuma Schoolgirl :iconrosuma:Rosuma 8 0 Request Waterdragon1654 by Tarleemon Request Waterdragon1654 :icontarleemon:Tarleemon 3 0 Kitsune no Koe by f101n Kitsune no Koe :iconf101n:f101n 2 0 Request by Noctiiluca Request :iconnoctiiluca:Noctiiluca 25 16 [Commission] Waterdragon1654 by MikeVxV [Commission] Waterdragon1654 :iconmikevxv:MikeVxV 24 16 Request: Kitsune no koe Hu Li by AlphaJen04 Request: Kitsune no koe Hu Li :iconalphajen04:AlphaJen04 6 0


Friday had come and everything was ready on the set. Danny told his friends that he would be able to get them an audition with L.B. Mammoth! The gang was excited, thrilled even. None of them realized that trouble was coming their way.

They were in their sailor outfits getting ready.

Danny called all of his friends over, those talking excitedly about their performance. "All right, everybody. Mr. Mammoth will be here any minute. Get into position. Remember, do it just like you did in the alley, only make it big and loud this time!" He knelt down beside T.W., still talking to all. "Don't be nervous."

"Ner-Nervous? Why... why would I be ner-nervous?" he stuttered as he rubbed a rabbit's foot, jumping a bit.

"Give me that!" the rabbit jumped away, pouting.

Tillie smiled as she hummed while putting makeup on Frances who was excited. Things were going to be all right.

Meredith came rushing through the door with a look of worry on her face. She had to tell Danny about what Darla was planning.

"Have you girls seen Danny?" she asked Tillie and Frances.

"Nope, haven't seen him." Frances shrugged, looking in a direction towards a certain goat.

"He's been all over the place. Meredith, is something wrong?" Tillie frowned, looking at the girl tabby. 

"I have to warn him about something," Meredith answered. 

"What would you need to warn him about? There isn't any time."

Meredith ignored the hippo's comment as she looked around wildly for Danny. Her face showing relief when she spotted his talking to Sawyer. She quickly ran up to him. "Danny!"

"Come on Sawyer, your life isn't back at that office, it's here. Dance with me." he was pleading to her as he was being tugged away by Pudge.

"It's 3 o' clock Danny!"

Sawyer was dragged away by Tillie as the happy hippo got her ready.

As Sawyer left to get dresses. Danny saw Meredith and grinned, "This is going to be great! I can't wait to hear you sing!" He told her as he headed over to the ark with the others.

Meredith was slightly confused as followed him. She wasn't a part of the movie, she couldn't sing in it. She worked on the sets and behind the scenes. Brushing it aside, Meredith tried to talk to the other tabby. "But Danny, you have to know. There's going to be lightning and thunder and..." 

"That's perfect! Big and loud, just like she wanted!" Danny got even happier, more excited and kissed Meredith on the cheek without much thought. "You're a genius, Meredith!"

Meredith blushes from the sudden peck on the check, almost getting distracted and stumbling before shaking her head and catching back up with Danny. The tabby girl was honestly getting fed up of this. Finally catching him, she forced Danny to look at her. "Danny, listen to me! It's going to be a disaster!"

Danny gave her a confused look before shrugged her off. "It's going to be anything but a disaster! You gotta trust me!" He ran off to go after Pudge as he fixed the final arrangements.

Meredith just stood there dumbstruck. "But..."

"Come on Meredith! You have to get the special effects ready!" Tillie squealed as she grabbed Meredith's arms and pulled her away.

"Tillie, if you're willing to listen, just prepare for the worst," The girl cat whispered to the hippo.

Tillie blinked, not understanding, but nodded, seeming to understand. She trusted Meredith as one of her best friends, but she didn't know what to say except a simple nod.

Meredith hurried to the control booth, hoping whatever Darla had planed she could stop it from there. As she got there, she noticed Pudge at the control panel. 

"Pudge? What are you doing here? Behind the scenes is my job. You hurry and get into costume. You're the one that actually has a part in this movie. I'll try to manage things from up here. Hurry along and be careful!" Meredith warned him.

