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Taking Animated avvie commissions! Negotionable price around $5.

Click here or note me for more details.

~*Whats New*~

Ok folks, so I want to sell you an avvie! I'll do just abut anything, and I'll animate anything I can! Just to let you know though, I'm not so good with say humans. I think I can do lil animals with minimal detail, nothing like an awesome awesome looking wolf head that blinks. but i could do a lil wolf silhouette that howls.

My price range is right around 5$ per avvie, but I'm quite negotiable. Depending on how much work it takes, it may go up or down, and if you want paired matching avvies, I might do a small discount. All payments must be through paypal though.

example time!

Chi's  |  Qtsushigirl's  |  Mine

Keep in mind, I'm not limited to JUST DA avvies. If you frequent a forum and their icon size is 100x100 pixels, I could do something for that too. If you want some sort of nifty bar to stick in your signature, we could probably work something out for that too. The sky's the limit. :3

Please note me if your interested so we can talk about details!

~*Cosplay Projects*~

</a> </a>

Me as Kid and my bf as Serge. I've got alot of plans for this right now, im just waiting to see how things pan out! Click for bigger images. 8D

~*Terra's Personal Feature*~

Slumber part 2 by waterdancer
This is my most recent piece, so I'm sure you've all seen it, but this is truly my pride and joy right now. So I think I'll show it off a little more, lol. the scanner ate alot of the color, but I hope to be able to replace it with a better scan soon...


. . : A C T I V E : . .


. . : A R T . P R O J E C T S : . .

working on a ref pic of awry. and of course journal free commish stuff. 8D <3

. . : U P C O M I N G . E X P O S : . .

Anime Expo 4th of July weekend. Details unknown.

. . : C O M M I S S I O N S : . .

Avvie commissions! See my Journal!

. . : Q U O T E . O F . T H E . D A Y : . .

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its-just-business's avatar
xD no one makes free ava's now adays
waterdancer's avatar
lol, sorry~ a chicka's gotta make a living. 8D
slave2F8's avatar
ahhh, you know i always love the avvies you make, but my irl friends and i always make ours in a group, with an in-joke, so it has sentimental value to me. see?
waterdancer's avatar
yes i saw that. i thought it was rather cool. <3
Fennikusu's avatar
Danggit, I'm flat out broke. XD; But if I had alot of money, I would definitely commission you <3

I guess I have to settle for my own made avvies then ^^;
waterdancer's avatar
D8 aw that sucks. <33 atleast its not alot though, right? lol
Fennikusu's avatar
Yeah, not too much XDD

But I wouldn't buy it unless I got like 20 dollars or so. If I just had 5 dollars...bleh. It's SOOO hard for me to earn just $5. ^^;

...Two more years. Then I'll have money. And Paypal. :D
waterdancer's avatar
lol 2 years? why what happens in 2 years? lol
Fennikusu's avatar
2 years, and I'll get a scholarship. Those=MONEY $_$

Fennikusu's avatar
MONEYS $____$

I can't wait XD
waterdancer's avatar
LOL we ALL need monies. 8D
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AeiriMuse's avatar
I ish so greedy... I want another one. =D lol
waterdancer's avatar
you knwo the drill send me the specs you want on it. go ahead and send it in a note too so i dont lose it. 8D lol
AeiriMuse's avatar
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