Pudge nodded as headed to the ark, putting on his own costume. Meredith watched him go with worry consuming her. 

"I can't believe I am doing this!" groaned Sawyer, who was now wearing the same pink sailor's dress she wore before as she was now in the ark.

"Fortune says 'Rough waters ahead'," said T.W. concerned as he looked at his fortune.

"Start the rain, Pudge. When L.B. shows up, we'll all come out singing and dancing!" Danny said as he closed the big door of the ark, locking everyone inside. Unfortunately too caught up in the moment to notice Meredith wasn't there. Pudge inside the ark and grinning from his spot as everyone got ready.

From the control booth, Meredith had a bird's eye view of the studio. Her gaze traveling the area as she kept an eye out for Darla and her humongous butler. You would think such a man would be easy to spot. Darla also wore pink no matter what. But her eyes didn't catch a sign of pink. 

She was so busy searching, she was unaware that the two figures she was looking for were sneaking up behind her ready to pounce. She became aware when he heard a long piece of rope snapping causing her to whip around. Her eyes wide with fear.

Outside, the press was ready for L.B. Mammoth, all prepared for the interview.

The director Flanigan addressed the crowd. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, I bring you the founder of Mammoth Pictures, Mr. L.B. Mammoth!" He moved off the stage as he cheered, "Boom chacla boom chacalca boom!"

"Gee Whiz Mr. Mammoth! What's the secret to your success?" called out a male reporter.

L.B. held up his hands to silence the crowd. "Simple. It's Dimple." He blew out a puff of smoke in Darla's image from his cigar.

"Dainty, delightful, Darla Dimple!" sang Flanigan in praise, dressed in a costume similar to what Darla wore in the movie as he threw heart shaped confetti. 

The crowd Clapping before L.B. raised his hand again and the crowd became silent once more. "Ah... the recipe for a Darla Dimple movie. Begin with one part adorable character in jeopardy."

Ironic enough, one character was in jeopardy. Back in the room she was in, Meredith was tied up, unable to do anything. She glared at her captives, the ones who were smirking evilly. Darla wore a black hooded cape with heart shaped sunglasses and pink gloves and scarf.

"I knew you were up to no good, you little demon! Wait till everyone hears about this!" Meredith hissed at the little devil.

Darla chuckled as she answered her. "Oh, really? Tell me dearie, who is ever going to listen to you? I am the star and I have tons of connections. It will be my word against yours. I'll see to it you never work in this town ever again! You are nothing but a mangy little alley cat that works behind the scenes. Did you really think YOU can SING!? Don't make me laugh. Your friends only listen to you sing because they feel sorry for you. You sound like nails on a chalk board. My ears are only spared because I could barely hear you. Such a tiny noise will never make a sound. They won't listen now and they never will. No one ever listens to you, not even your little furry friends down there."

Meredith's eyes flashed in pain, remembering how Danny brushed her off and wouldn't listen to her. "You're wrong!" She denied before Darla forced a gag into her mouth.

"Sorry kitty, but into each life a little rain must fall," sneered Darla evilly. Turning to her bodyguard, she added, "Max! Man the valve!"

"Yes, Miss Dimple!" boomed the huge butler as he went to the valve and turned it, getting the water ready as it creaked open.

From the water system above, the rain began to gently fall.

"...add two parts perky determination..." added Mr. Mammoth, unaware of what was going on in the studio. Flangian now dressed as a solider, marching in place.

"More water Max! More water!" urged Darla as Max turned the valve even more, the shower head bursting as the water pressure became too much, the water rushing forward towards the boat. 

'She's going to flood the studio!' Meredith thought as she struggled to get out, using her claws to try and cut the ropes.

"Sprinkle in an air of innocence." explained L.B. with a smile as Flangian placed a halo over his head.

"Wind Max! We must have wind!"

Max turned on the giant fans everywhere sending a lot of wind into the set.

By this time, the whole place is flooded causing the ark to fall off its support beams, off the stage, and floats all over the place. Everyone inside the ark tumble around, wondering what in blazes is going on.

"Stir in..." L.B. spoke, Flangian dressed as a chef.

"More water!" Darla demanded.

The servant ripped off the valve's head putting in a bunch of water everywhere.

"Add a pinch of..." 

"Thunder!" Darla grinned with the light flashing her eyes, showing a demonic kind of side.

Max smashed the steam pipes, exploding them. Meredith freaking out as many of the gauges on the control panel broke and went haywire.

"...and an itsy-bitsy dash of..." Mr. Mammoth said.

"LIGHTNING!" laughed Darla more evilly. This was it! The big moment! Max smashed anything electrical so lightning would hit the set. The girl decided to take her leave along with her servant knowing that soon it will all be over...for the animals anyway. The gang inside the ark continued screaming tumbling around. Danny quickly got to the deck to see what is going on. As he grabbed the wheel, he saw to his shock that the whole set was filling with water. There was an actual storm inside the place!

"Mix it all together and what do you get?!" exclaimed L.B. excitedly.

Meredith's struggling hasted as the water rose up to the control panel, the water rising above her head as she became consumed by the raising water.

Suddenly the studio, after L.B. pressed the button to open the door, was unable to hold back hold back the water, letting it burst forth, flooding everything.

L.B. and Flangian gasping in fear of the massive tidal wave coming straight at them. 

Soon the ark was going all over the studio lot on a wave of water. Danny tried his best to steer, but he doesn't know anything about sailing. Everyone was screaming, bracing for impact as the ark crashed and floated everywhere.

"Throw the anchor! Somebody throw the anchor!" Danny yelled.

Tillie quickly grabbed the anchor nearby and threw it. However it ended up catching two 'fishes': Mr. Mammoth by his waist coat, and Flangian who was standing on his shoulders. The anchor dragging them to the surface. Spitting out the water, they screamed for help.

Tillie's eyes widened. "It's L.B.! We're on!"

"Oh ho ho ho HO!" She grabbed Frances and T.W. and ended up smacking them together as she sang, "Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!"

"Your life isn't back there in that office he says. Dance with me he says." Sawyer scowled as she glared at Danny, bickering. "You know what your problem is?! You're pushy, self centered, pig-headed... no offense Herb."

"None taken." snorted the pig as he passed by.

"Plus, your driving stinks!" snapped Sawyer.

"Oh, well maybe you can do better!" yelled Danny leaving the wheel.

"Oh no, no, no! You take it!" snapped Sawyer as she pushed the wheel back toward the male cat whose in turn pushed it toward her.

"No, no." Sawyer repeated as she pushed the wheel back towards the tabby.

"You think you know so much-" Danny said as they steered the ship around the different studios, still arguing though the words were drowned out. "-It's all yours!" He insisted.

"I don't want it." Sawyer told him.

Cranston sputtered. "Well it doesn't get any worse then this." He didn't see a pole jutting out as the other animals ducked. His horns hitting them as he flew off the boat and landed on top of Flangian. "I was wrong. It's worse."

Still singing, Tillie was knocked of the boat by the waves and lands on top of them. The hippo quickly introducing everyone to each other as she had done for Danny just a day or two ago. Only to scream as the boat went through the costume department and each ended up with different outfits. Mr. Mammoth was a Hawaiian, Flangain a cave man, Cranston a Native American, and Tillie like an aristocrat with a powdered wig and masquerade mask.

Somehow the boat made a compete circle as they ended up passing the Darla Studio.

The anchor was cut as the four still attached went flying through the air, passing the ones on the boat. 

"Oh this has gone far enough! Just give me the..." Sawyer huffed as she tried to take the wheel away from Danny.

"Oh no, no, no, no. You didn't want it before. Give it to me!" Danny told her as they fought over the wheel again.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but we're about to-" began Woolie as he looked ahead in horror from the crow's-nest.

"Will you just stay out of this!" They both yelled.

"Oh, sorry..."

They crashed through a large building. The ones on the anchor crash through it as well. People said, 'Good day, Mr. Mammoth' while they continue their business while L.B. and Flangan flew by with Cranston and Tillie with them.

Then the ark went out the other side and fell into the water, falling. The ones who were on the anchor flew through the air until it got caught the mast, wrapping around it. Cranston and Tillie falling off as Mr. Mammoth and Flangan were tied up. Soon it sank down with the ark.

The gang evacuated the sinking ark and swims with Danny grabbing a life preserver getting Sawyer in it. As they floated around, they now saw a ticked off Mr. Mammoth sinking with an angry Flangan.

"You animals will never..." bubbled L.B. as he went down.

"Never nibble kibble in this town again!" finished Flangan as they both went down. Danny opened his mouth to explain, but the words didn't leave his lips, he honestly didn't know what to say. It was a disaster.

"I think they liked it!" said Tillie to her nervous friends.

Both Sawyer and Danny looked down into the water, the pointless argument all washed up. Sawyer was already preparing herself for the worst. Danny was upset their chance to impress Mr. Mammoth was ruined. He didn't understand what happened. While he was always optimistic, he knew this was not looking good for them.

A while later, the animals are forced off the studio lot, forbidden to ever return.

"But, it wasn't..." Danny began to say before the studio gate closed in his face. "it wasn't their fault."

He turned to everyone else who looks depressed. He looked concerned. They all trusted him and now they were fired and forbidden to return to Mammoth Pictures. The cat didn't understand. How could this have happened?

A limo drove by and stopped in front of the saddened animals. The window rolled down, revealing Darla.

"Nice working with you Danny." She cackled in an evil giggle as all the animals around gasped in horror. Max dropped off a fighting, soaking wet Meredith. "Singing and dancing animals! Ah, ha, ha, ha!" The limo drove away in a steam of smoke. Danny and Pudge helped Meredith get up, looking sad.

"She was your little angel?" Sawyer looked confused and hurt, irritated.

"She said she wanted to help us," explained Danny as he looked down.

"And you believed her?" Tillie asked. She may be silly, but even she knew better than to trust Darla Dimple, the meanest brat in Hollywood!

"But I..." Danny said. But he gave up trying to say as he saw Sawyer shaking her head sadly while holding her arms close to her sides.

He looked to see Jose and Evora as they handed Meredith a towel to dry herself off with.

"There's nothing left to say." Jose roared at the tabby.

When Danny caught Evora's glare, she scowled at him. "While it wasn't what we always dreamed of, we needed those jobs. We left all our homes to come here! Some of us send money to back their families! How will we live now? You not only got actors fired, but staff too! No one will hire us after this! How will you tap dance your way into fixing this!? "

Looking over, Danny saw Woolie sitting one the curb.

"You made Woolie lose his home!" Evora continued. "He lived in a trailer at the studio. Where will he go now!?"

It was then Danny realized how much he had ruined things. Approaching the elephant, Danny searched for the words to try and make things better. Though he knew there were no words that could. "Uh, Woolie... I'm... uh... I-"

Woolie sighed deeply. "The spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me." Before he got up to leave, he said one last thing. "Go home, son."

Danny tried to say something to him, but got a repeated, "Go home," from Woolie.

Meredith walked up to him, her frustration, her helplessness, and sadness from being ignored before coming back. "I knew this was going to happen. I did my best to tell you, but I guess," she lowered her eyes. "I just wasn't important enough for you to listen to me."

Danny glanced at Meredith, glaring a bit, but then looked away. "No... I guess you aren't..." he answered monotone. "Just... leave me alone..." He left from her, going back to his room to pack up.

Meredith gasped. The brat's cruel words repeated in her head. No one would ever listen to her, not even her friends. Her throat paralyzed with fear. She tried to shake the words out of her head. She knew she couldn't trust anything Darla said. She couldn't let those words get to her.

"Wait Danny I..." She tried to reach out to him, but then coughed. Her throat felt tight. She tried to speak, but no words came out. 

Jose and Evora noticed this as they rushed to her side, asking if she was okay. Thinking the water she might have swallowed effected her. She tried to speak, but it only came out in harsh coughs and wheezes. Their eyes widening in fear for their friend.

"Meredith!" they shouted.

As he packed, Danny reflected on what happened and what he had said. Slowly coming to his senses as the the numbing feeling of the betrayal slowly left. He put his face in his hands, realizing how much he hurt the only person who had tried to help him. He knew he had to find her. If he was going to leave, he couldn't leave things between them like this. He ruined enough things, this was probably the only thing he could fix. Leaving in a dash, Danny left to find Meredith.

He wasn't sure where to start honestly. He didn't know where she lived. So he started where he had last seen her. To his surprise, he found her laying exactly where he last saw her. Some of the other animals hadn't left yet as they were staring at her. Jose and Evora standing by her side trying to comfort her as she cried silently.

"Mer-Meredith?" Danny was in shock as he knelt to her, taking her hands in his, not caring at all who noticed. "Meredith... I'm... I'm so sorry..."

Meredith slapped her hands away, looking at him with sadness, hurt, and betrayal. Tears refusing to stop as she turned away from him and forced her face into Evora's shoulder, the leopard holding the tabby as she glared at Danny.

"Meredith... I'm sorry... Please, listen..." Danny began slowly, then stopped. Realization washing over his face. He was asking her to do what he hadn't done at all. He felt horrible, as he now understood her emotions, and felt broken by them. He had been unfair to her and took things out on her. Looking down, he was disgusted with himself.

Meredith's eyes soften with apology, turning her head to look at him, she shook her head. Pulling out of Evora's arms, Meredith then ran off.

Danny tried to follow her, calling out her name, but he was stopped by Sawyer and Jose who growled at him.

"Don't you think you ruined her life enough?" she glared.

"Besides, she's not going to talk to you." Evora spoke, her words scathing.

"Why should she listen to the likes of you!? It's because she listened to you that we're in this mess to begin with! Thinking about your big dreams, you can't think of anything else or anyone else for that matter!"

Danny winced. "I know I don't think much, but I know I have to make this up to her." He glared a bit. "Now, please, can you move?"

"Don't you get it? She's lost her voice!" the white cat snapped.

Danny stopped short in front of her, his back to her. He looked like an orange statue in the lamplight. Eyes widening in shock.

Jose looked away in disgust. "Singing was everything to her, now she can't even speak!" He crossed his arms as he looked back at Danny. "We trusted you, little cub. We made you leader. You've lead us into further darkness where no one can hear."

"Then... Then I have to go after her for sure now..." the tabby whispered, "I won't let this go by like the rest... I need to help her." He ran past Sawyer to look for Meredith.

Danny looked around for the girl cat, calling her name, looking all over the streets and alleyways for her.

Meredith could hear him, but she couldn't face him the way she was now. Hiding in an alley in a cardboard box, she silently laughed at herself. She really was an alley cat. She felt pathetic, she couldn't let anyone see her like this, especially Danny.

"Meredith, please! Please come out..." he frowned, worriedly, his ears flattening on his head. The rain poring as he got on his hands and knees. Tears started to stream down his face, mixing together with the rain. Banging his paws on the pavement in frustration for his own uselessness. The one thing he wanted to fix and he failed.

He failed Meredith. She had trusted him, she had tried to help him, and he threw it back in her face. She lost everything because of him. Her job, her dream, and her voice. Sawyer was right, he should have stayed in Kokomo. Meredith and the rest of the animals would have been better off if he had never come to Hollywood.

"Meredith, please... please come out... I'm so... so sorry for what I said..." He begged softly. 

Both of their tears washed away in the rain. His sobs drowned out while she didn't even make a sound. Both alone with their broken dreams and shattered hearts.

Cats don't Dance: The Song of Love ch. 6
The "Cats don't Dance" movie with my character in it. Uh-oh, things just went really bad. Not only have the animals got fired, but Meredith lost her voice.

Some of the words, I got from other fanfics

I thank RiverSpirit22 and December Silentvale from for helping me.


Mayumi Otake
United States

Gaara Fan stamp by SitarPlayerIX Friendship Stamp by L-mon

Yaoi Yuri Free Gallery Stamp by ThalionKoi OC x Canon stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria :thumb444878771:

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